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[FM24] Cartagena - Immersive new nation & league system - UPDATED for 24.3

A new nation in the colonized Saharas, with hundreds of new teams, stadiums, cities, and players. Liga Royale joins Europe as a top new challenger.

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Downloads: 521 / Size: 842.5 kB / Added: 2024-01-03
FM 2024 Fantasy Scenarios - [FM24] Cartagena - Immersive new nation & league system - UPDATED for 24.3


In a fantasy world, Cartagena rises to conquer Gibraltar and colonize the empty Saharas. Today, its people find entertainment in football. Its rich cities have given birth to hundreds of football teams, but only 20 can play in the Liga Royale, with the others having to rise through the ranks of the 5 leagues to get a spot. The Champions League, Europa League and Conference League welcome these new challengers that will have to get out of coefficient hell.

A little project backstory

I started this project in FM13 as a very small personal job. I then moved everything over to FM16 and started adding more leagues. In FM19 and then later on FM21, I worked hard to expand this project and create unique teams, stadiums, players and staff, logos, kits, colours, cups and more tiers of the pyramid. After FM21, I've been constantly working on improving small aspects to refine it around the edges and make it as immersive as possible with every FM edition

Some of the teams

  • San Ramirez - The star of Cartagena. A rich, elegant and respected team, but not liked by many.
  • Usulutàn - A very strong rival of San Ramirez and contender for the title, with a great financial backbone.
  • Santa Ana Alzate - A strong title contender that respects its Cartaginian origins, with a family-like core of players.
  • Delgado - The smallest but the richest of the top 4. Its spending powers and big name pull is a constant threat to the top 4.
  • Keep an eye on Estudiantes, a team that fell into the 4th division, but is one of the fiercest in the country. They recently gained funding and they are looking to take their righteous spot in the Liga Royale.
  • [FM24 New] Added a new contender in the 3rd division - Red Bull Marisa - with its own RB branded logo and partnerships with the other teams in the ecosystem.

Each team has its own manager, assistant manager, and rest of the staff, all assigned from the real life unemployed list. So you will see some interesting battles between familiar names like Villas-Boas, Rafa Benitez, Joachim Low, Tedesco, and so on.
I try to keep the database constantly updated with real life manager moves so nobody gets left out.


Most of the teams start out as empty so you can get a new squad building experience with every save.
There are over 120 custom players added, all with custom faces, most of them regens with a story from my previous saves of FM and some easter eggs here and there.

I highly recommend disabling "add players to playable teams" as it will ruin the experience.

The leagues

Liga Royale - 20 teams
Liga Segunda - 18 teams
Liga Tercera - 18 teams
La Cuarta Division - 20 teams
La Quinta Division - 16 teams

Each team has its unique story, stadium, kit colours, logos and even staff.
It takes a hell lot of time to create team kits/colors so the teams below the 6th division won't have a lot of variation unfortunately.


Most of the teams from the 1st to the 3rd division have custom logos, so I highly recommend downloading the graphics pack.


I created custom kits for every Liga Royale team, big credits to Kitbasher.

Other info
I suggest leaving "do not add key staff" unchecked as most L3 and below teams don't have any staff.


File download: Mediafire
Logos, Kits and Player Faces(new): Mediafire

To install: Go to documents -> Sports interactive - > Football Manager 2024 -> editor data and paste the file
To add logos/kits/faces: Go to documents -> Sports interactive -> Football Manager 2024 and paste the file from the ZIP.


v1 / Jan 2024
  • Release
  • Compatible with all FM24 game modes
  • Reworked the league structure so there are more teams in the 2nd and 3rd division
  • Added comptetition logos
  • Added a lot more team logos
  • Reworked the city/region structure of the country - this will lead to better player generation across the country (around the level of Germany over time)
v1.1 / Jun 2024
  • Updated for 24.3 (apologies for the wait)
  • Graphics folder (kits, logos, faces) updated to match with 24.3
  • Added some more club legends

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 521 / Size: 842.5 kB / Added: 2024-01-03
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