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Football Manager 2020 Audio Commentary

Audio Commentary for FM2020 (20.4), adapted from previous versions as they appeared here on FM Scout.

By on Sep 14, 2020   4816 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 649 / Size: 1.3 GB / Added: 2020-09-14
FM 2020 Other Files - Football Manager 2020 Audio Commentary
For those of FM2020 users looking for audio commentary, here it is!
Using this sound pack you can add audio commentary to Football Manager 2020 (20.4).
Please note that the audio is only available in English.

Adapted from here (thanks u/benp2) using FM archive extractor to work in FM2020 with audio commentary.

Audio Commentary Patch Credits:
- Original Patch for FM12 - FM14 by MBarbaric
- Ported to FM15 by zzpiggy
- Modified Commentary Sound Files by Bart
- Realistic Sound Patch by DazS8
- FM2019 Audio Commentary by 6Times

How to install Audio Commentary on FM2020:

1. Download the .zip file and extract to a temporary location.

2. Exit FM2020 if you are in the game.

3. Backup files:
"simatchviewer-pc.fmf" in Steamapps\common\football manager 2020\data
"match_events" and "matchsounds.cfg" in Steamapps\common\football manager 2020\data\simmatch\events

4. After backing up the files, replace the original "simatchviewer-pc.fmf" with the one you downloaded.

5. Next, enter the "simatch" folder and go to the "events" folder.

6. After backing up the files located in this folder, replace the original "match_events" and "matchsounds.cfg" with the ones located in the download.

7. Now open the game FM2020 and select Reset Cache at the bottom left under preferences and reload skin and you should be set.

8. Enjoy the game!

Download Now
Downloads: 649 / Size: 1.3 GB / Added: 2020-09-14
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Discussion: Football Manager 2020 Audio Commentary

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • chr68's avatar
    hi, I install the patch as the tutorial says, but I only hear the comments and not the crowd and the sound of the ball
  • proton6's avatar
    Jury is still out . Im keeping it for now but im not playing it as much as im doing banners and kits for my own game
  • Stam's avatar
    Stam Staff1 day ago
    @proton6: The idea is good because we're used to how it works on FIFA/PES, but the execution here is not on that level - not necessarily due to lack of effort as the game itself might have certain limitations. With the way it's working now, would you keep it or not?

    @LandonDonovan10 @Luke_Shaw: I've asked 1 of our residents YouTubers for a showcase video on this. If/when is ready, I'll add it on the page.
  • proton6's avatar
    Needs a lot more work but the idea is good . Repetitious to a point that it becomes annoying in parts plus voices seem to cross over each other so at this stage it needs more work but it can only be improved . I always thought it needed commentary
  • Luke_Shaw's avatar
    Video like YouTube to see/hear the Result? Thanks.
  • redemptor's avatar
    I SOOOO MUCH wanted this! Thank you so much!
  • carlosh's avatar
    Espero comentarios de audio (relatos)en español para fm 21...
  • LandonDonovan10's avatar
    any video?
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