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FM19 - Making a Manager - 00 - Introduction

The beginning of a set of tutorials/lessons where I look to share my knowledge of the many different facets of Football Manager. Written for FM 2019.

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Football Manager e-Cource - FM19 - Making a Manager - 00 - Introduction
Hello one and all, this is the beginning of what will (hopefully) be a season-running playthrough detailing how I would play FM, with plenty of tutorials and pocket-book guides along the way. The objective of this is to create and collate a number of lessons which can then form a 'curriculum' of the ins and outs of Football Manager.

I will detail one save which will be played across the entire FM19 season (from now until next year), starting from running the game for the very first time all the way to (hopefully) retiring as the greatest manager of all time (in-game). A list of what will be covered can be found below, as I look to provide tutorials on everything from setting up your preferences, to downloading and installing graphics, to creating your own tactic, to contract management.

It must be noted that I do not consider myself to be an amazing FM player, but I do consider myself to be an experienced one and a methodical one. I have plenty of experience when it comes to writing guides, such as this Tactics Guide which I collaborated with others on (over 1.6M views and counting), this Training Guide for FM15, and others. I have also released a number of tactics (and a set piece routine) in the past, and I plan to release more on the back of this playthrough.

This playthrough will not be a definitive way of playing FM. It will be a detail of how I would play the game, which is different to how others play the game. I'm not saying how I play the game is 'right' or 'better' than how others play the game, and there are certainly other ways of playing. I have had, however, a great amount of success while playing FM in the past and I believe that I can part with some useful information for the benefit of the community. This will be a personal opinion playthrough, not a 'How To Play' playthrough.

What Will Specifically Be Included?

I think the most common challenge undertaken by enthusiastic FMers is a Lower League Management (LLM) challenge, typically in English football. With six tiers of football available to play in FM, it offers a fantastic range of levels of the game to manage in. I will look to start in the bottom tier, in either the National League North or the National League South, with a semi-professional team. This will bring with it many challenges, ranging from a lack of financial power, to dealing with semi-professional and amateur players, to managing match fitness over a long season.

Here is a range of topics I will look to cover throughout this playthrough in 'lessons' or 'tutorials':

  • Setting up game preferences
  • Downloading and installing graphics & other add-ons
  • Setting up a save (team, leagues, database size)
  • Initial club analysis and objective setting
  • Squad analysis
  • Scouting and recruiting players (especially for clubs with poor finances)
  • Tactical preparation (incl. set pieces & opposition instructions)
  • Training management
  • Developing youth players
  • Pre-season management
  • Contract management
  • Financial development
  • Long-term club development
  • International management (if the opportunity arises)

I will add more topics to this list as I go on and if anybody has a specific request, they may comment it below for me to see. I will look to accommodate every facet of the game which I come across in order to provide as in-depth a reading as possible and hopefully leave readers with food for thought.

There will be no set schedule as to when each article will be posted, it will all depend on when I have time to play, to analyse and to write up. As of writing this, I have not yet even opened up FM19 (despite downloading it on the BETA release day), so my first experiences of the game will also be shared in the coming articles. I hope that there will be some people who will learn from this and enjoy it. I don't proclaim myself to be a master of the game, I just wish to share my knowledge from a wealth of experience of playing.

Until next time,

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Discussion: FM19 - Making a Manager - 00 - Introduction

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