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Dark Polish FM21 Skin v2.1

Dark skin for FM 2021 with some tweaks and new functions.

By Updated on Dec 13, 2020   74349 views   109 comments
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Downloads: 19435 / Size: 15.4 MB / Added: 2020-11-14
Football Manager 2021 Skins - Dark Polish FM21 Skin v2.1
Default dark skin how I believe it should be. If you want to keep originality of the game with some not intrusive visual improvements, Dark Polish is what you are looking for. It's clean and low-res friendly.

New in version 2:1:

1. Improved Instant Result button design:
- button is now located at match day header panel, based on FM 2021 Touch,
- this also solves the problem of squad view buttons overlaping each other in certain scenarios,
- button colors are now dynamic (reversed competition colors),
- changed icon from "whistle" to "fast forward", feels more intuitive,
- improved confirmation popup - the "yes" button is now bigger and positioned in straight line under the instant result button, so it's more comfortable to click through them.

2. Various improvements:
- removed color accents from team sheet paper, since they make custom logos poorly visible in too many cases,
- improved edges quality of default logos,
- sharper @2x default continent logos,
- fixed red highlight of unavailable player when chosen on tactic screen list,
- fixed "white on white" continue button in certain scenarios during press conferences and manager appointment.


New in version 2:0:

1. Enhanced background selector:
- club color theme is not covered by backgrounds anymore.
- background selecting works properly now. Originally they could change chaotically, clicking on previews from 5 to 10 enabled background next to it. I managed to fix it.
- previews display entire backgrounds instead of some extreme zooms.
- previews are smaller now and there is no forced darkening inside selector. This let's you see better in real time how exactly your changes look in-game.
- bg selector and opacity selector are closer to each other. You don't have to move cursor through entire screen anymore.
- opacity selector has 90% option now.
- opacity overlays are made on dark grey instead of black, which makes the effect more consistent with the skin.

2. "Huge" database option:
- when creating new game with Dark Polish Skin, you can now choose "huge" database option. Remember these options change mostly depth of selected data - main factor of database size is still "approximate player count" decided by number of playable leagues and/or custom preferences.

3. New main menu, based on FM21 skin:
- the one I made for FM20 was fine but it was brought to my attention it didn't scale well on very big resolutions. Eventually it was easier to make a new one than figure out the fix.

4. Instant result popup with more info:
- basic stats of our players.
- important match events like goals are on top.
- match stats with bar charts.

5. Fixed broken news feed pictures:
- player picture is now well-fitting with big story photo (I love you SI, but someone should be fined for that one)
- smaller news photos have backgrounds.

6. Full dark match screen:
- remaining purple elements are gone now.
- fixed visibility of continue button in match screen, it won't appear white on white anymore.

7. Minor visual fixes for instant result button, role suitability pies, profile circle icons, social media club avatars, sidebar selector and match scoreboard.


Dark Polish Skin 21 includes:
- consistent shades of gray
- ProximaNova font from older FMs
- improved background selector
- "Instant Result" button with post-match popup
- "Huge" database depth option
- player pictures and role suitability pies on tactic screen
- past meetings panel under tactic screen (visible on high-res)
- ribbon navigation in Preferences
- club profile overhaul (original by Pikawa)
- stadium picture option in club profiles (default one has dynamic color)
- slightly modified player attributes section
- dynamic continue button colors
- coloured backgrounds of social media club avatars
- removed pointless club logo from news item (staff photos are a bit larger now)
- removed bold and uppercase from headings
- removed purple elements like circle icons and contrast boxes
- FM21 flags instead of old ones in language change menu

Make sure to check out other custom skins, from which I learned a lot. This skin would be impossible without them and Sports Interactive.

Download Now
Downloads: 19435 / Size: 15.4 MB / Added: 2020-11-14
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Discussion: Dark Polish FM21 Skin v2.1

109 comments have been posted so far.

  • lammyafc's avatar
    Hello how do I get the attribute analysis on the same page rather than it being in the drop down menu does anyone know?
  • zbidram's avatar
    Thanks @Ceyvol
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    This was not changed individually. It's globally changed "fg accent" color, which is used by lots of skin elements by default.
    You can change its RGB in settings/darkpolish settings.xml
  • zbidram's avatar
    Hi Ceyvol. Could you tell me which file that I can change press conference dialogue boxs colours please?
  • Sw33z's avatar
    nevermind , i found it here :
    [FM21][MOD] Match Screens Mod
  • Sw33z's avatar
    Would be nice if you could add some extra matchday panels like Priiserk skin & OPZ skin have . peace
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    It's one of the global bg colors in "darkpolish settings.xml".
  • safasirin's avatar
    How can I change the inbox background color?
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    Remove "inbox item.xml" from Dark Polish Skin 21\panels\human
    Reload the skin after that.

    Sorry, I missed that one. Unfortunately I have zero knowledge about adding extra widgets. You would have to provide me specific examples.
  • mcswifty's avatar
    I guess since you don't reply to my question, that there is no possibility for that @Ceyvol
  • safasirin's avatar
    I want club logos on the inbox screen. What should I do?
  • Sw33z's avatar
    My favorite skin for fm21 ! But the letterfont is very small for 2560*1440 screens . Is there a way to edit the size of the letters ( any *.xmlfile ? ) myself ?
  • Learte's avatar
    Little mistake. sorry. i send new one
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    That's not my skin on the screenshot you sent me.
  • Learte's avatar
    After update, the rules section on the tactics screen grown too large. send you a screenshot allready. Can u fix this?
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    What exactly needs update?
  • Learte's avatar
    Need update. Can you do update?
  • Sw33z's avatar
    @Ceyvol : the trick tried worked for the match report issue , but now 2d match is black background . Do you have any idea on how to edit the client_object browser.xml file to make it work ? Anyway , keep up the great work man ;)
  • mcswifty's avatar
    Absolutely one of the cleanest and best dark skins out there right now. Thank you @Ceyvol

    With that in mind, I was hoping to ask you... :D
    Is it possible to add more options to the player profile screen for the dropdowns boxes, like; "Fitness, Dynamics, Plans, Contract" and so on?
    I see other skin makers include other options.
    (Not trying to say you should, just asking if its possible)

    Again thanks for your work.
  • Sw33z's avatar
  • Sw33z's avatar
    @Ceyvol : I did a test about that green background in match report , i can confirm its not a skin issue , i tested it with other skins and still the same .
    But when i look at match report trough "schedules" instead of "inbox", there i have the normal grey background . As i can't play anymore without your beautifull skin , i will do like that to avoid the green background.
  • zbidram's avatar
    Great improvement! Just missing hidden attributes to be top perfect! Are you updating the skin with or could you tell us how to put them? Love it!
    Thanks Ceyvol!
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    Of course I meant you should always delete the old folder and paste new one, instead of using replace option.
  • Ceyvol's avatar
    2.1 is out now! Since with this version certain skin files were removed, make extra sure NOT to replace the skin folder with the old one (which you should NEVER do anyway!).

    It's possible, but it requires deleting bunch of specific files. I don't have plans to make official purple or light version until the skin is completed in my eyes, because I don't have time to replace files in 3 skins every time a want to update.

    That said, 99% of color changes are made by: Dark Polish Skin 21\settings\darkpolish settings.xml - you can try delete that file and reload the skin. Some imperfections can remain though.

    1) Go to Dark Polish Skin 21\graphics\backgrounds and edit or replace "club colours.png" file to your fancy.
    2) This is by one of the files in "font" folder, but I don't remember which one. I made them year ago.
    3) Scoreboard file is "match score area panel.xml". If not by it, then by one of the font files as above.

    I have honestly no clue. Not sure if this is skin issue. My only idea is going to "Dark Polish Skin 21\panels\client_object" and removing/renaming "client_object browser.xml" file, but it will disable background support as well. But this is probably the only file that can be guilty.
  • safasirin's avatar
    How do I get club names to capitalize on the scoreboard?

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