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FM 2018 SCT Attacking Possession v1.0

This is a possession 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 tactic based on the Tiki-Taka system of Barcelona, refined to be effective in the FM18 match engine.

By on Nov 27, 2017   172060 views   18 comments
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Downloads: 33564 / Size: 394.0 kB / Added: 2017-11-27
Football Manager 2018 Tactics - FM 2018 SCT Attacking Possession v1.0
This year marks 10 years of Scholes Can’t Tackle for Football Manager.

Every season I diligently apply the playstyle and concepts to the new match engine to get the best “bang for buck”. Constantly testing and making allowances for the changes in the match engine and the availability of the correct player types as that has changed dramatically over the years. It is this system I enjoy building the most as it is the most defensively secure, realistic, balanced and aesthetically pleasing system and my favorite way to play Football Manager.

This years iteration is the most defensively stable version yet. Once familiar and with correct player types the only goals conceded should be from individual errors or set plays. It is almost the perfect plug and play system and is suitable for all levels of football and should you overachieving very quickly.

I hope you enjoy using the tactic. It really is a labour of love.

What to expect from SCT 2018

  • Possession based tactic with enough risk/reward to play on any occasion and at all levels of football.
  • Gives room for all types of Passes from creative players and not limit them to forced short passes.
  • Strangles opponents in Centre Midfield with Tight Marking.
  • Protection from 4-4-2 and Direct playing systems with a Defensive midfield screen. - Massively reduced threat from “Clear Ball to Flanks” opponents taking advantage of out of position Wing Backs.
  • Pressures Opponents Full backs into errors with the ball high up the pitch.
  • A forward line that can fit any type of player and can be altered to suit your side.
  • Unpredictable movement by forward line making it hard to mark.

This whole system is designed to remain defensively sound, have enough possession to achievement dominance and have incisive attacking play creating high quality chances in high % conversion zones and to fit all clubs based on current squad and player trends.

  • High Pass completion in the Midfield (Average of 85%).
  • Perfect possession ratio of between 55% and 60% (any more is too much and risks counter attacks).
  • Defensively sound. Main danger is from Individual errors, Long Shots of quality and Set Pieces.
  • Football which is pleasing to look at and get results against teams of similar and lower quality.
  • Tough time outplaying really strong teams.

More info in the video below.

Team Makeup

It is very role dependent however, the primary skills for most of the roles are good ratings on Composure, Concentration, Technique, First Touch, Teamwork, Passing and Decisions. A high rating for your league on these attributes will favor you greatly.

PPM’s and Attributes for each role.

I know you're not able to click your fingers and buy Toni Kroos for your team but 'try' to get players who fit the roles with at least one of the required PPM's in each position and have them learn the missing ones as soon as possible if they are able. I have also included the ingame architype showing you exactly the type of players you should be imagining for each position.

SWK: none
(Stats)- First Touch, Composure, Rushing Out.
Architype: Ederson, Manuel Neuer, Marc-André ter Stegen, Victor Valdez

WB: Get forward Whenever Possible, Sticks to (correct) Side of pitch when dribbling.
-Natural Fitness, Stamina, Pace, Acceleration, Teamwork, Work rate.
Architype: Djibril Sidibé, Hector Bellerín, Cafu, Patrice Evra

BPD: Likes to Switch Ball To Opposite Flank, Bring Ball out of Defence
-Composure, Passing, Concentration, Decisions
Archetype: Gerard Piqué, Laurent Blanc, Rio Ferdinand

CD: Marks opponent tightly.
-Strength, Aggression, Jumping Reach, Bravery, Tackling, Balance, Positioning
Architype: Nemanja Vidic, Carles Puyol, Sergio Ramos

DM: Stays back at all times. Plays no through balls (Ideal PPM's yet not essential)
-Decisions, Anticipation, Teamwork, Composure, First Touch, Positioning, Passing.
Architype: Sergio Busquets, Michael Carrick, Nemanja Matic

APS: Comes Deep to get ball, Plays One-Twos, Tries Killer Balls Often
-Composure, First Touch, Passing, Creativity, Anticipation, Vision
Architype: Xavi, Paul Scholes, Toni Kroos

MEZZ: Moves Into Channels, Plays One-Twos, Arrives Late in Area, Tries killer balls often.
-Composure, First Touch, Passing, Creativity, Anticipation, Off the ball, Work Rate, Vision
Architype: Andrés Iniesta, Deli Ali, Frank Lampard

RMD or IF (A): Cuts Inside from Wing. Moves Into Channels, Likes to Beat Offside Trap.
-Acceleration, Composure, Concentration, Off The Ball, Anticipation, Finishing
Architype: Jose Callejón, Juan Mata, Thomas Múller

IFS or WG(S): Moves into Channels, Runs with ball often, Cuts Inside with Ball.
-Dribbling, Off the ball, Flair, Agility, Acceleration, Anticipation
Archetype: Antoine Griezmann, Arjen Robben, Dries Mertens.

CFS or DLF(S): Plays with Back to Goal, Plays One-Twos, Tries Killer Balls Often Moves Into Channels, Comes Deep To Get Ball
-Balance, Agility, Off The Ball, Passing, Dribbling, Teamwork, Anticipation
Architype: Robert Lewandowski, Paulo Dybala, Diego Costa

Remember, the above list is the IDEAL and you should aim for one or two of the PPM's at 'weaker' teams.

Tactical Tips:

If your looking to hold onto a Lead or counter a powerful team. Don't change the formation or roles unless needed but switch Strategy to Attack, Slightly Deeper, Pass into space and More Direct Passing.

To play out the last minutes in a bit more safety hit More Disciplined. Nothing more.

If you find yourself having 'too much' possession and struggling to score, have the team Express Themselves more.

If the other team is camping on their 18 yard line blocking shot after shot, SLOW DOWN the play. Draw them out of position and make one good chance.

Less than 55% possession? Click "Retain Possession".

Set Pieces:

This is the first year I have gone about adding Set Pieces to the system and I am very happy with the results. If yoiu follow the player Archetypes and are using the correct players you should expect to see a decent amount of goals. Very pleased with how this turned out.

Tested with Napoli

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 33564 / Size: 394.0 kB / Added: 2017-11-27
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Discussion: FM 2018 SCT Attacking Possession v1.0

18 comments have been posted so far.

  • Jimmy7777's avatar
    Absolutely superb. In second season with Man U using my own take on the Guardiola system. Ok 1st season (3rd). Shambolic start to second season. Not controlling games at all, leaking loads of chances, not winning ball back. Installed this and won two games, 2 and 5 nil with much more control of the game. Thanks for posting.
  • atleer's avatar
    I see creativity listed as a desirable stat several times; however in the front end creativity doesn't show up as an attribute.

    Are you referencing somethign else?
  • vismitananda's avatar
    I've used this with the latest version (18.3.4). I'm managing Arsenal, and oh boy, this tactic is legit. I was able to bring in Mauro Icardi from Inter, and in his first season using this tactic. He scored 47 goals out of 36 appearance, and that's only the EPL, and 85 goals in all competitions. He broke many records in that single season. :) I do sometimes tweak the roles depending on the situation, but mostly I only tweak the DM and right winger roles, to fit some of my players.

    Thanks Reckonist.
  • maranzano's avatar
    Can I change some roles?
  • michael89's avatar
    has anyone tried and tested this with the new update?
  • Mwenye Temitope's avatar
    worked wonders first season with Wimbledon. Not as good second season
  • MickyG's avatar
    Hi there, I’m playing on the touch version on my iPad so I’m assuming I can’t download the tactic? If not the. What are the player instructions for this as I would love to give it a go
  • The Rocker's avatar
    @restet Im not the creator man but it usualy work doing that and the other changes but i dont usually do that and perfer using the normal tatic
  • restet's avatar
    @The Rocker
    If I hold onto a Lead or counter a powerful team, I must switch Strategy to Attack? Are you sure?
  • The Rocker's avatar
    @Romano338 Maybe you dont have the right players or the right PPM for the tatic.... some games especialy versus the big teams i have that kind of possession but in spite of that i still win , this isn't a god tatic which exploid the game its a tatic that uses a style of game.....You have to have the right players to use in the tatic...
  • Romano338's avatar
    I never ever got the possession with that tactic. The best I ca do, with "Retain Possession", is 47-48%. Without it, it's between 40 and 45%.
  • The Rocker's avatar
    @cyp31 If you just follow the indications between the two positions then it should be fine with the Suporter on the side of the Mezalla and the Attacker on the side of the Advance Playmaker
  • The Rocker's avatar
    @Romano338 I don't know what you are talking about with Rio Ave a team on the portuguese league to fight for 8th place curently on the 1st position without any transfer and with a 8 points lead to the second team!!! about goals defensive second place with 11 versus the 9 of the best and the scoring with 32 on third against the 39 of the best team!!!
    I should realy say that in spite this I should be even better since my best Central Defender got a long injury and went on a early retirement on the age of 28!!!! and I dont have realy the right players on the AMR or AMR since I have a tons of MOC!!!
  • Romano338's avatar
    Be ready to conceed a s***-ton of goals, because that's what you'll get. Disaster.
  • Scheyltjens's avatar
    Hi,i am using this tactic with atletico. always have de fight realy hard for victory.
    seems like i never have 50% + possesion. even when i tick on retain possesion it does nothing. rarely score on set pieces. end my 3 strikers cant score a goal or a 6.7+ rating. i have Costa Vietto Gameiro and Torres.
  • cyp31's avatar
    Hi, the tactic look good. Can we invert the IF support left and the IF attack right ? If yes, as it also had to invert the mezzala left to right with the AP right to left ? Thank you.
  • drjonze's avatar
    Excellent as always, my favorite tactic. The set peices are great, I don't quite have the players for them but still got a few goals and we look dangerous. Away games and top clubs are a challenge but not unwinnable (as it should be). This might be the best version yet
  • Herowolf's avatar
    Wouldn't the Mez be better on the letter filling in for the gaps the Raum creates?
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