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Barcelona 2010-13 Tiki Taka

An attacking 433 tactic for FM23 with my best average possession and goals scored. Focused heavily on the midfield to recreate the Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta trio.

By on Jun 03, 2023   13804 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 2826 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2023-06-03
Football Manager 2023 Tactics - Barcelona 2010-13 Tiki Taka
Hey all,

This is my first tactic ive uploaded in years, and my first ive uploaded on FMScout.

It's based around the 2010-2013 Barcelona team.

It's an attacking 433 with perhaps my best average possession and goals scored when used with my two other tactics.

I focused heavily on the midfield, trying to recreate the Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta trio. I found that a hb and regista combo with a mezzala on attack. The passing between the three has been fantastic for my Ajax side, one twos, one twos then a splitting pass to either of the three forwards or the rampaging rb who in his last game scored one and set up too!

The front three are IFA on the left IWA on the right and a Treq up top. Endrick is my Messi and has been brilliant in the treq role. The play between them has been great, always looking to tap it across the box to an open player.

Hope you give it a go, would love to know how it works for you.


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Downloads: 2826 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2023-06-03
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Discussion: Barcelona 2010-13 Tiki Taka

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • god84's avatar
    Yes, i even remember Pirlo as a no10 at Inter, being Baggio's understudy.

    I didnt know about Milan wanting Xavi though so thats pretty cool.

    As for Busquets, no i havent tried the BWM on defend yet, the reason being is that my understanding of the role is that he actively engages pressing the opposition rather than staying in his defensive zone. So i kind of liken it to a young, Mascherano, De Rossi and Baraja of Valencia..pressure the player, tackle hard and lay off a simple pass. I find Busquets was almost like a Maldini in midfield... wouldnt need to be overly physical to win the ball.

    I also have a second variant of this tactic which moves the treq to the rw strata and uses a goalscorer in the middle to replicate the Messi Suarez Neymar era.
  • arrigosacchi's avatar
    hello, thank you for your reply and kind explanation
    the stats are very amazing, more than 3xg per game, and great pass completion ratio.
    Yes, I agree with you about Xavi, well, he was a incredible player with great technique and thanks to that he could decide in 1 second whether to retain possession or try progressive passes to the forwards (and I guess the only one who was even better was Andrea Pirlo, in fact when he was very young and not famous, Milan was to the point of buying him but he wanted to stay at Barça forever, then Ancelotti switched Pirlo's role to a dlp and Pirlo became world's best playmaker), so he actually had both Fm 23 regista and dlp features.
    About Busquets, yes his task was exactly to dropping between the cbs and link defense and midfield, but with the HB role here as you said, you can find him many times moving too forward (this is a good feature of HB because you can use him as a scorer who comes from the back and creates chaos in the opponent's defense). I have a question, I have never tried to set Busquet's position as a Ball winning midfielder between defense and midfield, have you ever tried that? Maybe he would not move too forward?
  • god84's avatar

    these are the stats from last season.
  • god84's avatar
    Great to recieve that information! I too love italian football, Roma is the team i follow.

    Ill explain why i chose the roles:

    Mezzala for its THE role that Iniesta played as, i perhaps could of used an AP on attack but as you say more than one playmaker role in midfield causes a mess at times.

    I chose regista over the dlp as i found the description and the way it plays is a more forward thinking deep playmaker, whereas the dlp is more of a sideways passer, retaining possession. I found that Xavi whilst linking play incredibly well with iniesta he also found many progressive passes to the front line and bagged quite a few assists..

    The HB role, i find also epitomises Busquets, although at times my HB pops up near the oppo box when we have possession.. at the start of moves though he is always dropping between the cbs linking defence and midfield.

    I find the general play works well, regularly getting over 65% possession at times as high as 73! with over 800 passes.
  • arrigosacchi's avatar
    Yes, the roles of Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets are quite difficult because in many articles online on Italian and foreign newspapers (I am Italian and I love reading Gazzetta dello Sport, the most important newspaper) they describe Busquets not only like a wall which protects the defense but also as the one who passes the ball well and has great passing skills so he could be considered also a dlp, but in the game it becomes a mess if you use 2 dlps and maybe one advanced playmaker (Iniesta). in my version which I created in FM 2010 and replied until now, I prefer to set Busquets DM, Xavi DLP and Iniesta Advanced Playmaker but as you said, regista maybe works better.
  • god84's avatar
    Feedback on this would be nice, any suggestions welcome.
  • god84's avatar
    Thanks for the nice comment, I found regista suited Xavi more than DLP in the cm strata. I hope you get the results ive been getting!!
  • arrigosacchi's avatar
    great tactic man, I also tried to recreate that Barca even if a bit different.
    I will test your tactic and tell you the results soon
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