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British Isles Football Pyramid - N.E.W.I.S. Premier League

Have you always wandered what would happen when you would mix the best teams of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England? Then look no further!

By on May 04, 2019   9521 views   4 comments
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Downloads: 660 / Size: 120.3 MB / Added: 2019-05-04
FM 2019 Fantasy Scenarios - British Isles Football Pyramid - N.E.W.I.S. Premier League
This league structure mixes all teams from the British isles into one pyramid.
I have based it all on league results and not on reputation or something like that. Every level on the pyramid will contain at least one team from each nation.

Besides the leagues each nation has his own cup and lower leagues. I also created a 'media' logo for the N.E.W.I.S. Premier League.

Where does the name N.E.W.I.S. come from?

N. orthern Ireland
E. ngland
W. ales
I. rish
S. cottish

I will make a logo pack soon. I have all the logo's ready.

There may be issues with the files. I'm not sure cos my FM doesn't want to load them in.
This file will NOT work with files that edit the English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, or Northern Irish structure.

Download Now
Downloads: 660 / Size: 120.3 MB / Added: 2019-05-04
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Discussion: British Isles Football Pyramid - N.E.W.I.S. Premier League

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • Norm's avatar
    Ok apart from the geographic lessons does this database work? More details about the league structure would be good.
  • daherlihy's avatar
    CFC get your facts right. The island of Ireland is indeed part of the geographic British Isles, even of the Republic of Ireland isn't part of the UK and even if it and Northern Ireland aren't part of Great Britain. There's your history and geography lesson right there.

    And I'm from the Republic.
  • Justice's avatar
    @CFC 4Ever, while the Republic of Ireland is 100% a different sovereign state to Britain, it (and N. Ireland) is part of the geographic British Isles. Similar to how Mexico, Brazil, etc, are part of the Americas geographically but they're not 'American' in a political sense. (I am Irish :P )
  • CFC 4Ever's avatar
    Neither of the Irelands is in Britain. Ireland is part of Europe and N Ireland only joins to make the UK
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