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4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker FM17 Tactic

Attacking possession FM 2017 tactic with staggering results! Finished 2nd with West Ham on 1st season, scored 96 goals. Is this breaking the match engine? ;)

By Updated on Nov 04, 2016   264000 views   23 comments
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Downloads: 55031 / Size: 116.0 kB / Added: 2016-10-28
Football Manager 2017 Tactics - 4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker FM17 Tactic

4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker - What to expect

Fueled by pure hatred of the dominance 4-2-3-1 tactics, I decided to try and break them. Using a patient, narrow, short passing possession based style. I have received staggering results with this one and I will share them with you.

This strategy marches down the centre of the pitch and a cold methodical way. Quick passes in a tight space with many options for the person in possession due to the amount of bodies in a small area. 90+ goals with West Ham after one season using this. Quite possibly a game breaker.

This tactic meets the philosophies of Play attacking football AND play possession based football without the use of wingers.

  • High Possession
  • High Shot count
  • Plenty of goals from set plays.
  • Return of the Target Man in Football Manager.
  • Consistently punch above your weight.
  • Meets criteria for both Play Attacking Football and Play Possession football Club Philosophies

4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker - Team Makeup

Positional sense is of the utmost importance. Solid, hardworking, committed physical players who will work as a team to win tackles and be able to pick the correct pass.

Gamebreaker - Key Attributes and PPM's per position

First line is PPM's and second line is key stats.

GK: none
-Arial Ability, Command of Area, Concentration.

FB: none
-Anticipation, Strength, Positioning, Teamwork, Work rate.

BPD: Tries Long Range Passes
-Composure, Passing, Positioning

CD: Marks opponent tightly.
-Strength, Aggression, Jumping Reach, Bravery, Tackling, Positioning

BWM: Dictates Tempo, Stop Play. Dwells on Ball.
-Strength, Positioning, Team Work, Work Rate, Aggression, Decisions

DLP: Comes Deep to get ball, Tries Long Range Passes, Tries Killer Balls Often
-Composure, First Touch, Passing, Creativity, Anticipation, Positioning

APA: Moves into Channels, Plays One-Twos, Runs with Ball Through Centre, Tries killer balls often.
Set as primary set piece taker in the tactic be default.
-Composure, First Touch, Passing, Creativity, Anticipation, Off the ball, Flair, Vision

TM: Strength, Balance, Heading, Jumping Reach, Finishing, Teamwork.
-Plays with back to goal

Poacher: Likes to beat Offside trap.
- Anticipation, Off The Ball, Finishing, Acceleration, Agility, Composure

Remember, the above list is the IDEAL and you should aim for one or two of the PPM's at 'weaker' teams.

West Ham Key Players

4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker - Set Pieces

4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker - Results

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Downloads: 55031 / Size: 116.0 kB / Added: 2016-10-28
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Discussion: 4-3-1-2 Gamebreaker FM17 Tactic

23 comments have been posted so far.

  • Greentrunk's avatar
    Im just testing with pompey at the moment. Will report back, How did you get on past those two games?
  • andonisimpsoni's avatar
    has anyone tried this on FM18? I've tried it in two friendlies with Newcastle versus American beat twice...
  • ZakQPRFC's avatar
    I do Silva06. Something like 60-70% of all goals conceded with this tactic came from the wings. I was playing with a lower league teams in English Div 1 and 2 but otherwise a decent tactic.
  • silva06's avatar
    With the ball, the tactic is amazing. Without the ball, the team keeps alowing too much space on the wings. Do you guys experience from the same?
  • sinantonba's avatar
    Hi guys.. i think this is best tactic fm 2017.İ managing Bayern..2022 ..and my team is finish bundesliga and win champions league and super cup.İ think key of the tactic Midfield.. 2 Ball Wining Midfielder.. İ playing Emre Can,Arturo Vidal and Renato Sanches... Morata Target Man,,my poacher is Müller ( HE İS BEST POACHER İ THİNK )..he is so smart 33 game 31 goals 17 asist ....and Morata 37 goals.. i love this tactic !! awesome
  • victor2248's avatar
    This may be the best tactic in this game! I have won so many league titles and european titles with it! Lovely
  • imatoffee's avatar
    Anyone still using this on 17.3.1?
  • Hamish's avatar
    Best tactic hands down for any teams that have similar vision to this tactic e.g. I used AC Milan & its just amazing, I did make a slight changes;
    1) Poacher changed to an Advanced Forward.
    2)Target Man changed to a Complete Forward.
    3) One of my Ball Winning Midfielders to a Box to Box Midfielder.
    4) One of my Fullbacks to be Support instead of Attack.
    Besides that I'm killing it!
  • I.D.E.A's avatar
    Can someone share training and OI please?
  • sharpy1712's avatar
    hi, i noticed you have put creativity down as key attribute just wondering what else this might be as it doesn't come up on my save. this tactic is working great!
  • Ejf's avatar
    Loving this tactic, finished 6th and won the league cup with Swansea in the first season. Really good for smaller teams also as many good BWM and DLP are available cheap.
    The only position I'm not happy with is the target man, rarely produces and plays poorly for me. Tried a few. Wondering about alternatives, possibly a complete forward(support duty) instead would work or tweeks that would help the target man?
  • hjfmourao's avatar
    Hello! I'm loving this tactic! It creates a lot of chances while keeping possession. I use Tondela in Portuguese Primeira Liga and I managed to finish first season in 5th place (Media prediction was last place). But I find that sometimes, when playing very direct teams, they just run over my players. Also my strikers have some dry spells and miss a ton of goals... But overall, very nice work!
  • Zevas's avatar
    Great tactic and it's working good for the teams I'm managing. The only problem I have is that my teams gets a lot of cards. Of the three teams I'm managing, two are 1st in total cards in their league and the other is third. Is there a way to make them less aggressive without affecting the tactic too much?
  • Brigzi's avatar
    so i started a save as wolves, like you did, didnt get an assistant manager, used the default 442 with no instructions, went on holiday to the end of the season and finished second with 3 more points than you did. did my tactic break the game? by your logic it did. it seems its not the tactic that 'breaks' the game, its the team.

    and people that say it doesnt work for you its because you are actually playing the game, picking the team, making subs. the reckonist doesnt do any of this so human error is taken away.
  • The_Reckonist's avatar
    Oh hey folks. Sorry for delay in responses. As to the "The patch broke the tactic" theory, pretty much debunked them here.

    Still working, and then some.

    As for the OI's. Having a set of premade OI's is suicide. It depends on who you are playing and all sorts of variables. The only one I try to use 100% of the time is here.

    Thanks for testing!
  • ChillyGeriskey's avatar
    picked liverpool and got fluidity full before testing, getting 6-8 yellow cards per game, lost massive games... 4-0 vs arsenal 9-2 vs chelsea (worst ever lost since i started playing) this tactic is not a gamebreaker at least not with liverpool anyways
  • jonahblues's avatar
    Is anyone else finding that they're committing way too many fouls with this tactic? I've been getting great possession, great chance creation, and 15-20 fouls per match. My fullbacks and BWMs are usually booked by the end of the 1st half. Is there a way to use this system without murdering six or seven opposing players in every match?
  • Peter_Hogt's avatar
    Quadruple won with Manchester United in first season. 70% possession and roughly 20 shots each game. Incredible. Then tried it in Spain and won Euro cup and league first season.Tried in Italy with Inter. Won league and cup again. Everytime the full backs get Player of the year.

    Thank you.

    P.S Love your accent loll
  • StefanCP's avatar
    Did not work for me. I was Barcelona, with more than a "decent" team, and it never had the sparkles it says it does. Even when the tactic was fluid. Too many games when I barely had around 50% possession if not less. Too many games lost even at home against teams like Real Betis, 0-3. The tactic is too offensive, and against team that defend, which they do if you are not West Ham, but Barcelona, if they strike a fluke you will likely not get back into the game and get caught on the counter. Possession was really a big problem, a lot of games with under 50%. I changed the tactic with 2 more balanced ones, a 4 4 2 and a 4 2 3 1 and I got instant results. From 0 0 in the 60th minute and crappy possession to winning 3-1 in the 90th minute. If Neymar, Messi, Iniesta and Suarez can't get possession with this, it's a problem. And yes, I won 6-1 against Real Madrid, and had scores like that. But overall, studying all the games, won, drew or lost, it's a definite NO.
  • jgez12's avatar
    So how well do you think will work with southhampton?
  • burtthewoodsman's avatar
    Oh my goodness goals goals goals
  • h1rsty's avatar
    first game 4-0 vs leverkusen in champions league
    second game 5-1 vs Tottenham
  • Mullin14's avatar
    Do you use OIs?

    What Training do you use preseason and do you change that when the tactic is fluid?
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