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Consider Purchasing FM24 from FM Scout

We give you 3 good reasons why you should consider purchasing Football Manager 2024 through FM Scout.

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Editorial - Consider Purchasing FM24 from FM Scout
There are numerous retailers you can buy your FM24 copy from, and the obvious choice is the Steam store itself.

Support a fansite

Buying your copy directly from the Steam store means you are only supporting Valve. They will get their good amount of profit regardless of whether you buy a game directly or from some other retailer, because at the end of the day the Steam or the Epic Games platform is a requirement for Football Manager. You could be supporting people who put great effort to bring valuable content into the Football Manager scene as well. I can only speak for myself, but I can tell you that running FM Scout requires man-hours of a full-time job.

Where does your loyalty lie?
If you are or have been using for your Football Manager needs, I believe it makes sense to show your support towards the people who keep this place alive and well. Buying your Football Manager 2024 activation code through FM Scout's Gamesplanet store greatly aids our fansite in raising enough funds to stay afloat and keep going forward.

Very competitive pricing for Europe

The price is £38 for UK, less than €45 (as of October 18th) for EU countries & $51 for other currencies. That is a true bargain for most European residents as the price they get on Steam store is €54! That is a whopping €9 difference.

Steam store has a different price for various countries, while we keep the same price for all. But even if the price is the same or similar to Steam (e.g. in case of UK), buying through our store makes a massive difference for the sustainability of our fansite.

And as a nice little bonus, we will reward you with a verified buyer badge for your member account.

Full pre-purchase rewards as always

Our Gamesplanet store is an official SEGA partner, in case you have any doubts regarding the legitimacy of our offer. The Steam key you're getting will give you early access to the fully-playable Beta that will auto-update to the final version on November 6th. It will also get you 5 chances of winning a key of Genie Scout 24 special 'g' edition.

If I purchase my copy from here, where does the money go exactly?
Advertising covers the costs of keeping this place online, but doesn't compensate for the actual work we do in order to keep delivering fresh content that enhances your Football Manager experience.

The funds raised through sales will ensure that we'll be in position to continue putting in the hours required to keep FM Scout a premier destination for you. Not only in terms of content, but also investing towards the development of new site features.

We have been serving the FM scene since 2004 and hopefully with your contribution we can continue to do so for years to come.

Thank you for considering our offer.

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