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FM24 Balanced Training Schedules by FCC

A set of 3 training schedules to use for different circumstances in FM2024. Simple training method & tips on how to approach individual training, what coaches to sign, and general training advice.

By on Nov 15, 2023   50291 views   12 comments
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Downloads: 12048 / Size: 1.4 MB / Added: 2023-11-15
FM 2024 Training Schedules - FM24 Balanced Training Schedules by FCC
Hello People,

Another season has been started and I hope your saves going well!

Here my training schedules for Football Manager 2024. Some changes has been happen from what we knowed, like Teamwork, Att. Movement, Def. Positioning has been replaced by Match Focus; as well as all set pieces routines has been merged into one schedule (eg. Set Piece Routines) plus Penalties. So, the previous schedules is not gonna load into FM24.

Let's start with the basics:


Always look for coaches with good attributes, personalities and media handling style:

- Model Citizen
- Model Professional
- Perfectionist
- Professional
- Resolute
- Fairly Professional (if you can't struggle to find any of above)

- Evasive
- Unflappable
- Reserved
- Media Friendly

- 3 GK Coaches (General, Shot Stopping, Handling)
- 3 Fitness Coaches (General, Strength, Quickness)
- 1 Set Piece Coach
- 10 Outfield Coaches

General, Defending General, Defending Tactical, Defending Technical, Attacking General, Attacking Tactical, Attacking Technical, Possession General, Possession Tactical, Possession Technical

Note 1: General Coaches (GK, Fitness, Outfield) must be the best with balanced attributes distribution.
Note 2: If you have more slots for coaches, add Fitness Coaches
Note 3: Coach Workload: Light
Note 4: If you have limited coaching slots, priority to Fitness and then the rest (starting from General ones)


Players with higher Professionalism, Ambition, Determination will have higher chance to reach the Potential Ability. Not all players reach their Potential Ability (PA) as well. Low Injury Prone (hidden attribute, but often mentioned in coach report if it's high) helps players to have lower time-out from training and playing. Players with personalities like background staff, will approach things in high level of professionalism. Balanced and Outspoken (Media Handling Style) is out of my teams which I manage for example.


- Improve Training Facilities
- Recruit the best Medical Staff
- Improve Junior Coaching Budget
- Improve Youth Recruitment
- Improve Youth Facilities
- Playing higher competitive games helps player development
- The distance between CA and PA is important. For example, CA100 and PA120 has little room for development


/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2024/schedules

Load & Save

Training > Schedules > Custom Schedules > Import Schedule > Choose File > Load > Confirm > Save (Important)

Match Scheduling Option

You can change your match scheduling option in Preferences to be Wed & Sat matches, in order to avoid playing three matches per week or matches to be moved for broadcast time (which can break training program).

That's all! Good luck!

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 12048 / Size: 1.4 MB / Added: 2023-11-15
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Discussion: FM24 Balanced Training Schedules by FCC

12 comments have been posted so far.

  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    Hej @fenerlife

    I have reported while back as an issue to SI, but no response from them. Try to Subscribe from Steam link.
  • fenerlife's avatar
    hey still cannot be imported in the game
  • fc.cadoni's avatar

    Make sure that you are place it to Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2024 (not 23)/schedules

    If does not load even after that; please report it to SI.

    Thank you!
  • arturs123's avatar
    doesn't work...
  • Nathan Sparks's avatar
    This training schedule doesn't import
  • bigmen's avatar
    I have the same problem as @dennislauridsen.
  • dennislauridsen's avatar
    Hello FCA.
    i cant import the files. the import button is just grey.
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    Hej @Qeroz

    Thank you for your feedback! Yes, I am using the default one. No Gym, Half, Normal, Normal, Normal.
  • Qeroz's avatar
    Love your schedules Cadoni! One question though, I take it that you don't change training intensity in the rest tab?
  • cristobalite's avatar
    files are not being seen by the game. I have placed them in the schedules folder.
  • fc.cadoni's avatar
    Hej @bigmen

    1. I am personally, train players in the same role as tactic, because of reach and maintain full tactical familiarity.

    2. Additional Focus is up to you. Have in mind, that increase individual training workload - which increase the injury risk. Additional Focus, learning a new trait, develop weak foot - all of them increase injury risk. Sometimes is worth, sometimes is not.

    3. Yes, default Rest Tab.

    4. Absolute!

    5. For pre-season: I am using default Pre-Season Normal (heavy first week, medium second week, light rest weeks).
  • bigmen's avatar
    Hello, i have a few questions.
    1- I suppose that i train the players in the role they are playing?
    2- Do we use additional focus?
    3- In the rest tab do I have to change the intensity?
    4- Can i use the same schedules for reserve and sub19 team?
    5- Do i use the presets schedules for preseason?
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