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FM12SX for FM2012

The one and only FM utility for Mac returns for Football Manager 2012

By Updated on Dec 18, 2011   52194 views   32 comments
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Downloads: 7777 / Size: 4.1 kB / Added: 2011-12-11
FM 2012 Scout Utilities - FM12SX for FM2012
FM12SX is the one and only scout utility for Mac and Football Manager 2012. The data editor module is missing from the app at the moment.

FM12SX is a very powerful tool which can scout players and non-players (coaches, etc.), allowing you to view (and search for) various hidden attributes, including CA and PA. The search capabilities of the scouting feature vastly exceed the searching of FM2012. FM12SX can open both compressed and uncompressed saved games.

The scout feature also includes handy tools to help you determine the right player or coach. For players a "Growth Rate Probability" rating system is used to show you how likely (and how fast) a player can get to their stated PA. For coaches a coach star rating is built in so you can quickly determine the best training a coach does and how good he/she really is.

Released: 11 Dec 2011 - v0.4
Updated: 19 Dec 2011 - v0.5.1

*** Feel free to add FM11SX on other FM fansites, as long as you keep a link back to and credit littleblue as the author!


FM Compatibility:
FM12SX is compatible with FM 12.0.2, 12.0.3 and 12.0.4.
OS X Requirements
At the moment FM12SX supports OS X 10.6.8 or greater.



1) Extract the .zip archive
2) Move the extracted folder into applications folder or the folder of your choice
3) Double-click to run the app
4) File -> Open -> Choose your save game


Issues / Bug Reports

If you get any errors using FM11SX, such as "Error loading XXX" or "Invalid XXX", you will need to upload your save game somewhere (eg. SendSpace, Filefront) for littleblue to try and come up with possible fixes.
Check out the issue tracker.

FMSX in your language

To help in translating into your language, visit this link and start translating the english text into your language.
e.g. "English" = "English" you would change into "English" = "????????" for Greek

The text in comments like this: /* some comment */ is a message to you, so you know what you are translating and this comment does not need translating.

To help out on an existing language, visit the links above and translate any untranslated strings and let me know by email or on the googlecode page so i can add your translations to the project.

You DO NOT have to translate everything in the file before you can let me know about it. If you just have 5 minutes and want to translate 2 or 3 words, just choose 2 or 3 untranslated words and send them to me and that's 2 or 3 more complete.

Download mirrors:

The app is being released as open source here.


This amazing app was created by littleblue.
Thanks to:
Marco Borghesi - icon set & graphics
smgran - lots of stuff including growth rate & various scouting algorithms and the documentation

Do you appreciate the effort behind FMSX? Donate to littleblue!

If you like this app and appreciate the effort of littleblue to produce it, please consider making a donation using PayPal.


0.5.1 - 19 Dec 2011
- compatible with 12.1 patch

0.4.5 - 17 Dec 2011
- fixed more bugs

0.4.4 - 11 Dec 2011
- fixed some bugs

v0.4 - 11 Dec 2011
Initial release

Download Now
Downloads: 7777 / Size: 4.1 kB / Added: 2011-12-11
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Discussion: FM12SX for FM2012

32 comments have been posted so far.

  • Toluma's avatar
    Not paying a red cent for the glitchy rubbish that is (i)Fmrte. I've tried to get into FM12 over the last month or two, I've really tried, but in the end, it's impossible without FMSX.
  • ClingingMars's avatar
    For those of you who use this like I do (to get the best possible staff), and for whatever other reasons, iFMRTE (the only Mac alternative I know of) now has a search filter option that works just as well as this did. I would revert back to FMSX if littleblue ever came back, btw.
  • Jean78's avatar
    Hi Littleblue

    Are there any news on an updated FM12SX for 12.2? I really love this tool and are desperat to use the scout.

    Please let us know...
  • kelsconsonants's avatar
    What the heck? Littleblue please get on an update. Pleasee..
  • Toluma's avatar
    Looks like this is dead, which is a shame. Not going to bother playing FM12 now.
  • erick's avatar
    Scout doesn't work since 12.2. Any idea if an update will come or how to get FM to go back to 12.1 ? On previous version of FM ,you had the choice of the update you wanted to use.
  • TB_FM's avatar
    does any1 Know if this will be updated ?
  • MartinNielsen's avatar
    I know it's early, but do you have any approximately date for the release working with 12.2 :)?
  • Toluma's avatar
    Is this still being worked on?
  • Toluma's avatar
    Desperate for the Editor Module to be ready, as I don't think I can play without it. I loved FM11SX and it was the best editor going around by far, and I have no doubt this will be the best for FM12. Take your time though, I'm sure it requires a fair amount of effort.
  • Gazwan's avatar
    What a great tool, thanks for this... not enough focus is on folks that play FM on the mac! Looking forward to the editor!
  • CedT's avatar
    Hi LittleBlue,
    Thanks for your wonderful tool.
    I notice an issue exporting to CSV: GP is always empty and Best Role is not exported.
    In case you have time to correct this ;-)
  • trashman's avatar
    Thanks for all your work on the previous games .. do not know if I would still be playing without this truly excellant editor
  • JuliusR's avatar
    Hi littleblue ,

    I really enjoy this app and appreciate all your hard work on developing it.

    Will it be compatible for OS 10.5.8? If so what will be the general time frame for its release? Or am I better off just upgrading to 10.6.8?

  • spacemurq's avatar
    hi littleblue, i highly appreciate your work and effort! really, many thx! just got a quick question: do you know when the editor module would be ready to use? thank you!
  • elvisyeah's avatar
    Same here. It crashes while loading people. Halfway there, then kaboom.
  • Snively's avatar
    Hi littleblue,

    It crashes during a saved game exactly. I'll zip the saved game and send it to you.

    Thank you very much
  • littleblue's avatar
    at what point? While loading a save game? If so can you zip it up and send it to me so I can fix it?
  • Snively's avatar
    I'm having problems with it crashing. Any suggestions?
  • CedT's avatar
    Thank you littleblue.
  • littleblue's avatar
    watch this space - 0.5.1 has 12.1 compatibility. This page all be updated soon
  • CedT's avatar
    Hi Littleblue,
    First, thank you for your work on this tools!
    Since the last patch, there is the following error opening a file:
    "Incompatible Database Version - 1692".
    Thank you for the fix ;-)
  • Stam's avatar
    New version 0.4.5 added.
  • toasty3010's avatar
    Just out of interest.. When will the new FM12SX for the new 12.1 patch be available? Also, why is the Check for Updates on FM12SX greyed out?
  • littleblue's avatar
    The link needs updating - I will update the localization file soon

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