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Fictional Country: Morgsthia

A fictional Scandinavian Country with 2 Leagues, 30 Fictional Teams, Unique icons, and Kits. A database for FM 2020.

By on Apr 12, 2021   17613 views   3 comments
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FM 2020 Fantasy Scenarios - Fictional Country: Morgsthia

Starting Point of the Project

Hi Everyone!
I am probably pretty late to publish this as I think everyone moved to Football Manager 2021. But I don't have the money to buy FM21 so I am kind of stuck with 20 :D

Anyway, everything began with my decision to learn illustration. Then I thought why don't I create fictional club logos for practice, and as I progressed that turned into "Why don't I use these logos in Football Manager?" and here we are. But before we move on, I should say that, I didn't create masterpieces with those club logos. Actually everything is simple as possible due to my limited "illustration skills". Some of the logos are good because I spent extra time on them and some of them are just plain bad, horrible actually because I ran out of ideas at some point :D


Morgsthia is a fictional country located on a non-existent island over the North Atlantic Ocean.

I didn't put a lot of thoughts on the history of the country but in my head it is an island that has had a lot of visitors by Nordic Kingdoms and Britain, in its history. The country considers itself as a Scandinavian country and their flag is like every other Scandinavian flag. The dragon you see on the top left is taken from the webpage called "flaticon" drawn by "freepik". (This is not an ad, their licence requires this attribution). The country speaks a fictional language called "Morgsthen" and it belongs to Germanic languages family. It is set as "not that hard to learn" in the game.

This is the map of the country. It has 13 cities, Morgsthen being the Capital. The names of the cities are made up words that has no meaning, and if it has a meaning in your language it is purely coincidental. Some of the names are generated by a made-up name generator and I came up with some of them. Under the name of each city you see their coordinates, those are also used in the database I prepared.


I drew them all, and I can share the files of everything if you like to rearrange them as you like. The only thing that doesn't belong to me in these logos is the Phoenix you see in the logo of the League 2 team Scarnea.I thought it would be good concept to use a Phoenix in the logo, and I googled "royalty free phoenix illustration" and that came up, I had to redraw it as a vector in adobe illustrator. Since this is a non-commercial project I think there won't be a problem.

Some of the clubs have a story concept on my mind and some don't. I had no idea how to implement those stories to the game, I could only type in a nickname for the club in the editor. So if you'll excuse me I'd like to share one or two and I'll leave the rest to your imagination. I know this is already getting too long than it should be...

The nickname of Nirmond is "the Flame Robins". Flame robin is a bird species, in reality unique to Australia, and they look so cute with their chonky appearence. I wanted to use it as a mascot for this club and I came up with a story. "One time in the back of the day, the governer of the Nirmond comes across with one of these birds in his trip to Australia. He finds them beautiful and initiates a project when he returns to the country. They set up a habitat for these birds to live in the forests of Nirmond, and bring a couple of flame robins to Morgsthia. Luckily, that intense scientific work was a success and these cute creatures had a new home besides Australia.". It is almost certain that I couldn't applied this story into this logo very well but hey, at least I tried, and thats something :D

I was inspired by my hometown's team (Eskişehirspor) for this club, we are going through really hard times right now. Anyway, the team has amazing, passionate supporters. The city is almost breathing with football, from child to old everyone is a football fan in this city. And I tried to reflect their fanaticism and passion in the logo. My hometown's nickname is "the Red Thunders" and I decided to preserve that nickname in Freigh, they are called "the Thunders". Unlike my hometown's team, Freigh is doing pretty good in the football scene of the country, they are in the race for championship, media guess is they'll become 3rd on the first season, unless you step in and give them what they deserve as a manager.

Widenhelt is the oldest settlement in Morgsthia and their nickname is "the Ancestors" because of that. In their home kit, they also have a city silhouette. I tried to give that old, vintage vibes to their logo, I think I did fine in this one. In some logos you see a date like you see in this one, 1896, that is for a cosmetic purpose, to fill the logo. In the game, you'll see that clubs are either formed in 2011 or 2012. That wasn't my plan, I was going to make the clubs older but I decided not to because I knew I would want to add a lot of details and it would just take too much time to finish. And I don't even know if anyone will actually play this, so if there will be a good interest in this from people, maybe I'll do an update in the future.

The logo of the Clinchester features a bridge, my inspiration for the bridge was the "London Bridge". I didn't see in real life but the images of it looks very pretty. And the name of the city, Clinchester, is heavily inspired by British cities, so I thought it would be good to pick a bridge that looks like came out of London. The city Eisterg is famous with its icebergs so they have an iceberg on their logo. Bla bla bla... You get the idea, I will not bore you any more :D

You see a lot of animal mascots in the logos. I'll admit that some of them are just because I ran out of ideas. Elephant and giraffe for example or stork, they don't have a story on my mind either. That is where your imagination comes in I guess, but of course you don't always need a story for those stuff, sometimes you just want a stork to be your mascot, i don't know, hahaha :D

One final note about clubs, I paid attention to details of their locations. Every club has a different stadium and training facility placed in different coordinates in the cities. I didn't pick the "closest stadium" in case of a stadium renevation, I hope the game calculates from the coordinates. I also have files where every detail is written, if you like to examine those, again, I can share.

League Structure

There are two leagues: Morgsthian Premier League and Morgsthian League 2. Both has 15 contestants each. Like every other league, three teams relegate from premier league. Two teams directly promote to the upper league, and 6 teams plays a play-off to be the third one to promote. Play-offs are single matches and final gets to played in a neutral stadium.

There are almost no rules for the squads. You can register up to 30 players. There is also a limit to Non-EU players you can have but it won't put you in tough situations. You can have maximum 15 Non-Eu players in your squad and max. 10 Non-Eu players in the match squad. I am not a fan of restrictions but depending on the feedback (of course if anyone ever plays this), I can publish an update and add or remove rules, it is easy to do.

Transfer windows open from 1st of January to 15th of February and from 1st of June to 1st of September. Most clubs are doing fine in terms of finance, some have vast amount of money to spend but due to unpopularity of the clubs and the leagues, it is somewhat challenging to sign them. Premier League is placed in 11th place in terms of popularity and League 2 is in 49th place.

Every club in the premier league has a club culture, but the ones in the lower league don't.


Morgsthian Cup is played amongst the 30 teams, winner gets to go to international cups.
Morgsthian Super Cup is played between the winner of the Morgsthian Premier League and Morgsthian Cup. Winner gets some money and reputation.


I added 11 players to every team. Their positions are arranged to form a team. (1 GK, 4 Defenders, 4 Midfielders and 2 Strikers, wingers can play in offensive roles, and one of the strikers is mainly an offensive midfielder). Everyone starts at the age of 21, that is only because it is too time consuming for a single man to keep a balance with ages and birtdays etc. Most of them have similar potential and current abilities. There are some good players in big clubs of the league.

Everyone's name is randomly chosen by me by taking the fictional language and history of the country into account. So, if there is a name of someone you know, that is 100% coincidental, obviously. Again, some of the names and last names don't even make sense in other languages as they are made up words but don't worry the majority consists real names you come across in daily life. There are three football players in different clubs named after me and my sisters :D And they share the same last name with the manager of the Morgsthia National Team, named after my cousin who introduced me the football manager when I was a kid. Anyway, I told you this because you may want to select "use fake names" option when starting the game, it wouldn't be a problem but be reminded, that option will change every players' name in every club in the whole game. But again, it may be a good thing to play with fake players in a fictional country, your choice.

To sum up, there are 330 football players, 31 managers, a couple of antrenors and around 30 refs created by me.

If you have questions, ask in the comments and I'll try to reply them all.

How to get these

In the RAR file you'll download you will find
  • Database file
  • Logos
  • and Kits

Drag and drop the Morgsthia folder from the archive file into:
Documents & Settings/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/graphics

*If there is no graphics folder, create it.

Drag and drop the Morgsthia_v2.fmf file into
Documents & Settings/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/editor data

Start a new career, click on 20.4.0 Update located on top right in the pop-up window, and you will see Morgsthia database.

Next to the database you will see "Luxembourg". That is because I edited Luxembourg to create this nation. Normally, people advise to create a nation from Pre-Ireland or other template countries that are present in the database but not used by the game, but you have to create the international cups from scratch to be able to have your national team in World Cup and European Championship, and I didn't want to do that as it is a complex task to do. Another thing people do is to edit Gibraltar, but they are a part of Brexit, and you can't make them stay in the EU, at least I couldn't. Long story short, I think Luxembourg is the best option. No offense to my Luxembourger fellas. Their leagues are not included in the base game, their national team is not something your eyes will search for etc. Again, no offense :D

Quick Notes

I don't have FM21 and I don't know if I can afford to buy it anytime soon, for now I don't think there will be a FM21 version. If you like, you can recreate everything in FM21 editor.
I used this pack for the kits:

And that is it. Sorry for writing too many things about it, I tried to cut it short as much as possible. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading, I hope you'll enjoy this fictional utopia. If you have questions, I'll be here. Good luck!

Download Now
Downloads: 749 / Size: 13.1 MB / Added: 2021-04-12
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Discussion: Fictional Country: Morgsthia

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    Wow, this is really interesting. I even thought that could be a great idea for creating a football manager novel. It let me think about that football novel Champion Godfather. Have you ever read it? I download football manager 2020 again to try your mod.BTW, I appreciate the work you do and share them for free. If you want to play FM2021 for a reasonable price, I have a method that may be can help you.
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    really good effort here mate, I don't play FM20 anymore but will definitely give this a look. again great effort.
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    Will give it a try.
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