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FM14 Ultimate Legends 1880's to 2014

The Ultimate football show on Earth. A diamond generation, where every star or legend since the 1880's to the present day is back and ready to play.

By on Sep 04, 2014   29589 views   28 comments
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Downloads: 3841 / Size: 4.7 MB / Added: 2014-09-04
FM 2014 Data Updates - FM14 Ultimate Legends 1880's to 2014
Can you defeat the Total Football of Ajax Golden Generation? Can you handle being kicked all over the park by the Mighty Whites (Leeds)? How will you stop the world's legendary players from performing? What are you going to do when they come to play against you? Can you motivate a team to win against a side managed by Brian Clough? Is it possible to even beat a Jose Mourinho Team with 25 of Chelsea's best ever players?

Legends and Stars from 1880's to present day to give each top team 25 of their best players where possible ensuring a balance of playing positions in each squad.


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Manchester United: Media Prediction 1st - Best Player: George Best / Cristiano Ronaldo - Chairman: James Gibson - Manager: Sir Matt Busby

Arsenal: Media Prediction 2nd - Best Player: Ted Drake - Chairman: Sir Samuel Hill-Wood - Manager: Herbert Chapman

Liverpool: Media Prediction 3rd - Best Player: Kevin Keegan - Chairman: Sir John Smith - Manager: Bill Shankly

Sunderland: Media Prediction 4th - Best Player: Dave Halliday - Chairman: Robert Thompson - Manager: Tom Watson

Tottenham Hotspur: Media Prediction 5th - Best Player: Paul Gascoigne - Chairman: Fred Bearman - Manager: Bill Nicholson

Chelsea: Media Prediction 6th - Best Player: Frank Lampard - Chairman: Henry Augustus Mears - Manager: Jose Mourinho

Manchester City: Media Prediction 7th - Best Player: Peter Doherty / Sergio Aguero - Chairman: Albert Alexander - Manager: Joe Mercer

Newcastle: Media Prediction 8th - Best Player: Colin Veitch - Chairman: Sir John Hall - Manager: Joe Harvey

Sheffield Wednesday: Media Prediction 9th - Best Player: Tony Kay - Chairman: Sir John Charles Clegg - Manager: Ron Atkinson

Aston Villa: Media Prediction 10th - Best Player: Billy Walker - Chairman: Sir William Stratford Dugdale - Manager: George Ramsay

Nottingham Forest: Media Prediction 11th - Best Player: Grenville Morris - Chairman: Stuart Dryden - Manager: Brian Howard Clough

Everton: Media Prediction 12th - Best Player: Gary Lineker - Chairman: Philip David Carter - Manager: Howard Kendall

Fulham: Media Prediction 13th - Best Player: Ronnie Rooke - Chairman: Mohammed Al Fayed - Manager: Roy Hodgson

Southampton: Media Prediction 14th - Best Player: Matthew Le Tissier - Chairman: Markus Liebherr - Manager: Lawrie McMenemy

West Ham: Media Prediction 15th - Best Player: James Ruffell - Chairman: Reginald Pratt - Manager: John Lyall

Wolves: Media Prediction 16th - Best Player: Billy Hartill - Chairman: John Brodie - Manager: Major Frank Buckley

Blackburn Rovers: Media Prediction 17th - Best Player: Bryan Douglas - Chairman: Jack Walker - Manager: Thomas Brown Mitchell

Leeds United: Media Prediction 18th - Best Player: Johnny Giles / Billy Bremner - Chairman: Percy Woodward - Manager: Don Revie

Wimbledon: Media Prediction 19th - Best Player: Øyvind Leonhardsen - Chairman: Sam Hammam - Manager: Dave Bassett

Burnley: Media Prediction 20th - Best Player: Bert Freeman - Chairman: Bob Lord - Manager: Harry Potts

Serie A (Top 5)

A.C. Milan: Media Prediction 1st - Best Player: Kaká - Chairman: Silvio Berlusconi - Manager: Arrigo Sacchi

Juventus: Media Prediction 2nd - Best Player: Zinedine Zidane - Chairman: Edoardo Agnelli - Manager: Marcello Lippi

Inter Milan: Media Prediction 3rd - Best Player: Ronaldo - Chairman: Angelo Moratti - Manager: Helenio Herrera Gavilán

Torino: Media Prediction 4th - Best Player: Valentino Mazzola - Chairman: Ferruccio Novo - Manager: Ernest Erbstein

Napoli: Media Prediction 5th - Best Player: Diego Maradona - Chairman: Riccardo Bigon - Manager: Rafael Benítez

LA LIGA (Top 2)

Barcelona: Media Prediction 1st - Best Player: Josep Samitier - Chairman: Josep Lluís Núñez - Manager: Louis van Gaal

Real Madrid: Media Prediction 2nd - Best Player: Santiago Bernabéu - Chairman: Florentino Pérez - Manager: Miguel Mozún


  • Manchester United
  • Arsenal
  • Liverpool
  • Sunderland
  • Tottenham
  • Chelsea
  • Man City
  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield Wednesday
  • Aston Villa
  • Nottingham Forest
  • Everton
  • Fulham
  • Southampton
  • West Ham
  • Wolves
  • Blackburn
  • Leeds
  • Wimbledon
  • Burnley
  • Ajax
  • PSV Eindhoven
  • Bayern Munich
  • A.C. Milan
  • Inter Milan
  • Juventus
  • Torino
  • Porto
  • Sporting Lisbon
  • Benfica
  • River Plate
  • Real Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Celtic
  • Rangers
  • Aberdeen
This promises to be the most comprehensive and in depth Stars and Legends game ever.

Realistic data and historical records to ensure complete accuracy in game due to extensive research and public opinion.

Legends and Stars in all countries around the world from 1880's to 2014 to present you with the Ultimate Legends and Stars Football Manager Series.

25 man teams for all the Top Clubs around the world.

The return of Wimbledon.

The return of Ajax Golden Generation

The return of Burnley's Golden Days between 1914-1921 and 1946-1976, Burnley have been Football League Champions twice, in 1920–21 and 1959–60 and have won the FA Cup once, in 1914. The Clarets also reached the 1961 quarter-finals of the European Cup.

The return of Sheffield Wednesday formerly known as The Wednesday

The return of Wolverhampton Wanderers winner of 13 Trophies overall including 3 league championships and 4 FA Cups.

The return of Sunderland, the team of all talents, 6 league championships and 2 time FA Cup Champions.

The return of Don Revie's Leeds United, The Mighty Whites, 3 time league champions, 2 Europa leagues and the most successful team in England in the Seventies.

The return of Brian Clough's highly successful Nottingham Forest, 13 trophies including back to back European Cups and 1 league championship.

The return of the great and heated rivalry between Brian Clough and Don Revie

The return of Blackburn Rovers, 12 trophies overall including 3 League Championships and 6 times FA Cup Champions.

No Sugar Daddies. Starting Finances dependent on total number of Trophies won from 1888 to 2014, League Division and Reputation.

Top Division Clubs Chairman / Presidents / Owners back from each clubs greatest period of success or achievement.

Top Division Clubs Greatest Managers back based on their first real period of Success or Greatest Achievements where possible.

Where possible legends will be between 14 to 25 again however there will be older legends in the game to give balance to the teams and realism to the game.

All players will be at their clubs at the exact age they had joined those clubs. This can easily be checked via Wikipedia and other top online sources.

Installation Instructions

Installing the FACEPACK:

1) Download the Zip folder to the following location:
My Documents - Sports Interactive - Football Manager 2014 - Graphics

If you don't have a "graphics" folder then just create a new folder and call it graphics.

2) When the Zip File is in the Graphics Folder, right click and then press 'Extract Here'.

3) If you can't see the pictures in game, go to FM, My Preferences and reload skin.

Installing the Database:

1) Download the Zip Folder to the following location:
My Documents - Sports Interactive - Football Manager 2014 - Editor Data

If you don't have a "editor data" folder then just create a new folder and call it editor data.

2) When the Zip File is in the Graphics Folder, right click and then press 'Extract Here'. Ensure that the only files in the editor data folder is the file entitled FenechUltimateLegends1880to2014.dbc and the config file.


Make Sure you press edit and ensure that the Ultimate file is the only editor ticked and the continue to load the game.


It's up to you but nearly every nation has legends and stars so you if you don't load a lot of nations, or at least make some of them view only, it just means you may have to search for some players in the search bar on the top menu of the game as they may not all show up in the player search depending on what leagues you have loaded.

That's it. Any Questions please ask and I will try to assist and support if the community is unable to help themselves. Good Luck to you all. It's a brave new world you are entering. May the Football Force be with you!!!!!

Looking ahead

If there are any legends or stars you would like to see in this database then please let me know and the relevant research will be carried out and I will do my best to get them included for you if they have not been previously researched and included already.

I will be releasing previews of the teams that I feel are close to completion. Please note that these are not the final teams but will give you a good indication of what the final team is going to look like. I will also release previews of Players as the project progresses as well.

Further Updates will be revealed in due course. Any Questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Download Now
Downloads: 3841 / Size: 4.7 MB / Added: 2014-09-04
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Discussion: FM14 Ultimate Legends 1880's to 2014

28 comments have been posted so far.

  • giacomobigoni's avatar
    Hi @Fenech,
    just discovered your fantastic pack today.
    Would love to give it a try, is there any chance to download the facepack? The link doesn't work anymore.
    My email address is giac[email protected] if you can send me a proper download link. :)
    Thank you very much!!
  • leephanqt's avatar
    Oliver Kahn is not created.
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi Carney,

    Kenny is at Celtic. That is where he came into his prime and I have brought all the top top players into their prime.

    I am sorry the game is crashing on you. I have no idea why that is happening. It's working fine at this end. I have several seasons testing and no crashed. Have you reported the fault on the SI forum. Maybe they can help you with that. Cheers.
  • McCarney's avatar
    Great idea first of all.

    Game seems to crash on me after 10mins of playing.

    Also i noticed Kenny Daglish isnt at liverpool.
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi reefsaint,

    That's a good point, I will swap Robbie Keane for Alan Clarke and put Keane elsewhere.

  • reefsaint's avatar
    Thanks for responding. I think Keane should be somewhere else. He was only at Leeds for a short time, until the firesale happened under Risdale.
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi reefsaint,

    Thank you very much! He should be at Leeds but he qualified for Fulham as the first top division club he joined at the age he joined them.

    I will however look to put him at Leeds in the next update and move Robbie keane on somewhere else!

    Thanks! Best of luck, in the meantime, you can always buy him off Fulham!
  • reefsaint's avatar
    Great job. Should Allan Clarke be with Leeds? Played most of his career with them. You have him with Fulham. Love the chance of playing with Revie's Leeds.
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi jpaik101

    Thanks! I will be doing a big update rather than lots of small updates.

    The next update will be significant and I will publish all the updates/changes here at the time of release.
  • jpaik101's avatar
    Thank you for all the great work Fenech!

    How often will new updates be released?
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi jpaik101

    Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated.

    I will adjust ruud gullit in time for the next update.
  • jpaik101's avatar
    My only complaint is that Ruud Gullit has ridiculously low defending stats when he was known for being one of the world's best all-arounders. Other than that, it's great!
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi FMST85,

    Thanks for the support. It is greatly appreciated. Finding the time is very difficult especially when you have work and other commitments, even harder if you have a family to support as well. This database is my donation to the whole FM Community. I will be updating it further in due course. Cheers.
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    WOW!!! This is brilliant. I had an idea like this last year but never got round to it. Great work
  • derkaiser50's avatar
    that' because you are using a non steam version of FM, you have to download a fix which corrects the players names
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi WayneRooney,

    I have no idea why this would be happening for you. None of the players are fake. Are you using only one editor file? Are you using the 14.3.1 version of FM14.

    Have you installed the Facepack correctly?

    I have tested this, and everything is working perfectly, so it must be an issue at your end. Cheers.
  • WayneRooney's avatar
    I know not to thik "fake players" box , and i don't , but the names are fake , i don't know why?!?! The attributes are changed (for example C.Ronaldo with his picture 24 years old i think) but his name is Hasami something.... :)
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi Emvlimatikoskanonieris,

    Thanks, I appreciate the support. All those players will be in the next update, and I will be focussing on the Greek teams as well. Cheers.
  • emvlimatikoskanonieris's avatar
    Congratulations! Absolutely stunning!! Looking forward for the updates! Please, if you can create a database for the greek teams, especially Olympiakos, because some great players were part of its history ( e.g. Giovanni silva de oliveira, Pär Zetterberg, Ze Elias, Oleh Protasov, Lajos Détári, Andrzej Juskowiak, Darko Kovacevic, Zlatko Zahovic, Predrag Djordjevic, etc.) and the list goes on!!Thanx! Cheers!!!!
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi Wayne,

    That is because when you start the game, you have a box ticked which means the players are fake, just untick this box and the players will be real again.

    E.g. When you first go to load up the game (when you choose your settings/leagues. there is a box called use fake names, make sure it is not ticked. Cheers.
  • WayneRooney's avatar
    Great job! But names are fake. Why is that? Any help please....
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi Kraguj92,

    Sorry for the confusion, I have not doubled any players in the game.

    It is just some squads were not final, so whereas the squads may show double players, when you play the game, there is only one Ronaldo and one zidane.

    So e.g. Zidane was at Madrid and he ended up at Juventus. I had put him at Madrid initially but decided the best place for him to start was Juventus, and I just didn't update the screenshot. So I can assure you that in the game, you won't find any double players. Cheers.
  • kraguj92's avatar
    Nice pack, but you are doubled some player (etc. ronaldo in real and in inter, zidane in real and in juventus).
  • derkaiser50's avatar
    Thanks a lot Fenech, looking forward to it!
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi Derkaiser,

    I am working on a big update as we speak, which will see some small fixes, more 25 man teams and lots of extra stars and legends, to bring the game into even greater depths than it already is, and I will be working on those teams too. No Sugar Daddies at all in this game but I am sure we can find a place for Vincent Tan. :-)

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