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FM20 Skin: TCS 2020 v1.3.1!

The official TCS Football Manager 2020 skin. It's back and better than ever! Built for 1920x1080.

By Updated on Feb 21, 2020   187361 views   89 comments
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Downloads: 64044 / Size: 288.5 kB / Added: 2019-11-04
Football Manager 2020 Skins - FM20 Skin: TCS 2020 v1.3.1!
The ever popular TCS Skin returns for the fourth iteration. Building on the successful foundations set out last year.


v1.3 features

  • Fixed various bugs
  • New Club Overview screen
  • Competition screens overhauled
  • New Match IBH and Match review screens
  • New Staff Overview screens

v1.3 features

  • Fixed bugs introduced by FM 20.3.0 patch


How to install the TCS 2020 skin

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

I won't be providing any support for this skin apart from major issues, don't request features as they will not be considered.


Download Now
Downloads: 64044 / Size: 288.5 kB / Added: 2019-11-04
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Discussion: FM20 Skin: TCS 2020 v1.3.1!

89 comments have been posted so far.

  • Tiber's avatar
    Blues, do you look at your comments?
  • Spacekoki's avatar
    My League Match preview picture is green. why? This issue comes only when I was using TCS Skin.
  • Tiber's avatar
    How can I stop the panels from constantly changing? Sometimes they're right but they change randomly most of the time
  • rsckanjo's avatar
    it's pretty cool and all but I don't have the TEAM SHAPE in TACTICS tab, is it possible to enable it?
  • pands1234's avatar
    I normally love the skin but the match screen has been ruined in 1.3.1. Too much going on. Additionally, the club info screen was much better on the previous version. Will have the change skin for now.
  • Tiber's avatar
    Sorry, not the WTS version. I meant to say Vanilla
  • Tiber's avatar
    My player panels keep changing, I tried your suggestion but it doesn't work.

    And how can I make my in match screen the same as WorkTheSpace without changing the skin to purple?
  • vetlek's avatar
    At the tactic screen it is just the player faces and kits without numbers that show. Is there a fix to get the kit numbers behind the faces aswell?

  • kierzakow's avatar
    Home screen in the newest version is broken. Every single panel is about calendar or standings of the league.
  • bitzutherock's avatar

    Same do i change the size of the player image to see his entire name ?
  • EnzoIsPrettyCool's avatar
    Major problems for graphics of clubs that dont use numbers and news article pictures [img][/img] [img][/img]
  • Zlastaneur's avatar
    hi, where can i change the size of player icons ? I think it's too big and want to reduce it, i tried to look into the files and edit but didn't work
  • VSpec20's avatar
    @LuckyLuke Clean cache before and after changing the panels, after than reset the skin. That should do the trick, at least for me it does.
  • LuckyLuke's avatar

    Is there a way to safe the settings in this skin? Every time, when i start the game, i have to rearrange the information on this player page.
  • gate13's avatar
    hi, can you add background pics on this?
  • AML's avatar
    low res and a background selector would make this absolutely the best skin ever
  • EwertonHS's avatar
    please, make a low res !!!!!!
  • Ahmedamon's avatar
    You ruined the match panels, why is there so much transparency? There's no need to show the stadium in it and have the stats panel so small. Doesn't even show key passes / mistakes in the stats, so why make the width so much more?
  • Bywater77's avatar
    i have downloaded v1.3 where do I put it tried everything and cannot get it to work

    Do I replace v1.1.2 and v1.2.1 or do I put v1.3 in it I’m getting confused HELP ME !!!
  • TheStockportFan86's avatar
    I've managed to able to download it, but how do I open the views within the skin?
  • bluestillidie00's avatar
    Try again
  • TheStockportFan86's avatar
    Yeah it's saying it's not going to mediafire for me and I've took my anti-virus incase it was that
  • Messenjah's avatar
    The download link is not working
  • Poma's avatar
    No release of the 1.3 version?
  • sokkia's avatar
    Any chance of background image support with opacity selector in the new release?

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