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FM Editor Live 2016

FMEL 16 is a real time editor for use with Football Manager 2016 that enables you to edit essential person and club information on the fly. Compatible with the latest 16.3.2 patch.

By Updated on Aug 01, 2016   396927 views   127 comments
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Downloads: 112129 / Size: 20.4 MB / Added: 2016-04-20
FM 2016 Tools - FM Editor Live 2016
FM Editor Live 2016 is a simple real time editor for Football Manager 2016 that allows you to edit data of your loaded FM16 save-game on the fly. FMEL is the only real-time editor that works with the FM Touch mode.
The only FREE real-time editor for FM16.

FMEL is exclusively available from

Redistribution Policy:

People who want to put FM Editor Live 2016 on other sites, you may link back to this very page but you cannot host any files yourselves. Thank you!

This tool is released for FREE, as we feel you shouldn't be forced to pay for 3rd party tools of a game.

Released: 20 April 2016 - alpha version
Updated: 1 August 2016 - v1.0.1

Why did it take so long this time?

The work on FMEL 2016 started when FM16 Beta was made available. The plan was to code everything from scratch using an entirely different framework. A month's efforts were in vain as we encountered technical issues with the framework of choice. As a result we had to make a new choice and start all over again. Work and real life got in the way and postponed the development indefinitely. Around the end of February, svita (lead dev) confirmed that he could resume progress. After failing the deadline for a couple of times, we reached the second half of April and FMEL 2016 is ready in alpha state.

Alpha version disclaimer

Please note that this initial alpha version is more meant for testing, so please keep your expectations low. We decided to release it at its current state to show that FMEL is not dead (at least not yet) and to gather feedback for the next (possibly beta) version.


.NET FRAMEWORK 4.5 (standalone offline installer) or higher
To find out if you have .NET Framework 4.5 installed, you can use Framework Detector (free tool). In theory, you'll need to download this only if you have Win XP; newer Windows should have that requirement covered by default.

► Patch 16.3.2, Patch 16.3.1 (International)
To use this version of FMEL, you must have your game updated with 16.3.2 or 16.3.1.

Microsoft Windows
Compatible with Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7, 8, 10.
If you're looking for a similar tool for Mac, please check out MacAssistant RT for FM16 (another exclusive tool we release).


FMEL allows you to search for the club and person of your choice and edit:

  • Transfer Budgets (Season and Remaining)
  • Wage Budget
  • Overall Balance

Persons (just Players in alpha version)
  • Heal (condition)
  • Birthday
  • Height / Weight
  • Current Ability / Potential Ability
  • Reputation (Current, Home, World)
  • Attributes *

* If you open the profile of the player you edit attributes of, you need to hit the 'continue' button in-game until it loads to the next point for the changes to take effect.

How to use

1. Extract the downloaded and run the .exe file. Complete installation.

2. Run Football Manager 2016, and load your save game (or start a new one).

3. Run FM Editor Live 2016 (ALT+TAB to desktop first if you're running FM full screen).

4. Click the "Open" button.

5. Enter player's name in the Search input box and hit Enter.

6. Double-click on the player's row. Edit what you wish in the 2 tabs available (Information, Attributes) and click Apply.

7. Switch to the "Clubs" tab. Enter club's name in the Search input box and hit Enter.

8. Double-click on the club's row. Edit what you like within the Finances tab and click Apply.

Bug Reports

Even though we have tested this alpha version, we expect that you may be able to find bugs. If you do, please report it in the comments below. Describe the exact steps that triggered the bug (to help us replicate it). Also upload your save game to a free file hosting site (such as sendspace) and provide a link to it so we can test it directly. Thank you!


This tool is an and association.

FMEL is created by Stelios.

Coding contributors:

  • Thanos (creator of MacAssistant RT) who ported FMEL to work with FM14 and helped with information and research over the years.
  • Panos who has been a major help with research and development for the 2016 edition.

Many thanks to: Eugene (Information & Research) and Stam!

Logo by Stam.


- Support for 16.3.2
- Decreased the file size of the installer

alpha version
- Initial release, support for 16.3.1
- Brand new UI

Download Now
Downloads: 112129 / Size: 20.4 MB / Added: 2016-04-20
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Discussion: FM Editor Live 2016

127 comments have been posted so far.

  • aroarru's avatar
    Anyone have FMEL 2016 for version 16.2? I need that version because i cannot update to patch 16.3.1/16.3.2
    Thanks for you help :)
  • vishal13's avatar
    Unable to load save game i have 16.3.2 version
  • Flak McDoom's avatar
    Is there any chance that someone who has solved the;

    "Unable to load game!" problem could post the steps they took to solve it it please?

    I've only just got the game (first time since it was Championship Manager) only to discover that there's no default database editor :(

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Stam's avatar
    I'm afraid FMEL has been discontinued, so there won't be any more updates.
  • Shubham_pawar's avatar
    Hi guys, can anyone help me, I'm having a problem in this app.. its not working. It can show only Club's data but no player data is visible.
    Where should I install this FMEL, I mean should we install in the same directory of the game of somewhere else
  • deadra1's avatar
    so, I managed to fix the "Unable to load" problem, but now, whenever I search for players, nothing shows up. I thought maybe the player was too unkown but not even Ronaldo or Messi show up.

    I can find Clubs, only players are missing...
  • DimLou's avatar
    yeah i tried this but i can't install it, it would probably be my laptop's fault, thanks anyway
  • Stam's avatar
    @DimLou: It's possible to do that with FMSE, but editing functionality there requires a license.

  • DimLou's avatar
    There won't be any FMEL similar to the old ones where you could edit kits?
  • djm_jm's avatar
    Hi, i have installed the editor here in my pc, and isn't working right. It appears on the screen:

    "Unable to load the game"

    I am playing the save and obviously, the FM is running for it.

    How can I fix that?
  • Stam's avatar
    Being a volunteer developer simply doesn’t work for long. Eventually real life knocks on your door and, before you know it, your previously spare time is gone.

    When you actually find some time for FM, you’d rather play the game to have some fun than write code for an app that will receive complaints (for whatever reason).

    I tried my best to bring other developers on board, but let’s be honest; there’s only a handful of people who can actually do this well and most of them who remain active are already making their own tools here.

    As a result, the FMEL project has been put on hold indefinitely. My focus is now turned to the FMSE project which made its debut less than a week ago.
  • LouisBBBB's avatar
    Any news on FMEL17 yet? Thanks! :)
  • DrGerry's avatar
    Still no news about the 17 version, don't you?

    I have a few decades experience programming computers, maybe I could help. I don't know where the data is and what's the format, of course, but if you want, you can contact me.
  • Stam's avatar
    There's nothing new since my last comment from 4 weeks ago.
  • god_'s avatar
    When the live editor to FM 17? :)
  • managerikoi15's avatar
    guys editor live 2017??
  • wenche's avatar
    fmel 2016 not work, anyone else help me?
  • Stam's avatar
    No real news on FMEL for FM17 I'm afraid. I mean I talked to svita, but he's swamped as usual. Therefore there's nothing on the horizon for the near future, probably not until Xmas.
  • downloadkct's avatar
    any news on FMLive for FM17 ?
  • emilianoakd's avatar
    Editing club finances is not working properlly
  • noxideavd's avatar
    No idea about 16.0.1 but can confirm it does work for 16.3.2, It is missing a lot of players but that can be expected as it's still currently in alpha. however it does work.
  • ilhamrizki25's avatar
    is this working for 16.0.1???
  • Reda Sama's avatar
    Hello, thank you very much for this app', but can you add the possibility for modify the club's reputation ?
  • fmsharky's avatar
    Same here after you've downloaded and installed it just doesn't load
    are we due a final working version does anybody know ?
  • scar87's avatar
    Don't work... :/ unable to load game

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