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FM Genie Scout for FM 2012 is confirmed

Eugene is already working on the Genie Scout for FM 2012

By Updated on Oct 30, 2011   151192 views   79 comments
News - FM Genie Scout for FM 2012 is confirmed
We all know Genie Scout is the world's most popular utility for Football Manager. We are happy to be exclusively releasing this awesome application since 2009 and we have some great news for you. There will be a Genie Scout 12!

Eugene has been working on the new version for some time now, but I didn't want to make to put any pressure to him by making any announcements until now.

I have a screenshot for you that proves GS12 is under development and also reveals a new feature of the "g" edition, which is the one for people who donate.

I'll remind you here that the "g" edition is ad-free and has a few extra fancy features compared to the free edition.

We won't make any promises on the release date, but I can assure you it won't be as late as it was last year. Most likely we'll be able to release it during November, without knowing if it's gonna be early or late that month.

Important - How to get Genie Scout 12 earlier!

You must know that we are planning to make it available for download a bit earlier for our newsletter subscribers. Basically, if you are a verified subscriber of our newsletter, you will receive an email with the download link to the first Genie Scout 12 beta version a bit earlier than everyone else.
How much earlier? Well, it could be for half a day or for two days. Once that time has passed, it will be available for free download on our site of course.

Why lose a single hour though? All you have to do is give us your email and confirm your subscription to our newsletter by clicking on the confirmation link in the email you'll receive.

  • We promise not to spam you and not to sell your email to anyone.
  • We won't be sending you more than 4 emails per month, unless there's a special occasion such as Genie's release.

Likewise, every new GS12 version will be available to our newsletter subscribers earlier

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Discussion: FM Genie Scout for FM 2012 is confirmed

79 comments have been posted so far.

  • durakta's avatar
    wait wait wait wait...İf it will be available tomorrow, please say...
  • Jsalmon09's avatar
    Is the spam box the same as a junk mail box? If so, I still have nothing :(
  • Mathias28's avatar
    So Genie scout will tommorow be available for none newsletter subscribers ?
  • joller94's avatar
    Anyone who got the mail? i haven't got it, and i'm a suscriber :)
  • beansch's avatar
    i am refreshing my emailaccount every few minutes... cant wait anymore...please....
  • saralis4ever's avatar
    WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN ?????????????? :@@@@@@@@@@@
  • richwalker77's avatar
    Hi i'm also a newsletter subscriber as yet no email.
  • GRaVeDiGGeR's avatar
    i am a newsletter subscriber, but haven't got an email for genie scout to download. How can i get it or when will it be released ??
  • arnowen's avatar
    yanivman24 said on 2011-11-25 06:13
    what about the release of genie? stam you say its going to be yesterday

    Just chill dude, have patience...or just subscribe and u can get it now
  • arnowen's avatar
    Jsalmon09 said on 2011-11-23 19:45
    I'am also a newsletter subscriber, and have not recieved an e-mail for Genie Scout 12 when will I recieve my e-mail, and how can I download GS?

    Check your spam mail. My mail with the link to download came in to my spam mailbox
  • yanivman24's avatar
    what about the release of genie? stam you say its going to be yesterday :(
  • gxt7169's avatar
    ahhh come on just get it out!!!!!
  • MahmodB's avatar
    can't wait
  • Jsalmon09's avatar
    I'am also a newsletter subscriber, and have not recieved an e-mail for Genie Scout 12 :( when will I recieve my e-mail, and how can I download GS?
  • teolo96's avatar
    will be available tomorrow?
  • golem's avatar
    where cn i get gs? i am a newsletter subscriber
  • sewelly3's avatar
    is genie scout available now then? where can i download it? im an email subscriber but havent received any link etc??? :/
  • ivansitus's avatar
    where i can download the beta version?
  • crsmeg's avatar
    i'm having problems getting GS12 to work. the 'load game' option isn't available but i can manage to load my game. however i get this error message and can't search for players.
    any ideas?

    Access violation at address 00756863 in module 'FMGenieScout.exe'.
    Read of address000000.
  • carvalho70438's avatar
    maybe today? :D
  • crsmeg's avatar

    i loaded up last year's version (2011) and went to menu, help and support, donate and used the number in the bottom right.
  • vivalaheroin's avatar
    cant wait for this!
    I tried to donate to get an early version, but it is asking me for a "Donor Name" and a "Unique ID", it is a mandatory field, how do I get this?
  • tasos's avatar
    one problem on GS 2011.
    some brazilian names in the game are converted to korean in the GS 2011.
    I hope you fixed this!
    We are waiting for GS 2012...
  • ybw4's avatar
    Then is only Eugene the men haha!
  • mara.sustai's avatar
    ok,i am awaiting :)

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