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Dutch Lower Leagues for FM17

Unlocks tier 3,4,5,6 and 7 to the Dutch football pyramid / league system. Database for Football Manager 2017 by VincelaBera.

By on Nov 19, 2016   22227 views   4 comments
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Downloads: 3827 / Size: 90.4 MB / Added: 2016-11-19
Football Manager 2017 League Updates - Dutch Lower Leagues for FM17
Im back again with this HUGE Dutch lower leagues database.
This year if made all the clubs in the Netherlands playable by adding 5 extra tiers to the database used in the vanilla game.
I tried to make them as realistis as possible.
The Eerste Klasse is as close as i could get without screwing up the rules, and having all league an (mostly) equal amount of clubs in them.
The Tweede Klasse is filled with remaining teams that were in the game in the Netherlands, and were previously assigned to the 'lower leagues'.

I hope you are going to enjoy this DB and look forward to any suggestions/tips or anything from you guys in a comment or a message.
Below is some more detailed information about this database.

It includes/changes the following in the Netherlands:
- adds Tweede Divisie (tier 3), 1 league in total.
- adds Derde Divisie (tier 4), 2 leagues in total (zaterdag & zondag).
- adds Hoofdklasse (tier 5), 4 leagues in total (zaterdag A,B & zondag A,B)
- adds Eerste Klasse (tier 6), 12 leagues in total (Eerste Klasse A-L).
- adds Tweede Klasse (tier 7), 12 leagues in total (Tweede Klasse A-L) .

- also included are the logos and icons for every club and competition in the dutch leagues.
- changed substitution rules to 3 of 12 in every league.
- all divisions have their own separate awards; top scorer, player, manager, goalkeeper and young player of the year awards, and a weekly team of the week award.
- team of the week formation changed to a for dutch clubs more natural 4-2-3-1 formation.

Playoffs, relegation and promotion rules per division:
- changed the playoffs between Eredivisie and Jupiler League.. Eredivisie #16 and # 17 against Jupiler League #2 and #3 for two Eredivisie spots.
- #18 of the Eredivisie relegates to the Jupiler League, and #1 of the Jupiler League promotes to the Eredivisie.
- removed the european playoff in the Eredivisie.

- playoff between Jupiler League and Tweede Divisie same as the one between Eredivisie and the Jupiler League.
- #20 of the Jupiler League relegates to the Tweede Divisie, and #1 of the Tweede Divisie promotes to the Jupiler League.

- 4 lowest placed teams from the Tweede Divisie relegate to the two different Derde Divisies.
- #1 and #2 of both Derde Divisies promote to the Tweede Divisie.

- 4 lowest placed teams from both Derde Divisies relegate to the four different Hoofdklasses.
- #1 and #2 of all four Hoofdklasses promote to both Derde Divisies.

- 3 lowest placed teams from all four Hoofdklasses relegate to the 12 different Eerste Klasses.
- all 12 Eerste Klasse champions promote to the 3 Hoofdklasses.

- lowest place team from all 12 Eerste Klasses relegate to the 12 different Tweede Klasses.
- all 12 Tweede Klasse champions promote to the 12 Eerste Klasses.

Extra changes:
- No 'jong' team can promote to the Eredivisie.
- No sister team of an professional club can promote to the Jupiler League and above (teams like; Ajax Amateurs and NEC Amateurs).
- No sister team or B team (with the exception of 'jong' teams can promote or stay in a league if their big professional brother is just 2 tiers away.

How to unlock the Dutch lower leagues in FM 2017

1) Download the .zip file and extract it.
2) Put the graphics folder into \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017 folder. (already have some graphics added to the game? just add the folder 'dutch lower leagues' found in the graphics folder from the zipfile into the graphics folder).
3) Put the editor data folder into \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017 aswell.
4) Start the game.
5) Reload your skin to get the logos to work correctly.
6) Start a new save in the Netherlands/Holland with the 'Dutch Lower Leagues System by VincelaBera' editor data file selected.


Download Now
Downloads: 3827 / Size: 90.4 MB / Added: 2016-11-19
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Discussion: Dutch Lower Leagues for FM17

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • arnoud1244's avatar
    Hello there,

    You gonna do the same for FM18?
    Would be great!
  • quincyvontsteen's avatar
    Beste VincelaBera, ik probeer je database te installeren maar dat gaat niet helemaal goed. ik krijg de kits en logo's niet goed geladen. heb je tips?
  • VincelaBera's avatar
    Didnt add players..
    So i advice to select the option to add players to playable teams..
  • SIRMartin's avatar
    Great! How about the players in the lower leagues, how accurate are they (names, ca/pa)?
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