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Barca 2-5-3 Goalscoring FM17

Attacking style tactic for FM 2017 that takes advantage of the magnificent trident. 132-41 in league last season.

By on Mar 27, 2017   45203 views   7 comments
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Downloads: 6617 / Size: 40.0 kB / Added: 2017-03-27
Football Manager 2017 Tactics - Barca 2-5-3 Goalscoring FM17
So, after not playing FM17 much, I decided it was time to start. Here on FMScout I found a tactic that sounded interesting, "FM17 Tiki Taka (700-1200 passes)" by byvirus. So well, with a tactic named that I had to try it with Barca. Got a bit bored though, I always love to make tactics that score lots of goals. But, it is still the base, even though I've made changes on changes and nothing looks the same anymore. Actually, not sure anything is like it was anymore but can't say for sure, so better mention his tactic.

Problem I've always had and which isn't very Barca like is that the inside forwards don't score that much goals. The first thing I did was to change so left winger became attacker with Trequartista role, the Neymar role so to speak. Central attacker complete forward support. Right inside forward was moved 1 step towards center and got attacking playmaker with support. Neymar now scored, but Messi mostly assisted. Changed it to attack instead of support, but still not good enough.

So I change him to a forward position too, and gave him a trequartista role. Now it's a complete forward with support, with 1 trequartista on each side. The idea was, that even though they don't work that hard defensively, they do hang around up there making it a hell for the other team to get people forward since the punishment with counters will be tremendous.

A few months into the second season, everything finally is as I want it. I score a lot, this season, even though the tactic hasn't been perfect from the beginning of the season.
I got 132-41, Real Madrid was second with 88-31. All 3 up top score a lot and assist a lot. I haven't really made the squad better, mostly replaced players that wanted to leave. As shown on screenshot, Suarez 51g/22a, Messi 41g/31a and Neymar 37g/31a. Won Champions League and the league, lost the cup final to Real.

Feels like with them stats I did manage to do what I tried to do, get a tactic that is good, never had to change strategies or anything, just let it roll and score a ton of goals.

Now, I have only tried it with Barca, and it's really built to fit the trident up there. But will be interesting how it works with other teams, so if you try it
please leave a comment how it goes. Will let you all know what next season looks like once it's done.

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Downloads: 6617 / Size: 40.0 kB / Added: 2017-03-27
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Discussion: Barca 2-5-3 Goalscoring FM17

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • apz's avatar
    So, was 3rd with Forest at Xmas, but that board just keep not wanting to build new stadium so I said screw them. Applied for Fiorentina that had 17 Points in 17 games. Took them to 5th. Doesnt really like the team but nothing intresting has come up halfway into next season. Will see where it ends, see that 1860 munchens manager is in trouble in bundesliga 2 so might go for that if it becomes available or maybe something in spain. Sadly doesnt look like milan or juve will need to change manager soon. Also starting to Think about doing some Changes to the tactic to see what happens=) Evolve, evolve, evolve
  • apz's avatar
    1st season in pl survived barely at 16th place but won fa cup. Never thought i would make it with that disaster thin squad. Havent even gotten to summer window yet but got about 45m to buy for so think next season will be a lot better and i finally will get rid of bendtner... Think ill try to grab 3 wingbacks on loan and spend money central line. Will update
  • apz's avatar
    Ok. So started with a worse team to see how it fares. I chose nottingham, estimated to finish 15th in championship.

    I finished 1st with 99 points. Didnt buy any player but grabbed grujic and randall on loan. Nottingham got lots of loans from start tho so im in big problems before my first pl season.

    Got 11m to buy for + that i could change the balance some. Bought yedlin, lemas and rajkovic or whatever the cb and goalie is called. Goalie and cb is what ive got pretty much. 3 attackers plus bendtner that wants to move but noone wants. 3 midfielders , 1lwb and 1 rwb and I probably got the thinnest squad ever in pl. Trying to get some loans in but since im way over on wages it doesnt look good.

    Add that new owners took over with 1 game to go and said they would evaluate from that date and i might be shortlived in pl. Atleast I got a bunchof 17yo that will get loads of play time, too bad none of them is other then red in my roles. Will see how it goes in few days time and report
  • apz's avatar
    Havent played anything since last update. Gonna do some small changes and play with another team, probably lazio or if anyone got any other suggestions. Gonna start tonight when I wake up. West Ham or something in championship could be fun too, will be hard to find players being able to play treqs tho.
  • SkruxTR's avatar
    5 matches so far. 4 win 1 draw. But opponent has the ball more than I do and tries counter attack when I lost the ball at forward.
  • apz's avatar
    I just lets the assistant handle OI.
    So, an update on progress. Next 2 seasons have given 2 more CL titles and 2 more league titles. 67 goals from suarez even tho he was injured for some time. Think i had 1 loss in league and 1 in cl. Seems to keep working. The season in original post suarez was injured least of top 3 with like 2 months but kuki and munir got np filling so not that player dependant as i was afraid of when i made it
  • SkruxTR's avatar
    Looks good. Just started using it with fresh L'Pool career. I wanted to make tactic like this one but it didn't worked like the way I wanted. And what are the OI please ? Thanks :)
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