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Old tactic, New features, Wonderful results

3-2-2-1-2 feet devasto - a possession tactic that makes it difficult for the opposition to even create a chance for goal

By Updated on Jan 22, 2012   43530 views   7 comments
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I prepared this tactic as a mixing of 3-5-2 Barcelona tactic from CM 2001/2002 and 4-4-2 devasto.

Team is playing with short passes. While defending wing backs help to defend and so it is very difficult for the opposition even to create a chance for goal. And one of the defenders (generally the one in the middle) comes forward (not too much) and plays like DM. I conceded a few goals and most of them are from long range efforts or corners.
In the attack wing back comes forward and by the help of two cm (one of them is playing like playmaker) i have 7 players in attack.

In my first season with Barca, in the beggining of the year the left MC was a bit more defensive, but then I increased his creative freedom and he became less defensive. After January Messi scored nearly 50 goals.
In first few matches you might be upset, but after 4 or 5 games the tactic becomes really very impressive .
Here I am giving some pictures from the tactic.

Have fun!

Download Now
Downloads: 9082 / Size: 2.0 kB / Added: 1970-01-01
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Discussion: Old tactic, New features, Wonderful results

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • swanny8589's avatar
    nice results mate :) .

    but your team seems to be very reliant on lionel messi
  • turtleiow's avatar
    Just a quick question what shouts do you give at the start of the match
  • rstm's avatar
    Hi Roberto Mancini
    I think this was you who comment on my tactic 3-2-2-1-2. I think there's some misunderstanding. I really didn't look to your tactic and didn't replicate it ;)
    Yes it is replicated but not from yours. The source of my tactic is based on cm 2001/2. In that version of the game tactic of the barca was 3-5-2. And I replicated from this tactic and used some features of 4-4-2 II devasto. I'm sorry if it's similar with your ones and for my english. :D
    Good Luck in your next games
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    This tactic is replicated and reproduced .This guy took my original pattern and he modified his own way .His right ,no question .But its a pitty to overpromote something like his own work and then to block my article for 3-5-2 in his forum in Italy .Its very hypocritic that he blocked my opinion and then he stole it .This practic is very common in Italy .I am not the first not the last .They do it very often .They have the "pappism" of tactics .Whole rest we are useless.
    I dont care for using actually my tactic .But its very bitchy to block the mouth of people who want to speak and to express their own opinion .At least accept that someone else maybe has something else to give apart from your forum which is a lobby for very few people ;)

    Modern tactics are for irresponsible people who try to find excuses for everything .See vilas boras for example .You play free in 4-3-3 ,you do this ,you do the other .These are not tactics .Where is the organised defence ?Where are the combined markings ?Where are the doublings in the free space ? Very small coaches with big advertisment ;)
  • rstm's avatar
    With this tactic first I loaned Dossena from napoli. After january i terminated his loan and bought gareth bale. And also sometimes as wbl i used alexis sanches and as wbr i used pedro.
  • rstm's avatar
    Excuse me. I loaded wrong tactic(this one is also very promising).
    Now I updated file, and I hope you will enjoy this one too
  • tishoel's avatar

    Just a quick question. On your tactics picture, the tactic is a 3-2-2-1-2 style, while the download is a 4-1-2-3-0 style.
    So my question is, have you uploaded the wrong tactic?

    Best regards
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