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Original Custom USA 10 Tier System for FM21 by DarkHorse

An original American system complete with over 700+ original Clubs with Logos, Kits, Stadiums & City pics. This USA 10 Tier System has been a 9 month undertaking. I'm very proud of this work & it's crazy fun to play.

By Updated on Jan 24, 2021   20875 views   28 comments
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Downloads: 1452 / Size: 1.8 MB / Added: 2020-12-30
FM 2021 Fantasy Scenarios - Original Custom USA 10 Tier System for FM21 by DarkHorse

DarkHorse FM21 USA 10 Tier System

With the on-going pandemic I've had a lot of time on my hands. Back in March I set off on a project to create a 100% custom American Soccer system.

With what started as maybe a 24 team idea only covering a custom top flight league very quickly turned into the creation of a 10 tier American system complete with over 700+ original Clubs with Logos, Kits, Stadiums, City pics and FM Data file!!!

I was made aware that due to how the file was created several of the competition & clubs have the wrong or original names showing instead of the created comps. DOWNLOAD the new file "DarkHorse 10 Tier USA System 3.0".

Due to all the new ID numbers I had to re-label the graphics as well. VERY IMPORTANT for the full experience download the graphics that go with this database. If you have already downloaded the graphics delete those files and re-download. The old files are worthless with the new updated version. Sorry for the issues but everything is now fixed and ready to go!

I've tested the system and it works amazingly and is SOOOO much fun to play.

USA Tier 10 Competition Overview

USSL Premier League (24 Clubs, Level 1)

USSL First Division (24 Clubs, Level 2)

USSL Second Division (24 Clubs, Level 3)

USSL Third Division (24 Clubs, Level 4)

ASL Premier League (24 Clubs)

LEVEL 6- ASL First Division
ASL First Division Eastern Region
ASL First Division Western Region

LEVEL 7- ASL Second DIvision
ASL Second Division Region 1
ASL Second Division Region 2
ASL Second Division Region 3
ASL Second Division Region 4
ASL Second Division Region 5
ASL Second Division Region 6

LEVEL 8- USSA Regional Premier Leagues
USSA Regional Premier League Region 1 (24 Clubs)
USSA Regional Premier League Region 2 (24 Clubs)
USSA Regional Premier League Region 3 (24 Clubs)
USSA Regional Premier League Region 4 (24 Clubs)
USSA Regional Premier League Region 5 (24 Clubs)
USSA Regional Premier League Region 6 (12 Clubs)

LEVEL 9- USSA Regional Soccer Leagues
USSA Regional Soccer League Region 1 (24 Clubs)
USSA Regional Soccer League Region 2 (24 Clubs)
USSA Regional Soccer League Region 3 (24 Clubs)
USSA Regional Soccer League Region 4 (24 Clubs)
USSA Regional Soccer League Region 5 (24 Clubs)
USSA Regional Soccer League Region 6 (8 Clubs)

LEVEL 10- USSA Amateur Super Leagues
USSA Borderland Super League (28 Clubs)
USSA Colonial Super League (18 Clubs)
USSA Heartland Super League (7 Clubs)
USSA Mid-Atlantic Super League (27 Clubs)
USSA Rocky Mountain Super League (15 Clubs)
USSA Southeastern Super League (23 Clubs)

Check the relevant forum thread for more details.

Complementary Downloadables (Optional)

For the complete experience, I have put together graphic packs with custom .

DH21 US Kits (163 MB)
DH21 US Logos (30 MB)
DH21 US Stadiums (66 MB)
DH21 US City Pics (741 MB)

To download each graphic pack, click on the down arrow next to the folder name at the top and select "Download". See the example below.

How to play in the DarkHorse FM21 USA 10 Tier System

  1. Move the downloaded DarkHorse 10 Tier American Soccer System.fmf file to:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data\
    Create folder "editor data" if it doesn't exist already.

  2. Open Football Manager 2021 and start a new career, In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure this file is selected.

  3. It's highly recommended to disable "Do not Add Key Staff" and enable "Add Players to Playable Teams" in advanced options. Also make sure to load all players from United States using the Advanced... Database Size options.

How to install the complementary graphics

Extract the contents of each .zip file and move them to your "graphics" folder:
\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\graphics\
Create folder "graphics" if it doesn't exist already.
Then open FM21 and go to Preferences > Interface.
Click on the 'clear cache' button and then return to the same screen and press the 'reload skin' button.

Download Now
Downloads: 1452 / Size: 1.8 MB / Added: 2020-12-30
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Discussion: Original Custom USA 10 Tier System for FM21 by DarkHorse

28 comments have been posted so far.

  • junior_kensh's avatar
    the file isnt even tested nor verified. is no one checking the fmscout uploads?
  • Westerbeeker's avatar
    The database itself seems really cool. Real shame that all competition names disappear at a certain point.

    Maybe try getting someone else to look into it.
  • adf's avatar
    Also experiencing the competition names bug. Additionally, attendance figures are really low below the top division (I suppose I could fix this on my own in the editor). Really hope the names issue gets resolved though, this database looks so cool!
  • fakennedy's avatar
    Has anyone been able to fix the competition name bug. Im playing a tier 10 save and have just reopened it and all the competition names have dissapeared apart from the USSA Championship Cup. Im not using any other custom databases and cant see any conflicting cases and what the problem could be as all the logos are working fine. I really love this save and would love to do a long save with it if possible but have tried several times reloading the save and I continue to have the same problem
  • JamaisArriere's avatar
    I've tried loading up the database and everything works perfectly for me but whenever I reload the save the names of the leagues have disappeared both on the leagues screen and in the schdule view and in everyother place the league names should appear. This is just for the leagues that have been added in, is this common and do you know a fix? Really excited to try this out. Im using the TCS skin but ive tried changing back to the base skin and still the same issue, also tried reloading both game and skin and no luck.
  • tabone54's avatar
    I've downloaded the logo and kit packs just reently but for some reason I cannot get them to work. I'm almost certain there is nothing in conflict
  • professorbadhue's avatar
    It helped me to remove the v3 database & redownload it. Also unselected & reselected the database in the editor data selection when creating the game. In the lowest tier and working fine so far a month in.
  • PyroMayy's avatar
    Personnellement, j'ai ajouté les logos, et il ne sont pas tous affiché et certain sont au mauvaise équipe
    Comment faire pour modifier cela ?
  • DarkHorseCowboy15's avatar
    For those having the issue of the Comp names disappearing. More than likely its because all Comps & Clubs were created as "New" and not overwriting existing ones. If your running any other custom databases, if they also created things as "new" it maybe conflicting. Its only occuring for some. If someone has a fix for this Im all ears. I dont want any issues with this project and Im willing to listen to whatever feedback to get this perfect.
  • convoyer's avatar
    Hi, DarkHorse. First of all I would like to appreciate your effort on making such a complex USA Tier System until 10 levels. I've played the old version of it using Baton Rouge City for one season and promoted to USSL Third Division. Just realized that after second season started, Reserves and U19 aren't getting new schedule, so they aren't continuing the league they've played before.

    After I found out that you have new version, I've downloaded and try it. A strange thing happened after I reload the game (because I start as unemployed and lots of clubs are chasing me so I have to save and reload the game so all interview request emails are showing). The leagues and cups name are disappearing, no names besides ASL Premier League and 2 cups. Just wondering if you've tested yourself by playing the game (not via editor) or at least holidaying/take a vacation for 1-2 years before releasing the database.

    Also, just a feedback, I think you need to set squad numbers starting from ASL Premier League above. It's inconsistent when I have squad numbers on ASL Premier League but use 1-11 squad numbers for USSL Third Division. Subs also a problem, it's good to use "5 subs named, 3 subs used" for lower leagues but I think for higher levels the league needs "7 subs named, 3 subs used" as the higher leagues become more complex and need more options for coaches to choose as impact subs.

    If people playing this database need challenge, I think you should put some foreign players limits to the leagues, so players also can do Build Nation challenge. Otherwise, we can just poach random South Americans and make USA players don't have chance to compete. But I have no complaints regarding this, just in case if someone wants a harder challenge. Most of the players hate limitation so yeah. You can also use Nation Born (if it exists in editor) like Mexico league so that you need to put certain amount of American-born players. But I'm not complaining one bit, USA is a free country so I think every players from every nation should come and play in USA.

    Anyway, you've done a good job and I salute you for making such a beautiful database, I'll be back if you've got any new updates as I think my Baton Rouge City saves are "broken" after updates. Keep up the good work!

    P.S I'll also put this in the relevant forum thread for better discussion on how should the database improved. See you in the thread!
  • DarkHorseCowboy15's avatar
    SWAG, the link is acting weird but Im working on it.
  • StannisSWAG's avatar
    Hey, where can I download logos? Because I only see kits, stadiums and city pics
  • TOG&DR01's avatar
    Hey DarkHorse, can you fix the city pictures with IDs? Because I didn't see any city pictures in the FM skin.
  • DarkHorseCowboy15's avatar
    The new updated and fixed database file is now up and ready to be downloaded. Due to having to recreate the file the ID numbers have changed. For the full experience us the graphics that go with the file. If you already downloaded the graphics files they are now worthless due to the ID# changes. Delete the old graphics files and re-download for the updated versions. If you find any other issues (Hopefully you wont) please let me know so i can get those fixed.
  • cardjenk80's avatar
    DarkHorse have you re-uploaded the fix version yet? Couldn't find it.
  • DarkHorseCowboy15's avatar

    were good to go, Last night I finished the fix. I recreated each club and comp as "new" instead of the previous file where I had simply overwrote the normal clubs in a attempt to completely remove any trace of the original nation which is where I went wrong. Ive tested it and all comps show up as they should and i havent found any errors. I will get this uploaded as soon as possible. Because I had to create each club/comp as "new" i also had to go back and replace the graphic files IDs. In order to get the full experience youll need to delete the old graphics and re-download with the new and correct IDs. Ill get all this uploaded as soon as I can.
  • professorbadhue's avatar
    very cool, excited to play with some of these teams local to me
  • bvonsnack's avatar
    I think you know this but a lot of the league/competition names are screwed up. Won't be able to play until that gets fixed. Do you have an ETA?
  • DarkHorseCowboy15's avatar
    It should work fine with any Champions League files you have. Theres several National cups like the USSA American Cup and a few others. Those are the cups that will produce your Champions League qualifiers. The rest of the Cups are Regional based. i.e. The "Yellowstone Cup" which takes clubs from the Yellowstone Region (Montana, Wyoming, & Idaho) or The "Rocky Mountain Cup" which is open to all Region 5 (Rocky Mountain Region, MT, WY, UT, ID, CO, & NV).

    As far as the logos not working....check to see if some of the logos are interferring with other logos sharing the same ID. Im currently working a Fix I hope to have out soon that will fix all of that.
  • cardjenk80's avatar
    Having some problems getting the correct logo to show up for some of the teams. All other downloads are showing up correctly not the logos though. Any tips? Also any explanations on the cups? Can this work with a CONCACAF Champions League download I have? Great work btw.
  • DarkHorseCowboy15's avatar
    So Im aware some competitions didnt make the transfer from FM20 to FM21 properly so Im working on a fix to this. Level 10 was never intended to be promotable to level 9. Level 10 is a Amatuer League I created to be used as a good home for feeder teams and to develop young talent. Im currently working on fixes. as you identify issues please let me know so i can address them.
  • boscolam1234's avatar
    Did you have a BackStory of US football of this mod??
  • mcswifty's avatar
    has the promotion between Level 10 and Level 9 been fixed?
  • RDF Tactics's avatar
  • Kaeppler's avatar
    Wow, a lot of work into this one! It's a shame you did not created new clubs/competitions, instead of overwriting the existing ones. Impressive and amazing work either way, specially when taking the graphics into account! Great work!

    @dnzg66, the names followed, but I guess you use a name fix, which overwrites the names DarkHorse used in the editor.

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