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The vanilla 442

joannes3000's tactic of choice

By Updated on Jan 30, 2012   26835 views   6 comments
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Here's the overly simple, yet somehow ridiculously effective tactic that I use 99% of the time in my stories. Keep in mind that I don't change any of the settings manually.

GK(D) - I've used both roles and had the same effectiveness. If you have a mobile keeper and your coaches think he can play as a sweeper, go for it.

Full Backs(D) - I like having my guys play as fullbacks instead of wingers. Even with more offensive threats, I find that the fullback setting gets the fullbacks forward enough, even on a defensive duty.

Central Defenders(D) - No surprise here. Again, I keep things simple with roles set to Central Defender. I don't want limited defenders or players that are best in that role. I want stud defenders, not limited ones.

Wide Midfielders(A) - I prefer the wide midfielder role instead of winger because I want my wing players getting more into the middle of the pitch when they run in from deep. The winger role tends to limit them to the edges of the pitch, which works well in my 4231 but not in this 442. I prefer attacking duty over support because I like the guys to do their attacking by dribbling at defenders and not relying so much on through balls and longshots (which is for the central midfielders).

Advanced Playmaker(A) - The sparkplug. With an advanced playmaker role and attacking duty, you need a stout playmaker here. The better your player here, the better the entire offense becomes. You want someone that takes control of the ball and dictates to the defense.

Central Midfielder(D) - The enforcer. He's the cover for the advanced playmaker. Even with a supreme player like Rodwell, I still prefer the central midfielder role over ball winning midfielder, which I think causes too much ball chasing. The central midfielder role restricts how big of an area the player closes down and helps maintain shape.

Trequartista(A) - The partner in crime. You might think having a trequart and an advanced playmaker is overkill. I beg to differ. While both do have maximum creative freedom, I don't find that to be an issue at all. If anything it gives you extra opportunities to attack. The trequart is made to just float around in the final third and wait for attacks to start. Once they do, he usually finds the ball and can start the final push toward goal. If another player initiates the final push, he'll be smart enough to make himself available for a quick pass and shot.

Poacher(A) - The closer. All he does is score goals. And set up the other attackers. I love using a poacher, and once you have the proper player you will too. Find someone quick on and off the ball and the battle is half won. The goal scoring will come.

Please note that this isn't a silver bullet tactic. Use this tactic to learn how your team plays on the pitch, and make subtle changes here and there to suit your needs. I've been using this tactic for 3 years now so I have the benefit of knowing the kind of players I want at all levels of play. The more you use a 'vanilla' tactic like this, the more you'll learn what tweaks need to be made. Good luck!

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Downloads: 3884 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 1970-01-01
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Discussion: The vanilla 442

6 comments have been posted so far.

  • gotlandskommun's avatar
    do you leave the treq as the playmaker or do you untick it??
  • joannes3000's avatar
    I haven't tried using a target man in this formation since FM10, but it worked pretty well. I was managing Man City with Adebayor as a target man and Tevez as a poacher, with supply going to Ade's feet. In theory it should maintain a fluid attack since you're feeding the ball more into space (compared to if you supply to head), but you won't know until you try it!
  • gotlandskommun's avatar
    can i change the treq to a targetman(s) role you think?
  • joannes3000's avatar
    I've been getting feedback via Steam on this tactic and I thank all of you that have tried out my tactic so far! I invite you to post your comments in here, especially negative comments, so I can help make this tactic work better for you!
  • joannes3000's avatar
    Yes, I do. 99% of the time I will start on standard. If we are huge underdogs I will play counter. If we are huge favorites I will play control. But even then I watch how the players get on in the first 5 to 10 minutes of the game to see if the pre-match projections are accurate. Again, almost all of the time I find the standard setting is the best. If my team is favored, we won't need to press offensively. If my team is the underdog, we shouldn't necessarily park the bus and allow pressure to pile on.

    And for opposing instructions, I don't ever use them. :) Haven't done so since FM09.
  • gotlandskommun's avatar
    do you change the strategi sometimes?? from control to standard or attack??? and do you use OI´s`? when you say that maby i need to change little things here and there.. is that in team instructions ?

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