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Club Banners & Adboards for FM18

This mod turns FM 2018 generic adboards into club-specific colors, flags, and banners, giving each stadium its own flair and feel and adding some much-needed individuality to the 3D match-game engine.

By on May 13, 2018   97628 views   46 comments
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Downloads: 16384 / Size: 1.2 GB / Added: 2018-05-13
FM 2018 Misc Graphics - Club Banners & Adboards for FM18
Tired of looking at the same old generic stadiums and Football Manager adboards during nearly every match?
Hoping to add a little variety and diversity to your match-game experience?
Wanting to give each stadium its own club color and culture?

This mod turns FM 2018 generic adboards into club-specific colors, flags, and banners, giving each stadium its own flair and feel and adding some much-needed individuality to the 3D match-game engine.

With over 700 clubs and thousands of images, it's not a perfect duplication of a stadium's adboards or look, but at least offers up something new to look at.

One of the biggest complaints of the FM gaming system is how little diversity is shown in each club stadium, and how gamers can’t really adapt or change those stadiums. While this mod doesn’t adjust the physical structure of the stadiums, it definitely adds some flavor to each match experience.

I originally created this mod for FM14 and FM15, and worked on it during FM16 and 17 but never posted it because of being too busy with real-world duties.

The way that SI changed the video adboard system for FM18 threw me for a further loop, but I’ve figured out how to work with it, and I'm now ready to share the results.

The earlier mods also only featured static adboards that were tied to the teams. What’s exciting this year is not just the addition of video adboards for top leagues, but also that those video boards can be coded to display ads for whatever competition your team is in, while the static adboards in the stadium stands can still reflect the individual team.

All thanks to jeffroberts and rabcp for allowing me to integrate their excellent video adboards into this mod, and to the creators of the original config file that I modified for my FM14 release, doc_debil and tv_capper. Their work focused on integrating corporate ads into the adboards, while mine does more club-specific fan imagery, but their file opened my eyes to what could be done.

Several years on, the current config file has been nearly entirely redone. All graphics are mine, culled from scouring the internet for images of club scarves, fan tifos, banners, flags, even PES/FIFA graphic mods.

My prior mods were downloaded nearly 11,000 times, so hopefully this will also be of use to people looking for some variety in the match engine.

Club Banners & Adboards | What's included

Over 700 clubs are featured, including:

Every club in the...
  • English Premier League / Championship / League One
  • Spanish La Liga / Liga Adelante
  • French Ligue 1 / Ligue 2
  • Italian Serie A / Serie B
  • German Bundesliga / 2.Bundesliga
  • Portuguese Primeira Liga
  • Swiss Super League
  • Turkish Super Lig
  • Dutch Eredivisie
  • and top Champions-League/Europa League teams from elsewhere in Europe

Each top league (plus Champions League) is coded to automatically display league-specific video adboards along the pitch, and static club-specific boards in the stands.
Each lower-league team in the 2nd division (or below) is coded to then “turn on” video adboards if they are promoted to top league, or if they make the Champions League.

Plus comprehensive coverage of...
  • Brazilian Serie A
  • American MLS (all clubs) and many lower-division US teams
  • Mexican Liga MX
  • Argentine Primera Divison
  • Heavy South American representation, including many other clubs from Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, etc
  • Top teams from Central America for those playing in US/Mexican club competitions
  • Japanese J-League (or "Nihon League" as its called in game) and some J2 League teams
  • Chinese Super League (most clubs)
  • Australia A-League (all clubs)

Club Banners & Adboards FM18 Preview

Club Banners & Adboards | How to install on FM18

This is a bit complicated, as there are 3 folders, 2 of which share the same name ("ads"), and this year there’s a video adboard folder to worry about too. Please read carefully and be patient until you complete all the steps outlined below.

Here we go:
  1. Extract the contents of the file. You don't need special software for that as it's a .zip file.

  2. Place the first "ads" folder (the one that has only the fm.xml file inside it) inside your FM18 user data folder, that by default is found at:
    Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2018

  3. Place the large "pictures/ads" folder inside your "graphics" folder:
    Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2018 > graphics
    If you already have a pictures folder, just place the large "ads" folder within it, so as not to erase whatever else is in your pictures folder, like stadiums, flags, city pics, etc.
    If you don’t have a graphics folder, please create one. Graphics folder should now read graphics/pictures/ads.

    See here for visual of both paths:

    The first "ads" folder is that small one with just the fm.xml file, the second one is in the graphics/pictures folder. My graphics folder already had other sub-folders for faces, logos, etc, while my pictures folder also has sub-folders for city pics, backgrounds, etc.

  4. Place the "simatchviewer_uncompressed" folder (this contains the video ads) into the "data" folder within your Steam installation folder (which is not located in the area of the first two folders):
    steam > steamapps > common > Football Manager 2018 > data

    Note: Many Mac users have a hard time finder their Library folder. Easiest way is to go to your Finder menu at the top of your Mac, click “Go,” and hold down the option key. The Library path will magically open up.

    See here for visual pathway (Mac):

    This simatchviewer_uncompressed folder has two sub-folders, one of fonts (which helps some computers read names while with the match engine) and the videos.

  5. Please restart FM18 entirely. If you just refresh the cache, the game may still not realize there is an entirely new place to find its graphics. Only when FM18 is restarted will it find and read the new ads xml file, and also discover the video ads.

  6. Go in-game to the Preferences > Interface screen; click on "Clear Cache". And then return to the same screen and click "Reload Skin".
    Individual team banners and flags should now appear. Enjoy!

Download Now
Downloads: 16384 / Size: 1.2 GB / Added: 2018-05-13
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Discussion: Club Banners & Adboards for FM18

46 comments have been posted so far.

  • Accattone's avatar
    Just as last years, I tried to make your excellent patch work with FM22 beta. But this time, unfortunately, it seems not to work (at least with the beta version of the game).
  • archon's avatar
    thanks .. good .. but just national teams i dont see flags :(
  • Accattone's avatar
    This wonderful patch worked on both FM18 and FM19. And, good new, it also works on FM20!! Well done!
  • Krzysztof's avatar
    Please explain me how to install adboards fm 19 because I installed and comes out of default bands !!!
  • Делија's avatar
    Hello unfortunately unable to download this file due to slow download. It is only 1.2 gb and it starts very slow and after 0.1 doesn't move. After 20 minutes says unable to download
  • robinsonik's avatar
    Despite downloading the latest version, I still have black LED advertising bands? Do you need to add some other file from those that are contained in yours so that it works correctly? Only static ad gangs display correctly.
  • strangerthankindness's avatar
    Sorry, ignore the link in the earlier comment: here is the correct link to the new FM19 update. See below comment for all details. Thanks.
  • strangerthankindness's avatar
    Hey all, if anyone's interested I've created an update for FM19. Don't want to do an official release yet as so many people seem to be having difficulty getting this (or any mod w/video ads) to work, as SI seems to have made things complicated with their "targeted advertising" scheme, which sends particular video ads from outside advertisers into the game. I've gotten this to work without a problem, as have others, but many more are having difficulty. Anyway, here's the FM19 update for now...good luck!
  • Rivanov's avatar
    @Kharding: To disable the bidstack ads you have to copy the bidstack_enabled.xml file from FM 18 to the FM 19 folder. The correct location is: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\Preferences\version 3 .. in that folder you need to place the bidstack_enabled.xml from that exact same folder for FM 18.

    What did you do to edit the simatch_uncompressed.fmf file? You didn't copy the folder?
  • bionicgeekgrrl's avatar
    Gotten the club banners working in FM19. The video adboards I'm not sure if they're working or it is just the bidstack adverts playing? but I *think* they're working. I followed the directions as above, but edited the simatch_umcompressed file rather than the folder which seemed to work better.
  • Rivanov's avatar
    I've got the video adboards working in FM19 but I don't see the Club banners at the top of the grandstands. They remain black. Any idea?
  • bionicgeekgrrl's avatar
    anyone got these working for fm19 successfully?
  • gate13's avatar
    does this work on fm19?
  • gavlee1981's avatar
    Hi i have the same issue with black adboards and i've put my files in the correct place. Can anybody help?
  • gavlee1981's avatar
    Hi I've downloaded this put the folders in the correct places but keep getting black screens on the ads can anybody help?
  • cipetonk's avatar
    actually my issue can be seen here, really all black, no static & animated ones. I got this picture from your discussion thread.

    here is my wrong path:
    Football Manager 2018\data\font\
    Football Manager 2018\data\videos\

    after re-reading above instruction, it is solved, except RB Leipzig, it is known issue

    btw, optimizing PNGs seems to give slight performance boost, and huge file size reduction, CMIIW
  • strangerthankindness's avatar
    hey all, thanks for the feedback and kind words, and i hope that those who were having trouble getting it to work have solved the issues. i'm away from this site (and the game) this summer, but will check in now and then and try to help out with any issues. Cipetonk, thanks for the tip on solving the banners/adboards issues. Some others have had similar problems; where did you have simatchviewer_uncompressed before? Interesting that it allowed you to see the video ads, but messed up the static ones.
  • cipetonk's avatar
    solved after placing "simatchviewer_uncompressed" to the correct path
    thank you for great addon
  • cipetonk's avatar
    I have the similar issue with rockinjamie, the banners work, but the adboard shows all black

    I optimized all the pngs btw
  • rockinjamie's avatar
    I just can’t get this to work properly, club banners work fine. The ad boards work but only the compition logos for league games, not cup or European games. So no club or league related sponsers appearing. It’s quite frustrating
  • Railwayman's avatar
    Absolutely brilliant mod. My home games are so much more enjoyable with relevant adboards. No more ads for some kid rapper on a BMX bike!
  • thirstywork's avatar
    Just added this mod to my game. What a work of art, it's great, thank you. The time and effort that must have been put into it. It has encouraged me to try my hand at doing a few ads myself with the help of gimp. i fancy doing,Renault and Citroen, Perrier ads for the French leagues. Cheers.
  • Friebird86's avatar
    it doenst work by me? the video adboards okay but the rest is showing black?
    please help?
  • Drinze's avatar
    Very cool. Is it possible you'd be able to release one for FM17? For the most part it works on FM17 but the dynamic ads in international competitions crash the game.
  • Tezzle's avatar
    It's safe to download and use right?No malware or anything?

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