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FM23 "Fixed PA" to "PA Range" - U23 - FINAL WINTER UPDATE

This custom database adds an element of randomisation to your save, giving all players under 23 a PA range instead of a fixed PA value!

By Updated on Apr 03, 2023   23244 views   16 comments
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Downloads: 3302 / Size: 2.6 MB / Added: 2022-11-12
FM 2023 Fantasy Scenarios - FM23 "Fixed PA" to "PA Range" - U23 - FINAL WINTER UPDATE
A pretty simple database, but it randomises the PA value of players under 23!
For those unaware, the potential of a player in FM23 is defined by their PA value, or Potential Ability. It goes from 1-200.

A lot of players have a fixed value, for example Bukayo Saka's PA is a fixed value of 177, meaning this will be his potential every single game. However, for example, Jude Bellingham has a PA range of -95 (don't ask, it's what SI named it), which means his potential will vary from 160 to 190 in every new game. This means that sometimes he's a good player for most top European sides (160), but other times he's a near-guaranteed Ballon d'Or winner (190).

This database makes it so that every player with a fixed value, gets a PA range, matching somewhat to their fixed value.
For example:
Bukayo Saka: Fixed PA: 182 - New PA Range: 170-200
Nicoló Fagioli: Fixed PA: 155 - New PA Range: 140-170
Crysencio Summerville: Fixed PA: 143 - New PA Range: 130-160
And so on, so forth :-)

Included in the downloadable .zip file, is also "FM23 ESSENTIALS - FINAL UPDATE - Maxed PA Ranges". This extra database makes it so that every player with a PA range over 70-100 (because my PC takes FOREVER to process large amounts), gets a maxed out fixed PA inside their own PA Range.
For example:
Endrick: PA Range: 170-200 - New fixed value: 200(!!!)
Michael Olise: PA Range: 150-180 - New fixed value: 180
James Garner: PA Range: 130-160 - New fixed value: 160
Anthony Elanga: PA Range: 120-150 - New fixed value: 150
And so on, so forth :-)

Also, both these files are .fmf file. This means that they go into your "editor data" folder, which is usually located at "\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\editor data", or where-ever you've chosen to place your user data. But if you've placed in at a non-default location, you probably don't need me to explain this to you.
You also must start a new game to select this file and use, it won't work on existing save-games.

This will add a bit more variety to your save games, and hopefully make scouting the next superstar a little more fun!

Download Now
Downloads: 3302 / Size: 2.6 MB / Added: 2022-11-12
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Discussion: FM23 "Fixed PA" to "PA Range" - U23 - FINAL WINTER UPDATE

16 comments have been posted so far.

  • addison8406's avatar
    thanks for the update, now i can start a new game~!!!
  • GfxJG's avatar
    There, updated.
  • GfxJG's avatar
    @klusek997: Did you not see the comment saying "don't ask about it"? Or do you just not care?
  • Klusek997's avatar
  • GfxJG's avatar
    So apparently there was just a new major update, that I wasn't aware would happen.

    I will update this file eventually. But it's gonna be a while, so don't ask about it.
  • GfxJG's avatar
    Added the oft requested "Maxed PA Ranges" file to winter update
  • stiti14's avatar
    I really appreciate your work!
    Finally can start a new save after the update;)
  • GfxJG's avatar
    Updated for Winter update - Only the normal file, not the "Maxed Range" one. Might update it later, but for now, no.
  • serhan777's avatar
    update when?
  • GfxJG's avatar
    @stiti14: I do not, no. I also don't think I will, as each of these "versions" takes a couple of hours in just processing time of my computer. I might consider it when I redo these for the winter update, but no promises :-)
  • stiti14's avatar
    Hello, By any chance do you have a file to also give players with a Fixed PE range, a MAX PE range? Like I want to start the game with Saka with 190PA or Ugarte with 170PA?
  • djleandroiung's avatar
    muito obrigado por estes arquivo meu amigo, que deus ti abençoe , abraços
  • GfxJG's avatar
    @dhaisa: Yes, that is correct.
  • dhaísa's avatar
    This will only work on players in the vanilla database no?
  • GfxJG's avatar
    Thanks man, just been preoccupied with life! Thanks a ton for the thumbnail and formatting, much appreciated! Hope all is well with you also :-)
  • Stam's avatar
    Hey JG, it's good to see you sharing a new file. I've sorted a thumbnail and tweaked formatting a little. I hope you are well. :)
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