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European Super League for FM18

Looking for a fun challenge? How about a Super League in Europe? This FM 2018 database spreads 634 teams throughout 9 divisions, sorted geographically. Can you manage?

By Updated on Jun 30, 2018   30576 views   6 comments
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Downloads: 4428 / Size: 2.3 MB / Added: 2018-04-18
FM 2018 Fantasy Scenarios - European Super League for FM18
Hi guys,


- Teams are no longer sorted geographically initially
- Recalibrated all the leagues based on team player value and reputation in order to stop English lower league teams from dominating Europe.
- Reduced the number of teams in each division starting from Europe Super League to Europe League 6. from 26 to 24.
- Reduced the number of teams in Super League 7. from 50 to 48. teams still play each other once.
- Modified the promotion/relegation system in order to give teams the chance to establish themselves in their divisions.
- Reduced the parachute payments amount. This was creating a bug and it was giving almost to every team that wasn't in the first division between 80M to 40M
- More finance recalibration.
- Improved Luxembourg stadiums for playoff matches in neutral locations.

- Renamed "west", "central", "east" divisions into "green", "blue", "red"
- League 6 has now 3 division, green, blue, red with 26 teams each.
- Added a new league "Europe League 7" - 50 teams, they place each other once.
- Added "B teams" pyramid style league (5 leagues Europe B League to Europe F League) below "Europe League 7"
- League recalibration based on this year's UEFA country coefficient and final league standings.
- Financial recalibration. Prize money and TV money recalibrated - especially for lower leagues.
- Fixed a weird bug where your team won't have a schedule after the first season.
- Added more teams from EFL League One (I had a few people complain that they cant find their favorite team)


I want to share with you my latest source of fun. This is a European Superleague featuring 634 teams spread throughout 9 divisions and subdivisions in a pyramid style league set in Luxembourg. After 2 weeks of work and testing, I'm finally confident that I have a working beta. A few notes before we begin.

  • Remember that globalization is not fair for everyone.
  • Team reputation wasn't the only attribute used to place the teams in the appropriate division. Other attributes are UEFA rankings for club competitions, market value, country reputation, current league position.
  • It's hard to balance 643 teams so I'm open to suggestions if you have any.
  • Unfortunately, I have Romanian roots and a great sympathy for the dying Romanian football, so I resurrected 2 Romanian teams and placed them in the last division.

League Breakdown:

Super League: 28 Teams

Premier League: 78 Teams
  • Premier League West: 26 teams
  • Premier League Central: 26 teams
  • Premier League East: 26 teams
Championship to League 5: same as above
League 6: 60 teams The teams play each other just once.

Reason for doing this - It was a bit too unfair to have a single division without any subdivision. This would lead to good teams like Eintracht Frankfurt or Olympiacos being in League 2-3. Wait until HJK Helsinki will dominate the Super League. (Nah, they will probably relegate from League 5).

All teams have their status set as Professional. Every League in Europe with a few exceptions has at least 3-4 clubs.The first 20 countries in the UEFA rankings for club competitions have all clubs from the first division added. In some cases like Austria even a lot of clubs from the second division. To give you a practical example, All teams from the Polish Ekstraklasa are added.

if you have a nice skin, this could be a good opportunity to learn more about European football and to discover new cites and teams.

The fun part. Like I initially said, the teams are sorted geographically, however, as the save will progress the teams from East and Central divisions could promote/relegate to West divisions and vice-versa.

You can check the league structure here.


Champions League (Domestic Main Cup)
256 teams from Super League to League 1*
4 Knockout Stages
Groups Stage
Semifinal and final
* - only 72 teams are added to this Cup from League 1

Euro Cup (Domestic Main Cup)
256 teams from League 2 to League 5*
4 Knockout Stages
Groups Stage
Semifinal and final
*- only 22 teams are added to this Cup from League 5

Without friendlies, every team should play around 60 matches a season - depending on the league level and cup progress.

Every team has a reserves team and a U19 team and in some cases a B team and even a C team (Some Spanish teams cant get enough). However, there are only leagues for U19 and Reserves team.

Transfer, Registration Rules, Money

No work permits needed. You can transfer anyone you want.
A limited number of players you can have on loan 4 or 5 depending on the division.
At least one player developed at the club in the match squad
At least one U32 player in the starting 11 for lower leagues.

Transfers and wage values for Luxembourg. These have been modified to be somewhere in the middle of the Premier League and LaLiga. So you can still expect to sell and buy players for some ridiculous fees.

TV Money and Prize Money. This is something I tried to balance the best I could.

Super League clubs will get 83M from TV money + prize money
Premier League clubs will get 45M + prize money.
I'll add the rest of the values later on.

Other Notes

The database also comes with the Real names fix. Also for the Brazilian clubs. There's no need to load an extra DB for this (hopefully).
Luxembourg TAX rules, I tried to make this similar to the one in the UK, but I'm not sure if it really worked.

To Do

- Create league graphics
- There is room yet for another bottom League. I'll start putting this one together during the weekend.

European Super League FM18 Preview

How to play the European Super League on FM18

  1. Move the downloaded file "cm_eu_super_league.fmf" to:
    documents/sports interactive/football manager 2018/editor data
    Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.

  2. Open FM18 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure "cm_eu_super_league" is selected.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 4428 / Size: 2.3 MB / Added: 2018-04-18
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Discussion: European Super League for FM18

6 comments have been posted so far.

  • new0rder's avatar
    hello i download de super league but the league only have 24 teams after de super league and last only 48 is this ok ?

    question i want remodel the divisions with diferent teams mixed them a the my taste can i? or the super legue after do this not work ? thx for ur work
  • RipGlenn's avatar
    Is the box for "C/Reserve Teams cannot be promoted" in Europe League 5 supposed to be unticked? I see that it's ticked in the other Europe Leagues
  • cooizzo's avatar
    i've made some graphics of my own(logo, cup, background) but they are nothing special xD
  • ciprian111's avatar
    not yet, I will try to put something together during the weekend. @CValverde52 you can give it a try now, should be good to go.
  • cooizzo's avatar
    So, any graphics?
  • CValverde52's avatar
    Do you have any idea when will be completed?
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