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CM 01/02 - Free Download

Championship Manager 2001/2002 full game legally available for free download from Eidos website

By on Jan 29, 2012   1972165 views   27 comments
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Downloads: 769963 / Size: 277.0 MB / Added: 2012-01-29
CM 01/02 Downloads - CM 01/02 - Free Download
In January 2009, Eidos - the company that holds the rights to the name 'Championship Manager 2001/2002 Season' announced that they would be making the game a legally free download and available only from their website.

In order for the game to run correctly, you will need to burn the downloaded files onto a blank CD/DVD. You may also opt to 'mount' the game; see below for details.

Once you have done that, only then will you be able to download and install the data updates, patches and other tools offered at

Important: We recommend getting and applying the latest official patch v3.9.68; it should help with errors in modern day computers.

About Championship Manager 2001/2002

This final update to Championship Manager 3 series was, and still is, one of the most popular editions to date. It was also the first title to make a short trip onto console.

A vastly-improved match engine, commentary and computer manager intelligence was added in addition to a new scouting feature giving the ability to get in-depth analysis on your opposition including their key players and team tactics throughout the season. CM 01/02 also built on the previous games realism, implementing the new EU-regulated transfer system, introduced in real world football in September 2001.

It also featured an attribute masking mode, whereby players could only see information about footballers he or she would realistically know about. So in order to find complete sets of stats about other potential stars, a manager would need to scout that player, team or region and when detailed profiles and histories for more than 100,000 players, managers, and coaches are included, that makes for an immense search.

Managers could begin to make notes on players in the game, approach the governing bodies to appeal against bans imposed on their stars and send injured ones away for surgery giving players an increased

How to install CM without disk

Get a free optical disc emulator such as WinCDEmu and install it

Get a free file archiver tool such as 7-Zip and install it, if you can't extract .zip archives

Extract the .zip file you downloaded

Mount an image using WinCDEmu

You'll get a new virtual drive in My Computer, the CM0102 one

Open it and start the 'autorun' file


Championship Manager - Official website

Download Now
Downloads: 769963 / Size: 277.0 MB / Added: 2012-01-29
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Discussion: CM 01/02 - Free Download

27 comments have been posted so far.

  • cheeko7's avatar
    download link nopt working
  • HurkaDurk69's avatar
    and it doesn't work, again. this time it is getting the game to run
  • HurkaDurk69's avatar
    @Stam doesn't work for me

    nevermind, it finally worked
  • mooman2012's avatar
    Any where to get CM03/04
  • Stam's avatar
    @Soms: Try right-click on the download button and then select "Save link as".
  • Soms's avatar
    Cant start download...
  • champaz's avatar
    to fix the "not enough space" error after first install of game, change compatibility options by right clicking the shortcut you should have put up on your homescreen
  • noursleiman's avatar
    Game was working perfectly well. Then I downloaded the patch and the new March 2020 data and it just cuts out. Anything I can do?
  • WhiteMamba's avatar
    Hello guys! I installed it and when I try to play a NEW GAME it tells me that I haven't enough space, what can I do?
  • Mizuno39's avatar
    Hi my game keeps crashing on 02.01.02 any thing I can do to fix this please
  • Stokesy501's avatar
    Hi could someone help with the download of this, I keep trying to download the programs to make this game work but it says "you dont have any apps to open this program" I'm using a Samsung tablet , sorry not very good on computers/tablets etc
  • Lascasp95's avatar
    can this be used?
  • Finchbox's avatar
    Got it working no problem but now when I try to restore saved it asks me input the CD. Any solutions? Thanks
  • bahri's avatar

  • craig's avatar
    When I start a new game, it says there is not enough space when there is. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this?
  • legendaryjp's avatar
    Says not enough memory to run game? how do I sort this?
  • rfcgaryrfc's avatar
  • njelicic's avatar
    Any downloads available for Macbook users?!
  • adsuperjenius's avatar
    for memory issues,run that game on windows 98 compatibiliyy modes

    okay,admin,i have question

    1.usually old cm games,just could run few season. I even got cm 99-00 that could last for 6 month/half many season we could play with this cm?

    2.if eidos abandon this version,then the older should avaiable too.. so where to get them?I could only see cm 97/98 here, I didnt see 99-00 and 00-01 version here.
  • martinfalkenberg's avatar
    It just says not enough space when I start a new game, how can I fix that?
  • vladoumz's avatar
    I have the same problem as Eskobar, how can i fix it?
  • jonbishop's avatar
    i have burnt it onto a disc but it wont work on my macbook pro, is there something else i should be doing?
  • Eskobar's avatar
    I need help. I installed the game and when i tried to start a new game i got message that there is not enough space free?
  • kazo's avatar
    I followed instructions for installing fm without cd, and succeeded. But when I start a game(click on a new game) its say "insert cd/dvd" what is the problem?
  • mannc3's avatar
    So many great memories :)

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