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FM Genie Scout for FM13 is confirmed

Eugene is already working on Genie Scout 13. He had to re-write the whole engine from scratch to work real time. Possible release date for the public edition is 8-9 December.

By Updated on Dec 01, 2012   174455 views   50 comments
News - FM Genie Scout for FM13 is confirmed
We are happy to announce that there will a Genie Scout 13! Eugene has been working on the new version the last few weeks, but like last year I didn't want to put pressure on him by making any announcements until we were certain it's actually possible to produce a working version for Football Manager 2013.

FM Genie Scout is the world's most popular utility for Football Manager.

We are honored to be exclusively releasing this awesome application since 2009, and it's always great news to be able and continue this tradition. We try our best to deliver Genie Scout to the world every year because your support to this project is outstanding.

Genie Scout 12 generated almost half a million downloads, more than any previous version of the series. We are hopeful that Genie Scout 13 will raise that figure even higher.

Major Change in GS13

Sports Interactive made it almost impossible to read data from save games in Football Manager 2013. As a result, Eugene had to re-write the entire engine of his app to work real time and read from memory instead. So when you try to load a game in GS13, you must have FM13 open and your game loaded.
Don't worry though, it won't require you to install any frameworks.

The problem with this change is that GS13 won't work with Mac at all, because Eugene doesn't own a Mac and how memory works there is different.

FM Genie Scout 13 Release Date

Public edition
We won't make any promises on the release date of the public version, but most likely we'll be able to release it before the end of November.
Update 26 November:
Eugene needs to complete a business project by 7 December and given that he has time to work on GS mainly during the weekends, the release of the public version is possible to take place shortly after that date. There's still a chance for 1-2 December, but it doesn't seem very likely at the moment.
Update 1 December:
As expected Eugene won't be able to release the public edition before 7 December. So we're now looking at a possible release date of 8-9 December.

"g" edition
The "g" edition, which is the one for people who donate, was released on Friday 9 November (1st beta). On Saturday 24 November, Eugene released the 6th beta to address more bugs.
Reminder: The "g" edition is ad-free and has a few extra features compared to the public edition.

You can now donate for GS13 "g" edition.
Do not report bugs in the comments below!

How to get Genie Scout 13 public edition earlier!

We will make the public edition available for download earlier for people who have signed up for our newsletter. All you need to do is give us your email and verify it by clicking the confirmation link in the email you'll receive.

You will receive an email with the download link to the first Genie Scout 13 beta version of the public edition a bit earlier than everyone else.
How much earlier? Well, it could be for half a day or two days. Once that time has passed, it will be available for free download on our site of course for everyone else. Why lose a single hour though? Signing up for our newsletter is free!

Sign up to FM Scout newsletter now

  • We promise not to spam you and not to sell your email to anyone.
  • We won't be sending you more than 4 emails per month, unless there's a special occasion such as Genie Scout new versions.
  • Our newsletter messages include useful tips and valuable resources once a week.
Every new GS13 version will be available to our newsletter subscribers earlier.

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Discussion: FM Genie Scout for FM13 is confirmed

50 comments have been posted so far.

  • SB2012's avatar
    Great work by the way, but was wondering will we get emails when Genie Scout has an update and stuff?
  • DaleBirch93's avatar
    Didn't work for me. Goes to install the files and fails to extract the languages and the actually .exe file!
  • ahmao's avatar
    Got the email, downloaded the file.
    However after extraction from the .rar file and executing the setup file,
    my Norton Antivirus comes up and tells me that SONAR.Heuristic has been detected in the file asking me to remove it :(

    More details on SONAR.Heuristic

    Pls advise... thanks!
    Can't wait to use the scout :(
  • Rew's avatar
    Not working for me, just get "Game is not found".
  • Stam's avatar
    @AKZeidan: Sadly no. Whenever Eugene figures out how to read the necessary date for that. I can't possibly have an estimate, sorry.
  • AKZeidan's avatar
    Any idea when the Sale Value will be fixed?
  • avangard1's avatar
    wowwwwwwwwwww .i just get e mail now.but no sale value part .!something wrong with it?
  • jaybambrough's avatar
    i subscribed earlier today, about 1pm i think, will i have to wait til later or am i legible to get the scout through e-mail now?

    Thanks again Stam and Eugene!!
  • Stam's avatar
    If you are subscribed to our newsletter, the email including download link for Genie Scout 13 public edition has been just delivered now.
    If you haven't signed up for it until now, I'm afraid you'll need to wait few more hours until download becomes available here on the site for everyone else.
    We intend to give our newsletter subscribers early download links for all future versions as well.
  • mizie's avatar
    Kittens have been saved!
  • kissme59's avatar
    Hey , i got a mail , please check your mail now , thanks for eugene and stam ^^ , now , i'm download the file and set up it .
  • avangard1's avatar
    i m dieing here.please someone tell me when is it going to send for subcribers?valencia need good players asap
  • mizie's avatar
    I subscribed the last year so that won't be the problem.
  • love_animals's avatar
    Subscribers will get genie scout today, but everyone else wont get subscribe and wait for mail today to arrive and then download genie scout..but first you must subscribe...and then check your mails regulary. :)
  • mizie's avatar
    I don't wan to be pessimistic here, but I don't expect GS coming out today. Poor kittens :(
  • OwenHargreavesKnees's avatar
    1 innocent kitten slaughtered.

    I'm using the microwave. It's a an efficient technique.
  • love_animals's avatar
    Nooooo, look at my and respect animals. :) But i understand your waiting frustration...i reserved all day just to play fm 13 with genie scout :p
  • OwenHargreavesKnees's avatar
    I'm going to kill a kitten every 30mins until GS13 is released.
  • love_animals's avatar
    Me too....I am watching my email and this page every second...cant wait any longer. :(
  •'s avatar
    any news? im gagging!
  • Eli9's avatar
    Allready signed up a few days ago! Can't wait to use genie scout!
  • love_animals's avatar
    Also subscribed. :) But when will be release for subscribers? Can't wait any minute longer :( ...great job guys. :)
  • joller94's avatar
    Just sucribed. Can't wait to get the public version! Good job Eugene and Stam, you are making this game much more fun for many people!
  • OwenHargreavesKnees's avatar
    I'm throbbing with anticipation... Any info on the release time via the newsletter?
  • sparos's avatar
    Subscription confirmed!!!!!Thanks.

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