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Esalogos Megapack 2019

Hexagon style logos for Football Manager 2019. The Esalogos'19 project returns and it will be constantly updated.

By Updated on Nov 29, 2018   60647 views   25 comments
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Downloads: 15851 / Size: 328.0 MB / Added: 2018-10-25
Football Manager 2019 Logo Packs - Esalogos Megapack 2019
After the success of the last years the Esalogos return for Football Manager 2019 in style: following a obsessive work in carrying out the project, I am able to present the new logos of the series in the first beta version! Constantly updated list...

Esalogos FM19 Preview

For any information, request or any errors/changes/updates found in the application of the logos please point out and write it here in this thread!

Download Individual Nation Packs

Below you will find a list, constantly updated, of the nations completed of which we provide the logos (including clubs and competitions). If you'd rather download logos of a certain nation instead of the full megapack that is. I have nothing left but to wish you good fun!




WORLD - FIFA Nations and International competitions

How to add Esalogos on Football Manager 2019

  1. Download the .rar archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the contents.

  2. Move the extracted contents to your graphics folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\graphics\logos\
    Create folders "graphics" and "logos" if they don't exist already. If you're installing an updated version, simply overwrite everything.

  3. Run Football Manager 2019 and go to: Preferences > Interface Make sure that you tick the check box on the item called 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences' and un-tick then box saying 'Use caching to decrease page loading times'. Hit Confirm.
    There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game

Can I request new logos?
Of course yes. Post a comment below with your requests, whether it's a single logo or a specific competition.

I want to help make more logos for this pack.
Thanks, yes any help is well-liked, You can send via MP your logos strictly in .png format, preferably of good graphic resolution, with the instructions on how to do it (primary color, secondary color, third color possible).

This pack is small. When will you make a megapack?
This is a first beta, the result of the work of recent years and continuous updates (failed clubs, logos and new clubs), as time goes on the collection of Esalogos will undoubtedly increase but don't expect to see thousands and thousands of logos here. The work behind is not little and the time available is what it is, the times to meet your requests could therefore not be short maybe, i ask you just to bring a little patience.

Download Now
Downloads: 15851 / Size: 328.0 MB / Added: 2018-10-25
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Discussion: Esalogos Megapack 2019

25 comments have been posted so far.

  • Brekz18's avatar
    Hey, Are you able to make a Australia pack? Thanks
  • Andrew1684's avatar
    Added South America pack: first version with logos of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Paraguay for a total of 225 clubs logos and 38 competitions
  • Andrew1684's avatar
    Added more logos in Germany, France and Austrian pack, also added first version of Serbian pack ;)
  • Qayyum's avatar
    Malaysia Super League please...
  • WarriorJeff's avatar
    thk for the Singapore logo
  • Andrew1684's avatar
    Added China and Singapore logos
  • BartySo's avatar
    Poland Ekstraklasa
  • WarriorJeff's avatar
    Singapore league ??
  • Andrew1684's avatar
    New update

    - Added greek, croatian, slovenian and sammarinese logos;
    - Updated the Switzerland pack with more clubs and the new logos of five clubs.
  • Andrew1684's avatar
    5000 downloads reached, thanks to all!
  • Andrew1684's avatar
    Didn't work some nation in particular or in general? Did you follow the procedure on the game?
  • NagyJunior's avatar
    Well for some reason it did not work for me, maybe because i'm on steam but idk...

    Can anyone help?
  • Andrew1684's avatar
    Added 29 international and European competitions (FIFA and UEFA) plus all 55 confederations affiliated to UEFA!

    @rykoonmesto7 colours?
  • rykoonmesto7's avatar
    Hashtag united logo?
  • Lucas78's avatar
    I'm using these in Football Manager Touch, and they really look great; quite a breath of fresh air. Thanks, good job :)
  • Andrew1684's avatar

  • Andrew1684's avatar

  • unitedarestillthebest's avatar
    I know this is early so forgive me but will the followerig be done

    czech republic

    just asking cause some of them don’t even have real badges let alone your cool designs
  • Andrew1684's avatar
    @Jamie Aubrey I'm sorry, but for the moment I prefer to work alone and not give around the template! If I change my idea I'll make sure you know!

    If you have a specific country and/or league request ask as well; in any case, shortly, other countries will be coming!
  • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
    I'd love to help do some of the other clubs etc, I'd like to have a full collection, could you PM the Template ? @Andrew184
  • Andrew1684's avatar
  • Andrew1684's avatar
    The Spanish logos are already in process, soon there will be the release of the first version (that will include clubs and competitions up to the fourth level plus some other lower clubs)
  • LukaAyel's avatar
    Spanish League !!!!
  • Andrew1684's avatar
    Update the Italian Serie C (changed name from Lega Pro at Serie C) competition logos, fixed the italian link!
  • Matranti's avatar
    Look really nice mate!
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