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The Legends Of The Beautiful Games - Updated V.05

Looking back the history of the beautiful games through its very finest and greatest players and managers.

By Updated on Jun 08, 2020   22559 views   64 comments
Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 642 / Size: 1.9 MB / Added: 2020-02-17
FM 2020 Fantasy Scenarios - The Legends Of The Beautiful Games - Updated V.05
This database conclude the set of the best ever in the entire history of the beautiful game. With this extra data-set the most legendary players and managers from football history will appear in your Football Manager game.

This version contains 600 legendary players and 30 legendary managers. There are 1000 players and 50 managers on my to do list from pre-war players to recent superstar. I will update regularly every new 100 players + 5 managers created.

This database of players is created for FM 2020 but should work also in previous (and future) versions of Football Manager (2006 - 2020).


This legendary database is my long-term project that began in late 2018 as I read dozens of articles and watched hundreds of hours from every players footage, thanks to There are five criteria that implemented to compile all the best players, specified as follows:
1. Attributes/skills of players in their peak performances,
2. Individual achievements of players,
3. Performances and participation of players in club competitions,
4. Performances and participation of players in national team competitions,
5. The longevity and consistency of players in playing in high level competitions.
The results of the calculations will be categorized in nine positions, specified as follows:
1. Goalkeeper
2. Centre Back/Libero/Sweeper
3. Full Back/Wing Back/Half Back
4. Defensive Midfielder/Holding Midfielder/Box to Box Midfielder
5. Central Midfielder/Deep Lying Playmaker/Advanced Playmaker
6. Advanced Midfielder/Trequartista
7. Side Midfielder/Winger
8. Inside Forward/Shadows Striker/False Nine
9. Target Striker/Poacher
The best players in each positional category will be picked with good proportion from each era/decades to get into this FM 2020 custom database (1000 players).


Details Information
All players born in the same decade will have the same birth year. Every difference of a decade means a difference of one year.
Here's the logic:
Players who were born in 1940s will start the game at the age of 22. (e.g Pelé and Cruyff)
Players who were born in 1950s will start the game at the age of 21. (e.g Zico and Platini)
Players who were born in 1960s will start the game at the age of 20. (e.g Maradona and van Basten)
Players who were born in 1970s will start the game at the age of 19. (e.g Ronaldo and Zidane)
Players who were born in 1980s will start the game at the age of 18. (e.g Messi and CR7)
This database contains even players who were born in 1880s.

Contract and International Data
There is no Maradona at Napoli or van Basten at AC Milan, where the legends play in their famous playing club. All players will play at their real playing club history based on their age when the game started. So, Maradona will play at Argentinos Jrs and van Basten at Ajax, because they were there at the age of 20; Ronaldo will play at PSV and Zidane will play at AS Cannes, because they were there at the age of 19.
Because most of us tend not to load the game into lower leagues, some players that play in there will have a set a future transfer to their next club with random transfer fee. (e.g Zidane will join Bordeaux in 2020)
This applies also to legendary managers. (e.g Alex Ferguson will manage Aberdeen in his final season at the age of 45)
Furthermore, all players will have internatinal data included. (e.g Pelé has 32 int. apps and 33 goals at the age of 22, maradona has 20 int. apps and 8 goals at the age of 20)

Career Plans and Playing/Non Playing History
Most players and managers have a set career plans to play/manage their next club. All of them have a set playing/non playing history. This is very important to the club dynamics because make them more influential players.
In addition, players who play abroad will have an additional languages that are used in their based nation.


Major club and competition reputation adjustments.
Major club finances adjustments.
Nation transfers and weekly wage values adjustments. (Pelé transfer values will be around €100M rather than €25M because playing in Brazilian League)
Continental competition registered teams adjustments. (Man. Utd, AC Milan, etc will be back in UCL)

If you like and want to support the hours of work you can donate HERE.

Download Options

The database alone is available on Steam Workshop.

It's also available as a direct download bundled with the relevant facepack and shortlist files.
Direct Download (DB+Faces)

Thanks to the author of DF11 faces that allow me to share this, all player/managers are equipped with a unique DF11 style facepack.
You can download it exclusively on the DF11 faces website.

Install instruction
1 Download the file
2 Extract the file
3 Move the folders to the main FM location on your pc.
4 Start your Football Manager 20** game:
5 Select to start a new "Career" game.
6 Choose the Football Manager database on the top right.
7 Select the file 'The Legends Of The Beautiful Games'.

Legends of the beautiful games // FM20 Preview

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 642 / Size: 1.9 MB / Added: 2020-02-17
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Discussion: The Legends Of The Beautiful Games - Updated V.05

64 comments have been posted so far.

  • Maxmaster5000's avatar
    would this mod work the world super league mod?
  • Maxmaster5000's avatar
    would this mod work the world super league mod?
  • Alafgani's avatar
    Alafgani Page Author1 week ago

    There is major different between this LOTBG and ROTL:
    Legends in ROTL is playing in their famous club, otherwise Legends from LOTBG is playing in their real playing club history based on their age when the game started.
  • Alafgani's avatar
    Alafgani Page Author1 week ago

    I am aware that the facepack is not 100% complete.
    Unfortunately, I couldn't find any proper image with good quality from those three players.
    If you could help me find the image from those players, I would really appreciate it.
  • moonshine's avatar
    This sounds similar to return of the legends would be great if you helped each other, you should contact him he's a good dude
  • ReekyDrop's avatar
    This took me ages to find out, but there are 3 faces missing from the DF11 Legends pack which mess up the sequencing, these are -

    1915387426 Karl Decker
    1915387437 Ivan Kolev
    1915387517 Manuel Fleitas

    ID's taken from Editor, differ in-game, but once you identify them you can rectify them!

  • Alafgani's avatar
    Alafgani Page Author3 weeks ago
    @Jib Untick all realistic transfer for first team/youth team. It also depends on your club scouting range.
  • Jib's avatar
    hi, don't know what im doing wrong, but i have 251 plzyers in shortlist, but not 600
  • DANDY's avatar
    t is because the regen version of DF11 is older.
    You need to leave it in this order to have the photos correctly.
    Clear cache and reload.
    I had the same problem, and that worked.

  • Rekoshooter's avatar
    I have only your database chosen.
    And I have the last version of the game.
  • Alafgani's avatar
    Alafgani Page Author1 month ago
    @Rekonshooter Don't load another database that create new players/agents.
  • Rekoshooter's avatar
    Does not work with game version 20.4.0. Names and pictures are different.
  • Alafgani's avatar
    Alafgani Page Author2 months ago
    @Rekoshooter You can find the tutorial on YouTube. But before you create the config file, you have to rename all the files with the same ID as in your game.
  • Rekoshooter's avatar

    sorry, but how to do that? I downloaded this programme, installed, opened the folder with your facepack. I press GO and the programme creates the same files with same IDs.
  • Alafgani's avatar
    Alafgani Page Author2 months ago
    @Rekoshooter You can use Fmxml application.
  • Rekoshooter's avatar

    I know. But the problem is that I do not know how to make config file for 20.1.0 version.
  • Alafgani's avatar
    Alafgani Page Author2 months ago
    @Rekoshooter You can still play this database using 20.1.0. But, you have to rename the facepack to match with ID in the game and create new config file.
  • Rekoshooter's avatar

    Do you have the old 20.1.0 game version config file. I want to play with your database.
  • Alafgani's avatar
    Alafgani Page Author2 months ago
    @Cavenaghi There are already a shortlist file included. Or you van visit the steam page and see the change notes tab.
  • Cavenaghi's avatar

    Thanks for the amazing work...but could you please leave a list of the competed players and managers as some of them would be unfamiliar to most of the fans
  • Alafgani's avatar
    Alafgani Page Author2 months ago
    @yigitdmr03 YACS Skin

    @HassellR1991 Choose 20.4.0 Database and don't load any other database that create new players or agents.
  • HassellR1991's avatar
    hi when i put the faces into my game there at the different players , example when i go to thierry henry its got dennis bergkamp face instead
  • yigitdmr03's avatar
  • xste7's avatar
    Once again thank you for your further explanations. They definitely help me see the reason why you made certain changes and again I would like to commend your work as it is very detailed and assure you i mean no disrespect.

    Honestly, if you could look into squad depth especially for the major leagues that would make this DB much more attractive as a plug and play for instance.

    Thank you though even though you have no files, i have begun editing your DB to suit my requirements such as removing the bulk of players I do not know about / removing club rep etc changes and it seems fine even though I am aware it could take some time for the game to adjust itself especially as a club like St Helens Town cannot keep hold of a player on 125k per week :D but there is no perfect DB so i can only thank you for the hundreds of players/staff you created that I do want :) it should keep me busy :D
  • Alafgani's avatar
    Alafgani Page Author2 months ago
    Okay, Mate.

    Here's my further explanation.

    I did research for this DB for almost two years. My goal is to introduce some of the players I have discovered to people who are still unfamiliar with. If I only create known players, I think that's not how knowledge works.

    Once again, the reputation financial changes solely to make the game more balance. Picture this: many players have good ambitions rating, sooner or later they will tell their managers that they want to go to a better club or a better league. Or, if they have a good loyalty or professionalism rating, they will tell their managers to strengthen the squad. Many mediocre club managers with bad reputation and poor finances will struggle to keep their players happy if their wishes are not granted. Meanwhile, club tycoon managers will be excited there are so many unhappy players in the market. Frankly, this is not challenging at all.

    The large squad and the squad depth issue is really my concern, and i have looked into it. So I decided to edited most of current players to make them younger. So far, there are about 50 players that I already have edited. I'll double check and count every major club squad before the final update.

    Lastly, I will not put the players to their famous playing club. Why should I do that if there are so many custom database that already use that methods. I would say that the main features on my database is their details like International Apps/Goals and Playing History. This will works if only the players play at their real playing club history based on their age when the game started. If I put Diego Maradona at Napoli at the age of 20 (his ninth season of his career), it means he started his career at the age of 11? And how many International Apps/Goals that I have to set on him? 20 apps/8 goals when he was 20 years old or 32 apps/11 goals when he was at Napoli?

    I don't have any copy of my database, unfortunately you have to delete the players you don't want to all by yourself.

    Hope you understand with my explanation.


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