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Electric Panther - Ultimate Edition - v3.0 FM23 Skin

For the 2nd year in a row, Groot and Akash are offering a skin for the new FM using soft colors to rest the eyes in the color trend of FM23.

By Updated on Dec 30, 2022   68907 views   48 comments
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Downloads: 18121 / Size: 12.1 MB / Added: 2022-10-30
Football Manager 2023 Skins - Electric Panther - Ultimate Edition - v3.0 FM23 Skin
The goal with my friend Akasha was once again to offer you a skin that does not distort the original skin, but which sublimates it with the colors of the moment.

This is our 2nd skin and a V1. So don't hesitate to report bugs that we haven't seen during our multiple tests.

Electric Panther skin features

  • Modification of the player screen (Attention fixed panel)
  • Editing the Staff Screen
  • Changes to the Human Trainer screen
  • Modification of the panels of the match and summary screens
  • Modification of the tactics screen with Addition of the Faces of the players.
  • Changing the club screen
  • Added Instant Result
  • Added the "Last 11" feature in the club view. Addition of various tabs in the club section.
  • Changing Tactical Terrains
  • Harmonization of the colors of the game around blue and purple.
  • Addition of a content creators menu
  • Added FMSLife menu

Electric Panther FM23 Preview

Version 2.0 screen

As a small bonus and excluded this year, you will find two small menus in the titlebar next to the FM button.
The first uses the format of the YouTube button and opens a list of streamers / youtubers who play FM and with whom I have been able to sympathize for the most part. It is with pleasure that you will find the links to have their twitter, YouTube, twitch and discord.
The other tab allows you to have links to FMSLife, my twitter, Akasha's as creators of the skin and links to the major and most useful categories of FMSLife.

TO CHANGE COLOR SCHEME : Go in skin folder to settings folder. Inside you have a Electric Panther settings file, move it on Alternate Color Scheme folder. Go through it and choose your configuration and drag it in previous folder, reload skin
TO USE GOLDEN STARS : Open your settings file and comment L46, uncomment L48, save the file and reload skin


Version 1.3

- Replace gold color and green text in tactical panel when no tactics are set.
- Add Attribute polygon and Data polygon on personal player popup.
- Change type of inset on stadium info club panel to don't have edit box
- Modified processing panel to add fixture list and next opposition view.
- Add contrast on positions box to be more readable
- add some dividers on player overview
- add alignment on eligibility logos on player personal detail
- add some tab on player view (polygon, player trait, tactical knowledge, prep report)

Version 2.0

- [Translation](Some Tabs was not translated) FIXED
- [UX](Revamp of Player Overview with addition of tabbed section) NEW
- [UX](Remix of Player Attribute view with addition of boxes highlight section) NEW
- [UI](Change Person_Highlight ring colour yellow to pink) NEW
- [UX](Revamp of Coach/Staff Overview with totally new design) NEW
- [UX](Revamp of Home Coach Side with new design) NEW
- [UX](Unlock the selector on player view to switch on several différent module) NEW
- [UX](Fixed some minors bugs)
- [UX](Adition of boxes "neon" to magnify the skin) NEW
- [UX](add scout player button in small selector in player overview) NEW
- [UX](Management of harmony's colors) NEW
- [UX](FIX linked panel role-attribute-menu on Staff view) NEW
- [FIX](Correction of some button which doesn't work CL Draw) NEW

Version 2.1

- Addition of comparison tab on player overview

Version 2.2

- Fixed a broke tab in game processing panel
- Correction on some colors in general color scheme for coherence
- Preparation to some panels for future potential low res Edition

Version 3.0 Ultimate

- [UX] - Customisation of Player Overview with an up new "Extra Tab" and a mayor change of interface
- [UX] - Addition of some exclusive polygon on player overview (Offensive, Défensive, Mentale et Physics profile)
- [UI] - Complete Adaptation of familiarity bars to fit with new color scheme
- [UI] - Modification of Fonts
- [UI] - addition of some panels in some view
- [UI] - Color Scheme Management to 15 different versions with specific settings files
- [UX] - Rework of "Between Highlights Moments" during match with some panels from electricpanther and Vince Skin
- [UX] - Addition of assists on Match overview panel during match
- [UX] - Fixed bugs on World Knwoledge for scout and staff
- [UX] - Rework of manager and staff view to enlight some elements
- [UX] - Possibility to switch to golden stars in settings files
- [UX] - Rework of match team bar during match, tcs version
- [UX] - Possibility to hide attributes to play only with stats and polygon
- [UX] - addition on player overview to small panel to scout player in place of eligibility in personal detail zone
- [UX] - some minors Tweaks
- [UX] - Sidebar color change to more reflect club colors
- [BUG] - fixed some minors bugs
- [BUG] - Fixed Loan contrat tab which don't work on previous version
- [BUG] - Lighter stars on basis version
- [UX] - Optimal management on 100% zoom for HD and FHD, 4K resolution.
- [UX] - Low Res usage finally possible, polygon fix work but on 13" or 14" screen please put fm zoom to 85% or 90%

How to use the Electric Panther skin on FM23

Download the file. You will get a "Electric Panther - Ultimate Edition - V3.0 - Unzip it on skin folder.

This file should be moved to the following location:
Windows: Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2023 / skins
Mac: Library / Application Support / Sport Interactive / Football Manager 2023 / skins

In the game, go to the preferences then choose the version of the theme that goes with your resolution, also don't forget to adjust the zoom or the zoom out according to your resolution.

THANKS / Credits

First thanks to bluestillidie00, Akasha, Bracodu88, Woronwe and AlexBenitofor their support, help and support in all phases of design and testing.

In this sense I would like to credit and thank the following creators who have clearly inspired me:

Special thanks to @Damn3d and @Akasha for help, bug report and inspiration.

michaelmurray (for his helpful tweaks and guides)
DF11 for the specific panel
Tracisloo - Tangfu Skin
Krysler76 - Heffem Skin
OPZ - OPZ Skin
FMEnhanced - FMESkin
@i_am_the_shark - SSD skin
bluestillidie00 - TCS (for all their help and without whom this skin wouldn't really exist)

Download Now
Downloads: 18121 / Size: 12.1 MB / Added: 2022-10-30
Groot_FMSLife's avatar
About Groot_FMSLife

I'm a french Engineer in computer Science. Graphism is a hobby for me ! I'm the owner and administrator of (French forum dedicated to FM)

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Discussion: Electric Panther - Ultimate Edition - v3.0 FM23 Skin

48 comments have been posted so far.

  • JordanMilly's avatar
    Really liking the style of the skin @Groot_FMSLife, it's really gentle on the eyes and looks very vapourwave-esque.

    2 things I've noticed though - first, wherever the manager's head for the player is, it cuts off a quarter of the head, as though the area in which it is set to appear isn't big enough:

    Also, on the main profile page for players, there seems to be a lot of unused screen real-estate going to waste. Would it be possible for there for the panel boxes to be reduced in size so that more of them can be included, so there's not so much empty space and huge image graphics trying to fill it up?
  • italiano25's avatar
    Hey, I really enjoy your skin! Since I use a low res laptop (1366x768) I have to put zoom down to 85%, but still the one thing I wish to adjust is the club information panel on the club page, the letters are still a little bit chopped off, how can I edit so I can make that panel a little bit bigger to fit everything properly? I noticed that there's some space available on the bottom as it shows in the image:
  • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
    during this week mate, that's a promise
  • THEROMA!'s avatar
    When the new update with the others fix will be available?

    I love this skin @Groot_FMDLife
  • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
    @selawien Clear cache and reload bro
  • Selawien's avatar
    at the tactics screens - i´m looking for Match Sharpness - but there is no icon displayed if the column is activated
  • Jumano's avatar
    @Groot_FMSLife: I had a deeper look into your skin and this skin is wonderful! One of the best skins I've ever seen since my first FM12. Merci beaucoup de partager cela avec nous. Simplement du lourd. :-)
  • Groot_FMSLife's avatar

    That fixed and will be release soon
  • THEROMA!'s avatar
    Great skin, nice job.
    I ve to report an error occured when you check a player with the (i) near the name, the Carreer statistics doesn't work.
    Sorry if the english isn't perfect.
  • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
    @Rapid_IlluZioN you can on "extra" tab in player overview on all panel select hidden in place of one you have mate
  • Rapid_IlluZioN's avatar
    Anyway of seeing hidden attributes in the panels ? nice skin
  • loomie's avatar
    Fantastic Skin Guys :) . Looks really nice ,smooth und perfect for the eyes . Keep up the good work . and by the way : HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone .
  • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
    @bezman yeah I know for this. In fact I wouldn't add white edition basically cause it need some more update than others, maybe I'll check soon.
  • lallana's avatar
    that's a great skin, it looks amazing. thanks!
  • bezman's avatar

    What a great skin and thank you for your efforts on it. I've chosen the white selection from the huge selection you have of colors but is there a way to perhaps darken the continue button. As you can see in the picture you can't really see what the button says. Thanks again
  • CrustyTekkers's avatar
    Ultimate edition is top tier, class work as always!
  • Farixo's avatar
    Hello, pourquoi sur la v2.2 je ne peux pas choisir 'temps de jeu sur la duree' dans ce que je veux afficher ?
  • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
    no more update from FM22 Pink Panther.

    I'm only focused on this one.
  • nestabest's avatar
    Will you update fm22 skin?
  • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
    @jordiam it's scheduled with a low res edition
  • jordiam's avatar
    would be possible to adjust (reduce the size) the attributes analysis panel to laptops and macbooks screens in the next update?? it doesnt appear
    The skin is just awesome! thanks
  • TheBladeSharp's avatar
    Within the Club Info screen if you navigate over towards the Stadium section within the Overview panel the stadiums "Year Built" is written as 2,005 instead of 2005, or as 1,996 instead of 1996, or 1,934 instead of 1934.
  • jorg3he's avatar
    If it had the position cake within the tactics panel it would be the perfect skin this year. your work is beautiful
  • ilyes92300's avatar
    Salut, sur la nouvelle version nous sommes obligés d'être en zoom 95% ? Car en étant en 100% tous les attributs ne sont pas tous visibles à première vue.

    Merci pour votre boulot.
  • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
    V2 looks awesome

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