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FM20 Tactic: The Phantom Menace // 442 Diamond Attacking

A goal scoring, space invading, dynamic tactic for FM2020 that doesn't dominate the ball but will create and convert a lot of chances whilst having sound discipline.

By on Feb 17, 2020   97445 views   26 comments
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Downloads: 28955 / Size: 43.0 kB / Added: 2020-02-17
Football Manager 2020 Tactics - FM20 Tactic: The Phantom Menace // 442 Diamond Attacking
This tactic has been designed based upon the New ME, before uploading it for all to see and use I allowed a small group test it for themselves with great success.

I would strongly recommend that if using this tactic you do so from a pre season start point to gain familiarity.

Pacey players upfront have fun in this tactic, though as you will see through the images attached that it works through all levels across different leagues and standards of football.

These are results obtained through holiday mode using the selected tactic, currently using it for myself with a TNS save of my own and have a 2 perfect league seasons in a row, qualified for the Europa league group stages in my first season and then the champions league group stages the following.

It's mean defensively, fouls conceded will be the fewest in the league, goals from set pieces, corners predominantly as well as throw ins will contribute to a fifth of your total goals at least.

Any feedback is truly appreciated and valued and hope you all enjoy this tactic and the results garnered with it.

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Oxford City




Sportul Snagov






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Downloads: 28955 / Size: 43.0 kB / Added: 2020-02-17
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Discussion: FM20 Tactic: The Phantom Menace // 442 Diamond Attacking

26 comments have been posted so far.

  • TheoHero's avatar
    1. if i change my complete wing backs to attacking full backs does it still work. 2. if I remove dribble more from my forwards, remove shoot more from my AM, and change my BPD(stopper) to (cover) are those good ideas. 3. and what type of players am I looking to sign
  • orangehatters's avatar
    Hello. How do I download this on a Mac ? Thank You
  • reuben sequeira's avatar
    alan10 i never give oi's and has worked well
  • ALAN10's avatar
    OI's to assistant or u give none of them?
  • RyCassidy85's avatar
    Dite De Molay By all means change the forwards if you wish, but if it stops performing as well as it does as set up above then I would revert, alternatively try a tactic if you prefer Advanced Forwards. I have 26 other tactics on Omega Luke Gamings discord if you want to come over and check them out.
  • RyCassidy85's avatar
    SuperSlav Yeah during certain games if I'm leading with 20 minutes too go I'll drop it down to balanced and turn off run at defence, distribute quickly. It doesn't deal too well defensively when asked to defend as a mentality as it is designed too be an attacking set up.
  • Dite De Molay's avatar
    Do we have to strictly follow the player role on this tactic? I have in mind to change one or maybe both of PF striker into AF striker, will the tactic still do just fine?
  • SuperSlav's avatar
    Should be fun, scoring goals for fun. Early season winning games 4-3, 6-3 etc.
    Do you ever tinker against better opposition? Cautious etc to try and tighten up?
  • RyCassidy85's avatar
    Bloominian I personally leave the tactical briefing to my assistant buddy. Thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated.
  • Bloominian's avatar
    Great tactic, what should I do with "tactic briefing" before matchday, thankyou
  • RyCassidy85's avatar
    reuben sequeira, thank you once again for your positive feedback, glad it's still doing the business for you. Keep on enjoying FM and stay safe and well buddy.
  • reuben sequeira's avatar
    hey man just tried cerberv4 with fc schalke. it was good for first season but we weren't scoring any goals and form was very incosistent and also too many yellow cards. then changed to this tactic and getting about 3 goals a game and very few yellow cards and winning more matches
  • RyCassidy85's avatar
    reuben sequeira thanks for that buddy, possibly will upload it too fmbase, though when someone else asked fmarena too test it, it didn't fare too well so I am wary just in case. Have been keeping my tactics for Omega Luke discord members, have released several others since too.
  • reuben sequeira's avatar
    gkirk11 make your team learn the tactic properly. this tactic is a masterpiece and works well with all teams.just miraculously won against spurs using dinamo tbilsi.also won the leagues with fc tokyo,suwon bluwings,finished second with auxerre in second season in ligue 1 after winning ligue2,won champions league with ajax in second season,won champions league with shakthar in first season.also used this tactic with fc united of manchester right from seventh tier and got promoted every year and won premier league in 2nd season in it after finishing secon in first season.using this tactic qualified for europa league when in league 1 after winning fa cup in league i don't understand your criticism about this tactic.also great tactic rycassidy85.why don't you upload this tactic on fmbase.their tactic testing more people will use it then.very underatted tactic
  • RyCassidy85's avatar
    Gkirk11 how did you integrate the tactic into your team?? Did you give it a full preseason of 10-12 games too bed in???
  • Gkirk11's avatar
    really struggled with this tactic conceding to many goals and not scoring enough but I will carry on and see if it changes
  • ReyDa's avatar
    Oh sorry, please don't take my post as criticism! You've done an incredible job! You've spotted the weaknesses in the match engine and created an awesome way to abuse it!

    My criticism would be towards the developers if I had any as this system would be terrible in real life. But they have a really hard job, so all I can really do is commend you on creating the META
  • RyCassidy85's avatar
    jimmytrondal and ReyDa what would you like me to do?? I spent days and hours fine tuning this tactic, I only thought by sharing it, it would be helpful in all the right ways, I've constructed it with the intention of enjoyment on a style I liked on previous versions.
  • ReyDa's avatar
    Absolutely broken tactic!

    In my second season as Everton and I just won the league, Carabao cup AND Champions league!!

    Gabriel Barbosa scored 21 goals in 13 Champions league games! Absolutely ridiculous
  • jimmytrondal's avatar
    it is so good it is no fun. im not using this on a online game, will probably get called out for cheating :P
  • reuben sequeira's avatar
    hey man great tactic,used it because of omegalukeruby. add this tactic to fmbase it works great. used with manu and won all games except a 3-0 loss against west ham and a 0-0 and 2-2 draw against burnley and sporting
  • matsnor's avatar
    Any OI ?
  • RyCassidy85's avatar
    AstonianVillan, you seem too be the only casualty thus far then. Did you give this the full preseason too bed in the tactic or did you just plug and play straight away?? If the latter then team cohesion and tactic familiarity will not be the best, who have you been testing the tactic with and at what point are you in the game???
  • AstonianVillan's avatar
    14 games in Not including friendlies) and minimum ive conceded in a game is 3, most scored is 2... i lost 7-1 to Brentford, 6-0 to leeds, and 5-0 to sheff utd... this tactic is by far the worst ive tested
  • docco74's avatar
    ive been using this with fiorentina on the 20.3 update what an amazing tactic im 6 points clear at the top ahead of juve with 12 games left only 3 transfers 3 young italian players 2 from brescia and one from bologna its not mentioned in the right up but i set my asst man to do oppo instructions. Also i started a save with Airdrie in scottish league 1 i romped to the title in first season and am currently 2nd in the championship in 2nd season brilliant tactic one of the best so far on fm20

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