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FM20 Skin: TCS 2020 v1.2.1!

The official TCS Football Manager 2020 skin. It's back and better than ever! Built for 1920x1080.

By Updated on Jan 01, 2020   113496 views   61 comments
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Downloads: 38293 / Size: 248.5 kB / Added: 2019-11-04
Football Manager 2020 Skins - FM20 Skin: TCS 2020 v1.2.1!
The ever popular TCS Skin returns for the fourth iteration. Building on the successful foundations set out last year.


v1.2 features

  • Added a new graphic for all dialog popups
  • Added new overview screen on Team Report
  • Increased the border on all boxes
  • Increased height of the fixtures panel on competition pages
  • Complete overhaul to the Inbox
  • Complete overhaul to the Manager home screen
  • Added
  • Schedule page overhauled
  • Tweaked graphics of dropdown menus
  • Added "Next Unread" button to inbox
  • Tweaks to various news panel
  • Added green background behind pitch on club overview screen
  • Pros and Cons panel on the player screen has been overhauled
  • Added selector on the League table

  • v1.2.1 features

  • Fixed bug which prevented the match titlebar from showing.

  • [color=#EF2929][/color]

    How to install the TCS 2020 skin

    Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

    I won't be providing any support for this skin apart from major issues, don't request features as they will not be considered.


    Download Now
    Downloads: 38293 / Size: 248.5 kB / Added: 2019-11-04
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    Discussion: FM20 Skin: TCS 2020 v1.2.1!

    61 comments have been posted so far.

    • MrGlenn1337's avatar
      This is not working for me. The game won't even load it.
    • NorthanMonkee's avatar
      Hi, just letting you know that the game crashes out when you have the skin loaded and you load a new game and/or add a new manager as there doesnt seem to be any graphics for the initial boardroom welcome. Games spazzes and doesnt let you continue unless you change skin.
    • emreerisen's avatar
      Hey, I can see player's current ability (CA) with this theme and its awesome! But there is potential ability area and its empty even is my own player. how may I active it?
    • drazdacz12's avatar
      Hi, will there be an update to the workforce enlargement?
    • tonyquach1354's avatar
      Some my logo football and face football player were not displayed when I have used this skin.
    • johan144's avatar
      I love the skin but where is the quick sub bottom? Thanks!!
    • geeekyLEE's avatar
      No, I didn't mean that.
      I just can't see which team is interested in the player.
    • bluestillidie00's avatar
      @demonsoul current staff panel is fine by my reckoning. It will come eventually but i'm not in a rush
    • DemonSoul's avatar
      What i really want is this on this skin:

      The staff pictures are so small it makes no sense to even have pictures of staff if you can't see anything
    • bluestillidie00's avatar
      it's on the header, the bit that recolours... underneath the player value.
    • geeekyLEE's avatar
      Hi @bluestillidie00, no doubt this is a good skin.
      But I just agree with him below.
      I have to click transfer status bar to know if other clubs want him or if he transfer listed etc. This is a huge issue bro and I know you can fix this, please
    • cammyrfc's avatar
      I have downloaded this skin but it took me to the boardroom background with no option to continue or even click anything. I force closed my game but now when i try and load the game I get stuck at the loading page. I have deleted the skin from my folder but i still can't load the game. Can anyone help me?
    • Newbs86's avatar
      I still cant see the in game editor even in the v1.1.2. any ideas?
    • khanorobi's avatar
      This is the best skin by far only except there is no transfer status circle bar that shows bids,wanted by bla bla or listed. Every time i open a player profile, i have to click transfer status bar to know if other clubs want him or if he transfer listed etc. This is a huge issue bro and i know you can fix this, please :))
    • djaysean's avatar
      I finally got this working based on your last update bluestillidie00 - I exit the game, deleted all skins in my skins folder, redownloaded the skin from on here and extracted to the skins folder - launched the game, selected the TCS 2020 v1.1.2 skin, clear cache, then hit the OK button - loaded my save game and voila, the Dev. Center is working fine - kudos...
    • bluestillidie00's avatar
      Redownload the skin, and restart the game
    • bezman's avatar
      For all those saying the dev centre and others things not working i think its a game problem as even though i've set my coaches right its still telling me none are assigned. I am talking to si games about it now. If you try the original skin its still the same problem. But this is my own observation.
    • Insurgent's avatar
      closing the game and uninstalling then reinstalling the skin seems to work in getting the dev centre to work again, just tried it
    • djaysean's avatar
      is there anyone who's been able to get this working? Dev. Center still showing up as blank even with a new download file.
    • tottinho's avatar
      nothing changed after installing it. doesn't work
    • Mouratov's avatar
    • DemonSoul's avatar
      I can't try right now, but thanks for keeping fixing this :)
    • bluestillidie00's avatar
      Try one more lads. Skinning at 5am is hard :P

      You'll need to restart your game
    • kroja's avatar
      This skin needs to be set only after you have created a save game because it breaks the beginning of the game and then you can’t play it
    • choot49's avatar
      Yep same as the fellas below, my Dev Center is just a blank page. I cant right click and access any of the U23 and U18 info either.

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