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MrSpaceman's FIGHTER JET Tactic (3-2-2-2-1 2DM)

A FM 2021 tactic that guarantees goals and midzone domination! Unbeaten season with Chelsea and loads of goals!

By on Apr 02, 2021   16529 views   1 comments
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Football Manager 2021 Tactics - MrSpaceman's FIGHTER JET Tactic (3-2-2-2-1 2DM)
Welcome to this crazy 3-2-2-2-1 2DM formation AKA The FIGHTER JET tactic that I developed with an Aerospace theme in mind! It all started with an aircraft looking shape and the instructions ensured that this tactic was as attacking as its name suggests.

I tested this tactic with Chelsea in 2022 and have achieved crazy results: Unbeaten for the whole season and a Quintuple! It is the perfect tactic to ensuring control in the midfield and unrelenting attacks!

To help explain the tactic and show how well it worked, I created a tactics video over on my YouTube channel called MrSpaceman!
You can find the video below:

This tactic was tested in a playthrough where I tried to optimize the squad as best I could to achieve the best results and it did require extensive tactical training for the players. At Chelsea, the main requirement was that you need to have a fast defensive line and fast wingers that would carry the ball forward quickly during transition from defence to attack!

This tactic has brought Chelsea an unbeaten season with 94 points in the Premier League, scoring 95 goals and conceding 18 goals in the process. They have also won 6 trophies in the same season: Premier League, Champions League, Carabao Cup, European Super Cup, Community Shield and the Club World Cup! It has led to Haaland scoring 42 goals, Werner 18 goals from the left midfielder position (NOT LW, actually from LM), Sancho 17 goals from RM!

Also, Hood Gaming (on YouTube) has tested my tactic on his channel via a simulation with Arsenal and has had some decent results (2.76 goals a game and an FA Cup win) which is not too bad for a simulated season and a very weak defence.

The tactic works by having the team push up as high as possible creating an overload in the midfield leaving the opposition no option but to only operate using counter-attacks. This is especially destructive against teams that are better or equal to your level if they try to control the ball and play possession style of football.

On attack the IWB would push into the middle whilst the wingers would create space on the wings to maintain the pressure in the midzone but also create ample of space on the flanks in case the midzone becomes too crowded and the vector of the attack must be altered. Two attacking midfielders would act as the centre line ball carriers connecting the CF and the wingers.

During transition from attack to defence, the two holding midfielders would slot into the defence essentially creating a 5 man defence at the back, once again compressing that midzone forcing the opposition to attack wide. Now, the biggest issue with this tactic is the fact that there is only 1 nominal CB and the whole defence continuously presses up to the half way line.

Thus, majority of the goals conceded by this tactic will come from balls over the top and pacey strikers running in on goal. Thus your defence has to be quick (this is where Tomori's pace really showed) and you have to have a sweeper keeper on attack that is ready to rush out and clean up any loose balls.

You can see how to set up the tactic below:

Like mentioned before, this tactic does require tactical training, so if you want to use this tactic, tactical training is a priority. Also, whilst this tactic dominates games, it is important to have a backup plan (especially against the smaller teams) as they are very happy to sit all the way back and depend on one quick ball over the top to equalize on the last minutes when your players are tired from covering so much ground.

Therefore, ensure you develop a more secure tactic if you want to see out tough matches as well (that's just management 101).

You can see the results below:

If you enjoyed this article, do give it a like and check out my YouTube Channel:

I hope you enjoy this tactic and more Aerospace themed tactics are on the way!


Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 1988 / Size: 43.4 kB / Added: 2021-04-02
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Discussion: MrSpaceman's FIGHTER JET Tactic (3-2-2-2-1 2DM)

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  • ferrenberg's avatar
    MrSpaceman, I have to say you are a genius. The back 3 of two IWB and a BPD is the perfect back 3 possible for this game. This is more reliable defensively, much better than 3 centrebacks. With two IWB and a BPD, I think we can finally replicate what Nagelsmann and Gasperini do, because their wingbacks are not really wing backs, they're wide midfielders/wingers. Funnily enough, both use centrebacks who are also capable of playing as fullbacks. So, thank you. Your back three formation should be used by everyone who likes 3- formations.
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