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4-2-2-2 Wonder Tactic

Great tactic. Works absolute Wonders. By Ross O'Hara

By Updated on Nov 24, 2011   275889 views   46 comments
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FM 2012 Tactics - 4-2-2-2 Wonder Tactic
I have been playing around with my favourite formation 4-2-2-2 and have found a set up that really works. I was playing with Newcastle and was into my 3rd season when my save game corrupted. I came 3rd and then 2nd in my two seasons and was 1point ahead of City at Xmas until my game corrupted.

I have started 2 new games. One was with Barca, I played 2 games in the Super Cup against Real Madrid and won 9-3 over the 2 legs with this tactic. I stopped with that as it is way too easy and not a challenge. I have stated a new game with Napoli and have a 100% record in the league after 9 games, scoring 35 goals and conceding only 5.


And here is the end to my 1st season:

Try it. It works great. Best and most consistant tactic I've made in the 6-7 years I've been playing FM.

Let me know how you get on. And any tweaks you make.
Ross O'Hara

Download Now
Downloads: 75730 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 2011-11-15
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Discussion: 4-2-2-2 Wonder Tactic

46 comments have been posted so far.

  • Blue's avatar
    My laptop won't let me download it. Do I go on downloads on my computer then save it somewhere? Can someone either tell me how to get it downloaded and onto my save, or send me screenshots of team instuctions, etc.?
  •'s avatar
    What are your specific Team/Player instructions? Napoli have a relatively weak defence. Can you recommend any signings to improve it? Thanks.

    Oh,and... NICE TACTIC! It's perfect.
  • Alcobangster's avatar
    I noticed that you are using Pandev as right winger (His favourite foot is left). Does that give the tactic some extra edge, with som runs through the middle or did you want to use D. Costas abillities to the fullest? So right winger with left foot and left winger with right foot?
  • Simonhansen979's avatar
    Listen! I Think this looks Like THE perfect tactic, and i would Like to try it. Unfortunately im on a Mac :/
    So could you give me the team instructions? Thats All i need!
    But if there is some players who has been given certain instructions i would love to get Them as Well :)
    But the team instructions is the thing i want the most :-)
  • vevcil's avatar
    looks like you made individual arrangements for all player.mentality,passing style etc.. and my question is if i make a change on team instructions can it be effective? or should i stick to this tactic for any case?
  • xoferbean's avatar
    I'm having success with this tactic. I concede a lot but provided my strikers are on form I can usually outscore opponents. The issue I'm having is with Hamsik. I too play with Napoli and in my first season played him as AMC trequartista where he scored 22 goals and got 17 assists. I then switched to this formation and I play him in the same way you do - except it feels like it's a complete waste of his talents. He barely ever gets a rating above 7 (but on yours he is averaging 8+). What am I doing wrong? He's happy, his morale is good but he consistently underperforms. I've tried bollocking him, threatening him, I even stuck him in the reserves for a bit. Each time I threatened him he was like "you're right boss. I've not been good enough, I'll improve" but he never does. I don't wanna just drop him because I have faith in him but how did you get such a high stat for him playing here? Thanks.
  • helawait's avatar
    2 question:
    pitch dimension
    match preparation
  • jamison2020's avatar
    finally got a good use of this tactic after 4 times of trying although i made some minor changes...i started with reading playing standard 4222 had a average pre season but managed a draw with chelsea and a 1-0 over fulham both had weakened teams out though. anyway i lost the 1st game of the season 1-0 away to bristol city so thought i'd give this a go again. Since then my team have been incredible even beating liverpool in the 3rd round of league cup. the only changes i made were as follows.

    Change the RS to a DLF on attacking rather than target man and take away the target man option at the bottom of the screen.
    Then on the playing style have Marking on Zonal and Closing Down on Press More and revert anything else to default.

    These are just minor changes to suit my team, i left all individual player tactics as ross has made them...Just to add and this might be helpful to anyone, every game i use the control option with the shouts of Pass Into Space and Play Though Defence. hope this helps anyone struggling and to those who have not tried it yet, this really is a good shots taken per game is at a average of 16 after 11 games!
  •'s avatar

    I did keep the same tactic for all games yes. But I do tweak it from game to game and in game. I have found after going a goal up it works very well to set to counter and 'drop deeper' on the quick tactics. Recently I have found setting the more defensive mid to 'defend' on his tab and the creative midfield to attack works wonders against stronger teams.
  •'s avatar
    Lee - are you using it exactly the way you downloaded it. When it was going so well I got excited and put it on attacking instead of control and started picking up bad results. This tactic works wonders but it is not a cert. You still need to manage the team, make sure they're happy, fit and farmiliar with the tactic. Are you playing the right kind of player in the right roles. Over 50% of my goals come from the taget man onto the ball. Not a conventional target man, need someone strong (being tall doesnt matter) anticipation and off the ball movement are key along with acceleration. Look for those stats ahead of finishing and composure, they will get enough chances. The 2nd striker should be quick and have a good creativity and passing stat. They will get alot of assists. When looking for wide players dont look for an out and out winger. Look for more the player who plays CAM and L/RAM as their main positions. They are likely to have higher creativity and passing and long shots too. The tactic means they rarely get to the byline, moving into the channels more. Rodriguez is a great example of this. Best player out wide Ive had in my team is Douglas Costa. Simply the best there. 10mil at the start of the game.

    In CM i like to have a solid DM/CM (Kwadwo Assamoha has been most successful for me there) and a CM with good creativity, decision and passing. Aarom Ramsey turns out to be one of the best for this role.

    Hope this can help you.

  • rush2513's avatar
    Looks good, but did you always stick with this tactic for every game or did you revert to one of your backup tactics for some of the harder away matches?
  • lee_2756's avatar

    Sorry mate this tactic did not work at all for my Man City team, used it through pre-season with good results, then got beat 5- 0 by United in Commuinty Shield, won 2 of the 4 Prem games but again been beaten heavily by Norwich and Stoke!!!

    Any thoughts???
  • neotyrant's avatar
    hi there, it worked for me for nearly 3 seasons.i've managed to get my chesterfield to premier league and the first season i could manage to finish at 8th. with the new funds i grabbed lots of good players but now i'm struggling every match. especially at the defensive side. i'm conceding too much goals..
  •'s avatar
    50,000 views! Very good! I would have put more detail if I had known.
  • brazil82's avatar
    A really good tactic, but like any other tactic, you'll need to give it time & choose the right players. I'm really dominating games with my strong Liverpool squad.
  • Atrium's avatar
    Good. Than I can congratulate you. It seems that you're a great tactician. ;)

    Anyway if I have some time I'll try for more time and come back with the results.

    Good luck!:)
  •'s avatar
    @Atrium - I can confidently say that I in no way cheated to get those reuslts. If I had I wouldn't have been beaten by valencia and palermo. Plus no need to re play games when 14points clear.

    This tactic - like all tactics do require patience, especially if drastically different to previous tactics employed while the team gets used to the tactic. I played a fair few friendlies before the season to get the team used to the tactic.

    I think from the comments below and the sheer popularity of the tactic that this is a truly succesful tactic for most teams. Although having the right style of players does help.

    Having started a new game with Sheff United in league 1 I am now in the Premiership competing for the top 6 with some great young talent coming through.

    I hope you can be patient with this tactic and maybe be creative yourself by making tweaks to it to suit your players.
  • Atrium's avatar
    Interesting tactic but I have some doubts about it. I tested it for some matches but I didn't really got the results I aspected, I don't know, maybe I didn't have too much patience with it but as I see from your pictures, it works great from the first match, anyway let's say that my team was the problem :).
    You've got great results there but I'm not sure about them. They look like that kind of cheating, when you save before every match and if you lose you make the match again till you get a positive result. Of course you have great players at Napoli but I don't know if they are so good to win everything so easy. Of course I can be wrong but I want to tell me 100% honestly that these are the true results and I can congratulate for this great tactic ;).
  • nikusha_marx's avatar
    this tactic really works :) i am playins with paderborn in second german league, with this tactics i've wone 5 concecutive games :)
  • gelasio's avatar
    Hi! I play a few games with your tactic and I can't be happier!

    Now, I want to know wich is the best players for positions. I read about strickers, but what about Center Midfields? More defensive? More Attacking? Box to box man?
  • girindro's avatar
    please upload your tactic again, i can't download from mediafire, file is missing. or email me [email protected],thanks.
  • h1rsty's avatar
    I have used this tactic on 3 saves. with liverpool it was ok but they score more with another tactic i have which is 4-3-3 with inside forwards. but the tactic took southend to the to the championship so far. and it is dominating my elgin city save in scotland i have had all 11 of my players in the team of the week twice haha winning by 4 or more each match i did change the control mentality to attack though which is working wonders.
  • sefaasker's avatar
    Im using this tactic it's wonderful thank you but i wanna ask u 1 question.I want to play 4-1-1-3-1 Tactic like this... 4(Defender) 1(DM) 1(CM) 2(W) 1(AM) And 1(ST) can u make a miracle again?
  • vivalaheroin's avatar
    that tactic is great, I will concede, however you are playing with Napoli! and with the players at your disposal this tactic will obviously be successful
  • Zwats1's avatar
    Where do I download this to so I can either replicate it, or use it.

    Sorry, I'm new.

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