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England Level 10 + Cups for FM15

Unlock English football pyramid down to level 10 plus cups (+160 level 11 clubs) with this database for Football Manager 2015. Includes extra download for the logos of added clubs.

By on Mar 22, 2015   33798 views   18 comments
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Downloads: 7537 / Size: 252.0 kB / Added: 2015-03-22
FM 2015 New Leagues - England Level 10 + Cups for FM15
What does this database include:
  • Regional Premier Divisions (Lvl 7 - 3 div)
  • Regional First Divisions (Lvl 8 - 6 div)
  • County Leagues (Lvl 9 - 14 div)
  • County Leagues First Divisions (Lvl 10 - 17 div)
  • Level 11 - Inactive (160 clubs)
  • FA Cup - 512 clubs
  • FA Vase - 512 clubs
  • Southern League Cup
  • Isthmian League Cup
  • Northern Premier League Challenge Cup
  • League Cups for 9-10 Lvl
  • U21 and U18 - level 1-10

Information added to all clubs:
  • City
  • Stadium
  • Home and avay color
  • Regional divisions

Also added:
  • Change competitions as referee
  • TV and prize money
  • History (last 7 winners)

Optional Download:

Logopack for the added clubs


Step 1

Move the downloaded english_league_lvl10+11+cups_by_robin_a1203edc-afff-4c1c-8ddd-8e2b5c9f4214_79414.fmf to your editor data folder:

Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2015 > editor data

Important: Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

Step 2

To install the facepack, move the folder Legends to your graphics folder:

Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2015 > graphics

Step 3

Start a new career game.
Select "Custom" from the editor data drop down menu and choose this database file.

Download Now
Downloads: 7537 / Size: 252.0 kB / Added: 2015-03-22
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Discussion: England Level 10 + Cups for FM15

18 comments have been posted so far.

  • stb1120's avatar
    The logopack is no longer available... Any chance you can reupload it? cheers
  • robinbobin88's avatar
    columbusbobby23 , Thanks for the feedback , which updates you would like to? Update members only in FM 16.
    To all - do not use others updates to England or World.
    Sorry my very bad english )))
  • columbusbobby23's avatar
    @bgtankera, I had the same problem in the past. It was because I had another database file conflicting with it. If you have many other editor data files enabled, just disable them a few at a time until you have found the one that is conflicting. I have tried other lower league databases and I think this is the best one out there. The only negative would be that it hasn't been updated in a few months.
  • bgtankera's avatar how to fix this?
  • haunter85's avatar
    Game crash when I create a new game with this update :( (crash dump)
  • Stockport Mike's avatar
    why cant I download this keeps saying it cant b found has it been taken off
  • backocetinje's avatar
    No, i have original :) I prefer 15.0 database because 15.03 has winter transfers update. If you know what i mean. Last year, this wasn't a problem with lower league patch. Anyway, what can we do ;) Cheers
  • robinbobin88's avatar
    backocetinje , why default database ? You have a pirated copy? I see no reason to use 15.0
  • backocetinje's avatar
    I already did, but on default database, game won't give me a option to load english league. It's a pitty :(
  • robinbobin88's avatar
    i do not know, try. I tested only 15.3
  • backocetinje's avatar
    Greetings robinbobin88, is there any chance i can play this on default database, not just on 15.03 ?
    I cant find any LLM database which works on a patches before 15.03 :(
  • robinbobin88's avatar
    sdbrook , do not use others updates to England
  • sdbrook's avatar
    I've download your file for English league lvl10+11+cups and put in editor data, but when I came to start the game it's got a red triangle with it saying require maximum of 18 teams in Spartan South Midlands Division One (lvl10), found 19. So I can't use the English leagues, See picture for problem:
  • robinbobin88's avatar
    What file ?
    update - top right
    logopack -
  • stilts_61's avatar
    am i doing something wrong it wont find the file for me
  • robinbobin88's avatar
    Sorry my bad english.

    Yes, unfortunately this is a bug database system - those clubs that have been marked as extinct , the players are on the list, but in the player profile contract with the club is not registered. Therefore, when creating a game they have at the club, but as a free agent.

    This error does not correct - in the editor, I can not prescribe these players contract, I can not transfer them to another club, I can not remove them from the list of the club, I can not even just delete them - they are attached to the club forever!

    Solution - 1. Sign the contract with the player and move it to the reserve and back.
    2. If you do not sign - set the filter "is not in the club."

    Error unpleasant, but not critical - it concerns only those clubs that have been observed in the standard editor as extinct, and not all such clubs were registered players, in any case, they will be 2-3 people in the team.
  • 30yardheader's avatar
    Solved this one. Move one of the duplicate players to your Under 21s then move them back again and there will be one remaining.
  • 30yardheader's avatar
    Seeing this update has persuaded me to start a new save as Borrowash Victoria. I don't know if this problem I've had is to do with the database or a general FM issue but when previously unregistered players have accepted part time contracts they've duplicated in my squad list. It doesn't create another identical useable player, it just lists them twice and what you change for one changes for both. Any ideas or solutions?
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