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Scottish Football Restructure

I have restructured Scottish Football to create an 18 team top division, with 3 further leagues below. Slightly increased TV and prize money as well.

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FM 2019 Fantasy Scenarios - Scottish Football Restructure
This is my first attempt at using the editor to make a change like this. This particular change to the structure of Scottish Football is something I have always wanted to try so I just went ahead and made it myself! So welcome to what I hope is the real future of Scottish football, in FM19!

League Structure

Scottish Premiership

18 team top division, where each team plays each other twice. The bottom 2 get relegated. Matches are played Saturday 3pm, with the TV matches scheduled for Sat 12:30 and Sat 17:30. I decided to 'promote' the top 6 of the Scottish Championship as of 18/01/2019 to make up the 18 teams.

Scottish Division 1

Consists of the bottom 4 of the "Championship" as of 18/01/2019, and the top 8 teams from "League 1" based on reputation. 12 team league with 3 rounds of fixtures. Top 2 get promoted, bottom 2 get relegated.

Scottish Division 2

Consists of the 2 lowest reputation "League 1" teams and the 10 "League 2" teams. 12 teams, 3 rounds of fixtures, top 2 get promoted, bottom 2 get relegated.

Scottish Super League

Consists of the top 10 teams (based on reputation) from the Highland and Lowland leagues, making this a 20 team league. 2 rounds of fixtures. Top 2 get promoted, no relegation.

Cup Changes
The Scottish Cup - Made up of the teams in all 4 divisions. Replays removed so straight to extra time and pens. No real changes other than that.
Betfred Cup - League stage removed (partly because I didn't have the ability to recreate it) so it is now a straight knockout tournament made up of the top 3 divisions. The scheduling has been kept so that the final is in November.
Irn Bru Cup - Straight knockout format made up of the bottom 3 divisions.

Other Changes
The matchday squad is now allowed to have 12 subs, but still only 3 used of course.
TV money has been increased slightly on what we currently see in real life.
Prize money for the cup and league places has been increased slightly as well.
You are now allowed to register 30 players in your squad, 8 of which must be home grown from Scotland (trained at any club)

I have done lots of tests on this and it seems to be working great for me, so I hope any of you who want to give this a go don't encounter any errors!

Any feedback would be hugely appreciated - as I say, this is my first attempt at a change this big and I will be looking to see what else I can do in future.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 666 / Added: 2019-01-21
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