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Joejccva71's 4-1-4-1 Attacking and Winning FM20 Tactic

Currently 29 games won, 0 draws and 2 losses. Took me forever to test a tactic, created 5 of them and after many hours testing, this one works well.

By on Nov 29, 2019   167745 views   22 comments
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Football Manager 2020 Tactics - Joejccva71's 4-1-4-1 Attacking and Winning FM20 Tactic
I spent hours testing different tactics with Man Utd. I've done Tiki Taka, Vertical Tiki Taka, Gegenpress, Fluid Counter Attacking. I've downloaded other people's tactics and tried with little consistency. I finally took a step back and really thought about how I wanted to have my squad play football. Playing somewhat wide and stretching out their defense is the way to go.

How many times have you tried playing in the middle and your players just shoot the ball and it bounces off the defense. Frustrating right? Not with my tactic. You will score goals on passes from the wing, crosses, and set pieces.



In Possession

In Transition

Out of Possession




A few things.

1. You need to have pretty good Full Backs. They have to be somewhat pacey but they don't need 18+ pace and acceleration. They also need decent passing skills and decent tackling.

2. A defensive playmaker that is creative is helpful but not completely necessary. I use Tonali and he's amazing.

3. Let me know how this works for you.

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Downloads: 40195 / Size: 43.6 kB / Added: 2019-11-29
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Discussion: Joejccva71's 4-1-4-1 Attacking and Winning FM20 Tactic

22 comments have been posted so far.

  • tomdohle's avatar
    I would really like to give this tactic a go but i'm playing on Stadia so have to put in the tactic manually. Would you mind giving me the players instructions?
  •'s avatar
    Bonjour , puis-je avoir les postes en Français svp
  • MRainb0w's avatar
    Team: Arsenal;

    I used the tactics until the end of February and you can see the results I get in the visuals.

    Of course I played on the tactics of the match, but I did what I did not find the solution to the problem and the poor performance of big matches. I don't know if the goal is related to the team or tactics. Tactic presses very well, but you have a hard time getting results.

    In the image you see on the top, I came out with the instructions of '' Positive Football '' and '' Play from the Center '' and here is my result. I decided to punctuate his career here. That's all my thoughts. Good games.
  • MRainb0w's avatar
    I'il try with Arsenal and write the result.
  • Iwannn's avatar
    @joejccva71 what skin is used in the images?
  • Iwannn's avatar
    @@joejccva71 what skin is used in the images?
  • kimdinho's avatar
    Great Tactic.
    I play with Manfield Town from League two.
    First season was random, and got promoted after playoff.
    second season in League one i got promoted again, this time with a team that was predicted for 15 place. And half way in Championship i'm first place, close lost and very bigs win. Great great great tactic
  • burnum's avatar
    Could you explain the reasoning for using a IW & IF on the flanks and using different player instructions for the Fullbacks (DR has 'dribble more', DL has 'dribble less' and 'take more risks'). Is that just to suit your individual players or is there a specific tactical reason to it?
  • colek's avatar
    This insane tactic strikes again. I took over Juve Stabia in the middle of the season, they were sitting dead last 5 points off 19th. Lo and behold, I finished the season 3rd!!! Got into the promotion play-off, got promoted to Serie A over Benevento on higher placed seed (it was a draw over two legs). Absolutely unbelievable.
  • rivaldo1's avatar
    Shitty tactic ever used... Used this tactic 2 season and I assure you, you cant score a goal before concede a goal. The name of tactic should be Joejccva31's 4-1-4-1 Attacking and conceding goals.
  • wulfhnd's avatar
    This tactic works really well for me unless I'm playing against a team using a 4231, but I found that taking out my DM and using AM instead against that formation solved my problems.
  • robo36's avatar
    Great tactic turn my season around and made Europe with west ham just heading into my third season sitting 3rd at present
  • dioga's avatar
    after 10 games with this
    7 draws , 3 wins . So for me its not working!
  • Vincenety's avatar
    It looks like this tactic isnt working that good for me and AC Milan. Dont get me wrong, on the half first season i'm 2nd, but still i dont like this tactic very much. Why ? My 2 attackers that i use have scored together 4 goals in 18 matches. My 4 attacking wingers played together 36 matches and made ONLY 5 assists. Two center mids + dmc have few assist more... Best goalscorers is Ricardo Rodriguez (DR) with 6 goals. Wingers and fullbacks instead of trying to pass to ball to attacker, they are passing short or usualy switching ball to other flaks, who is again switching the ball back to first flank and so on... Also i had to lower defensive line because there were to many 1on1 with Donnarumma.
    I know that Milan doesnt have all world class players, but still there is to many negative stuff with this tactic, and so far i didnt find tactic that suit me best (atleast solid at back with playing attacking ).
  • dyna79's avatar
    Didn't have much luck with Leicester most season. Switched to this tactics and now I am winning like crazy! Love it! Thank you

    10 matches, 9 won :)

  • The Yurpman's avatar
    This is a hell of a tactic. My tactic was already pretty similar but the few changes to positional roles that your tactic brought has made a big difference. I'm playing as Liverpool and already went through April without losing a game, with my tactic. I switched to yours and still haven't lost, but I've been winning games 4-0, 5-1, 6-1, etc., instead of 2-0, 3-1, etc. Really good tactic! Highly recommend it.
  • PavelT's avatar
  • joejccva71's avatar
    I have my Assistant Manager do the opposition instructions but I'l make changes mid-game depending on how the other team is doing.
  • mmtaan's avatar
    Do you use any opposition instruction?
  • dioga's avatar
    Hello , i will try it and update soon as i can! for know its woorking good
  • MattyHolden's avatar
    Joined this board JUST to comment on this tactic. AMAZING. I use a range or sites, including workshop on Steam and I EXTENSIVELY test tactics, this is brilliant and I've used it across 3 teams in 3 leagues. I tried with Mlian and Arsenal, now I'm with Blackburn Rovers and near the end of the season. At the top of the league is Fulham and I've just finished playing them and we drew (Fulham are 1st & unbeaten), I have my assman sort opposition tactics and I do team talks. During match I shout Get Creative, Encourage, or Demand More. :)

    Well done sir, hats off to you.
  • colek's avatar
    Works with small teams. Switched to it for the highlighted game.
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