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FM20 Tactic: Schnapsidee 5-1-2-2 // Unbeaten 32-2-0

A fast, high tempo, quick transitions tactic for FM 2020 that will leave you wanting more. Unbeaten record with Leipzig winning the league by 37 points.

By on Nov 21, 2019   171466 views   22 comments
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Downloads: 55927 / Size: 45.3 kB / Added: 2019-11-21
Football Manager 2020 Tactics - FM20 Tactic: Schnapsidee 5-1-2-2 // Unbeaten 32-2-0
I started using this tactic with RB Leipzig, working on fast transitions and using the players as they are in real life.

My league campaign was 32-2-0 and we won the league by 37 points.

I have previously used it as a 5-2-3 but found that the extra striker wasn’t worth the loss of the DM.

I would recommend retraining players to fit into the system. Usually this would mean wingers and FBs into WBs and AMs into CMs or strikers.

I would also recommend that the WBs are on their natural side (i.e. WBL is left footed and WBR is right footed).

The WBs are going to get very tired in every game, I would recommend subbing and rotating very often.

With this formation the team averaged a chance every 35 minutes and conceded a chance every 164.

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Downloads: 55927 / Size: 45.3 kB / Added: 2019-11-21
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Discussion: FM20 Tactic: Schnapsidee 5-1-2-2 // Unbeaten 32-2-0

22 comments have been posted so far.

  • rafa_gr1's avatar
    Hi! I have the perfect squads for this tactic, só can you tell me please if still working on last update? Thanks
  • one of biggest's avatar
    pls answer me, i need a help

    is tactic work on the new update of fm 20.4.0 ??
  • arkidas47's avatar
    is this tactic work on new update of fm 20.4.0 ???
  • Scottishness85's avatar
    Tactic actually still works pretty well with Current version ,i like it with its lack of wingers ,doing well for my Dundee Side
  • iKovax's avatar
    Hey First of all! Great Tactic u inspired me to do mine.... may i ask you something how you did by player instruction more press? i can not find it to activet or deactivet?
  • JCSkala's avatar
    I thought this wasn't uploaded... guess it was. I only noticed when it was reviewed by FM Scout youtube (did better than I thought for 20.2)

    Glad it got an overall good review from people commenting here.

    This tactic was much better on the beta and 20.1 release, less so with 20.2 as @pixilla said. (hope this explains why @mattyshaw931)

    @kofomo I put the pressing down to the middle, add pressing individually then move the team pressing back up.
  • Nickeylim's avatar
    I used this tactic on FM20 Touch on my android tab.

    It seems to do well against stronger teams and sometimes struggles with goals against weaker sides.

    What i do when I need goals, move DMC to AMC and change one of the MEZ MC to Ball Winning MC. If that doesnt work, as a last resort, I move one of the Ball Playing CBs up to either a striker, DMC or MC. If the problem with not scoring is that the opposition has parked the bus with 5 defs and 2 dmcs, then i might move my DM to another striker instead.
  • pixilla's avatar
    I get many yellow cards with this tactic, but it works perfect till update 20.2.0. Now its broken.
  • Kofomo's avatar
    How did you add the "close dowm more" instruction to every players ? if i go to player instruction depending on the role its either fixed or i can set it up to lower but there's not a single role where the close down more option is available
  • mattyshaw931's avatar
    Doesn't seem to be working as well for me? I get a lot of possession and chances but cant score, whilst the opposition gets 1 chance and scores. Am I doing anything wrong? OI's maybe?
  • weemanswingman's avatar
    First season liverpool , bought a dubbel for the position for Robertson (Marcelo Saracchi) and one for Alexander-Arnold (Vagnoman).
    Won Premier league with no losses 104 points , won Champions league, European Super cup , FA cup community shield and the world cup for clubs.
    Lost only one game in the season ; after penatlys in the Caraboa Cup.

  • Scottishness85's avatar
    Excellent Tactic season 2 with Venezia FC ,and still kicking ass
  • Gaussy99's avatar
    I tested this tactic with West Bromwich Albion for the first season this tactic work very good win a league and got promoted easily but for the second season very hard to fight with premier league big 6 like Liverpool, ManCity, Arsenal how would you suggest when we are underdog.???
  • simentob's avatar
    Used this tactic first season with RB Leipzig. Won the league and DFB-Pokal!!!! The opponent didn't score against me in 26 matches!! and I scored over 100 goals. Loved this
  • LimpNinja's avatar
    What a tactic! Using this on my Newcastle save, was mid table with a low win ratio and this has turned my season around. Winning 90% of my games now...
  • IvoBrito's avatar
    Good tactic!
  • zgrstyle's avatar
    Wonderful tactic. I tried it with U.C.D an Irish relegation candidate team. My players are really crappy compared to the other league players. I am expected to "Fight bravely against relegation". However, so far everything is great. 21 matches so far and I am at the top of the table: 16W-4D-1L
  • rhythm's avatar
    Hey guys!!

    Playing with this tactic and It is amazing for now as an undordog I do great.
    I tested many tactics till now abd this is the best for underdogs. Not sure about top teams.
  • Baraka's avatar
    Best full release tactic yet. Won the Vanarama National League South with Oxford city (club vision = avoid relegation) 24W-14D-4L
  • mienos's avatar
    Serie A start with Roma. 11 matches. 7 victories. And with many off-role players. Not bad!
  • Fizzlebuns's avatar
    Every year I try and come up with a new tactic that isn't exactly like the broken meta of the year before, and every year, like a week later, the tactic I come up with that works for me becomes the meta. Maaaaaaaaaaaan.

    BTW, mine was called 'The Downvote' because it's a down arrow and I was winning every game 1-0 with 70% possession.
  • Dite De Molay's avatar
    Match result screenshot?
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