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Cudra - Block & Break // FM20 Tactic

A FM2020 tactic based around a high block and creating chances quickly. Typically the aim is to score within 3 or 4 passes.

By on Jul 14, 2020   19347 views   12 comments
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Football Manager 2020 Tactics - Cudra - Block & Break // FM20 Tactic
So the basic premise of this tactic is to use a high line with a solid block.

Aiming to win the ball high in your own half then have the options through overlaps and onrushing midfielders to capitalise and create opportunities.

Then by having a player in the advanced forward role, there is also the alternative of a long more direct ball into the channels.

Typically the aim is to score within 3 or 4 passes - that's why the passing is slightly more direct with a high tempo and overlaps.

In transition it's all about counter attack but no counter pressing - focusing on regrouping into the block to be patient and break quickly when it is won.


- Assists for Wingbacks
- Goal opportunities for the Mezzala
- Quick breaks
- Low Possession

Having used this in Chelsea Save I played like this:

The players in Mezzala and AM can usually interchange a bit for squad flexibility.

Stats for the season looked a bit like this:

Havertz - 14 Goals 3 Assists
Zaniolo - 10 Goals 7 Assists
Mount - 8 Goals 4 Assists
Abraham - 25 Goals
Emerson - 11 Assists
Azpilicueta - 4 Assists

Kovacic in the Regista 7 Assists and Average Rating of 7.17

Kovacic in Regista is a key position to get the right player in because of distribution instructions are set specifically to find the player in this role.

My first season playing through I finished a freakish second undefeated:

It's worth looking at some set pieces to compliment this if you're getting a fair few draws.

But generally it should get you two types of goals:

1 - Quick breaks using the wing backs

Goal Example 1

Or 2 - Snappy interplay to create chances:

Goal Example 2

I've posted an even more in depth look in my blog PrietoFm Blog


Download Now
Downloads: 2900 / Size: 43.4 kB / Added: 2020-07-14
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Discussion: Cudra - Block & Break // FM20 Tactic

12 comments have been posted so far.

  • PrietoFM's avatar
    @greeky it's expected to be low possession. Like @si49 said you can change instructions to try and keep more possession but thats just a different tactic to be honest...

    The entire ethos is sit back, let the block win it back - move it forward quickly into space and get shots away.
  • YAMS's avatar
    For more possession lower your tempo greatly, shorten the passing and untick run at defence. Try these for starters.
  • greeky's avatar
    @PrietoFM im strungling with ball possesion, any tweak about that?
    as an example i have Dortmund and the average possesion is like 35%
  • PrietoFM's avatar
    @greeky - you can tweak but as with anything, it just alters the risk levels. More attacking = higher block, which can create more turnovers higher on pitch but also leave bigger gaps behind full backs to exploit. Depends where team strengths are.
  • YAMS's avatar
    @victor91 - Change ALL your individual PI's to shoot less often.
  • greeky's avatar
    can we change mentality on attacking or positive?
    does it makes any difference or destroys the tactic?
  • victor91's avatar
    I get lots of shots from this but half of them seem to be long shots from the midfielders so its kind of a high spamming tactic but eventually I score lol
  • PrietoFM's avatar
  • og_serg's avatar
    What skin are you using?
  • PrietoFM's avatar
    @dtc84 - when it works it works, you can win some games well without dominating possession. Sometimes though teams with a similar set up can be hard to get breaks against - only 2 of my 9 draws in the undefeated season mentioned were against top 6 opposition.
  • dtc84's avatar
    91 goals is pretty good. So wouldn't worry about that too much. How many goals did Abraham get? I imagine if you had a better striker you'd win the league.
  • YAMS's avatar
    Finally a perfect use of the Mezzala role, there is a God.
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