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FM21 Complete Pyramids Megapack by Weiry (155 nations)

100% authentic footballing pyramids from all around the world to use for Football Manager 2021. Real Rules and Real Clubs. All files are tested and are stable.

By on Feb 05, 2021   11699 views   9 comments
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Downloads: 1359 / Size: 5.7 MB / Added: 2021-02-05
Football Manager 2021 League Updates - FM21 Complete Pyramids Megapack by Weiry (155 nations)
This megapack is created by Weiry (SI forums) and shared here with his kind permission.
This collection contains 100% authentic footballing pyramids from all around the world to use for Football Manager 2021.

There are no added fantasy lower levels, leagues are created down to the lowest researchable / verifiable tier.

Real Rules and Real Clubs, including ones not in the default FM database.

All files have been tested before release and are stable.

Due to the large amount of changes and additions the author cannot guarantee that every file is compatible with each other.

If you notice anything inaccurate or out of date please send Weiry a message.
If you would like to help with research please send links if you think a nation's pyramid can go lower, or if you have a request please send links to ALL competitions before requesting.

If you enjoy this work please give this collection a favourite on Steam workshop.

Leagues Included in Weiry's FM21 Megapack

Africa (CAF)
Angola (2 Levels)
Benin (3 Levels)
Botswana (2 Levels)
Burkina Faso (3 Levels)
Burundi (2 Levels)
Cameroon (2 Levels)
Cape Verde (2 Levels)
Central African Republic (2 Levels)
Chad (1 Level)
Comoros (2 Levels)
Congo (1 Level)
Djibouti (3 Levels)
Equatorial Guinea (2 Levels)
Eritrea (1 Level)
Eswatini (2 Levels)
Ethiopia (2 Levels)
Gabon (2 Levels)
Ghana (2 Levels)
Guinea (1 Level)
Guinea-Bissau (2 Levels)
Kenya (3 Levels)
Lesotho (2 Levels)
Liberia (2 Levels)
Libya (1 Level)
Madagascar (1 Level)
Malawi (3 Levels)
Mali (2 Levels)
Mauritania (2 Levels)
Mauritius (4 Levels)
Mayotte (2 Levels)
Mozambique (1 Level)
Namibia (1 Level)
Niger (2 Levels)
Reunion (3 Levels)
Rwanda (2 Levels)
Sao Tome and Principe (3 Levels)
Senegal (2 Levels)
Seychelles (3 Levels)
Sierra Leone (1 Level)
Somalia (2 Levels)
South Sudan (1 Level)
Sudan (1 Level)
The Gambia (2 Levels)
Togo (2 Levels)
Uganda (2 Levels)
Zambia (2 Levels)
Zanzibar (2 Levels)
Zimbabwe (2 Levels)

Asia (AFC)
Afghanistan (1 Level)
Bahrain (2 Levels)
Bangladesh (4 Levels)
Brunei (1 Level)
Cambodia (1 Level)
Chinese Taipei (2 Levels)
East Timor (3 Levels)
Guam (2 Levels)
Hong Kong (8 Levels)
Iraq (1 Level)
Jordan (2 Levels)
Kuwait (1 Level)
Kyrgyzstan (2 Levels)
Laos (2 Levels)
Macau (4 Levels)
Malaysia (8 Levels)
Maldives (2 Levels)
Mongolia (3 Levels)
Myanmar (2 Levels)
Nepal (3 Levels)
North Korea (1 Level)
Northern Mariana Islands (2 Levels)
Oman (2 Levels)
Pakistan (2 Levels)
Palestine (2 Levels)
Philippines (1 Level)
Qatar (2 Levels)
Saudi Arabia (3 Levels)
Singapore (5 Levels)
Sri Lanka (1 Level)
Syria (3 Levels)
Tajikistan (2 Levels)
Thailand (4 Levels)
Turkmenistan (2 Levels)
UAE (3 Levels)
Uzbekistan (3 Levels)
Vietnam (4 Levels)
Yemen (1 Level)
Europe (UEFA)
Albania (4 Levels)
Andorra (2 Levels)
Armenia (2 Levels)
Azerbaijan (3 Levels)
Belarus (9 Levels)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (7 Levels)
Bulgaria (5 Levels)
Cyprus (6 Levels)
Israel (5 Levels)
Estonia (6 Levels)
Faroe Islands (4 Levels)
Georgia (5 Levels)
Iceland (5 Levels)
Hungary (7 Levels)
Kazakhstan (4 Levels)
Kosovo (4 Levels)
Latvia (4 Levels)
Lithuania (8 Levels)
Luxembourg (5 Levels)
Malta (5 Levels) - thanks to mons for the help with getting the file as realistic as possible
Moldova (3 Levels)
Montenegro (3 Levels)
North Macedonia (5 Levels)
San Marino (1 Level)
Slovenia (6 Levels)

Oceania (OFC)
American Samoa (1 Level)
Cook islands (1 Level)
Kiribati (1 Level)
Micronesia (1 Level)
New Caledonia (1 Level)
Samoa (2 Levels)
Solomon Islands (3 Levels)
Tonga (2 Levels)
Tuvalu (2 Levels)

North America (CONCACAF)
Angulla (1 Level)
Antigua & Barbuda (3 Levels)
Aruba (2 Levels)
Bahamas (1 Level)
Barbados (4 Levels)
Belize (1 Level)
Bermuda (3 Levels)
Bonaire (1 Level)
British Virgin Islands (1 Level)
Cayman Islands (1 Level)
Cuba (1 Level)
Curacao (3 Levels)
Dominica (2 Levels)
Dominican Republic (1 Level)
French Guiana (2 Levels)
Grenada (2 Levels)
Guadeloupe (3 Levels)
Guyana (1 Level)
Haiti (2 Levels)
Martinique (3 Levels)
Mexico (4 Levels)
Montserrat (1 Level)
Puerto Rico (1 Level)
Saint Barthelemy (1 Level)
Saint Kitts & Nevis (3 Levels)
Saint Lucia (2 Levels)
Saint Pierre & Miquelon (1 Level)
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines (3 Levels)
Saint-Martin (1 Level)
Sint Maarten (1 Level)
Suriname (2 Levels)
Trinidad & Tobago (3 Levels)
Turks and Caicos Islands (1 Level)
US Virgin Islands (1 Level)

South America (CONMEBOL)
Uruguay (3 Levels)

How to add Leagues by Weiry on FM21

1. Extract the contents of the .zip archive.

2. Move the .fmf files of choice to:
documents/sports interactive/football manager 2021/editor data
Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.

3. Open FM21 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure each one of the database is selected.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 1359 / Size: 5.7 MB / Added: 2021-02-05
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Discussion: FM21 Complete Pyramids Megapack by Weiry (155 nations)

9 comments have been posted so far.

  • Fran71's avatar
    Hi. Is there any update for 21.3?
  • Tuii007's avatar
    Can the touch down or not?
  • Nevixbj's avatar
    Hey! Great work!

    Any news for the update to FM 21.3?
  • DcmBrown's avatar

    Thank you for doing this. I hope you are doing well, since you are one of the few people left doing world leagues. I look forward to you hitting that 200 nations mark.

    Once again thank you, please keep it up. Hopefully the new update will not slow down your progress.
  • ocsisajt78's avatar

    With recent update the >HUNGARIAN< pyramid wont pass test phase in editor cos relegation differences! (From level3 to 4 and i think below vica versa)

    Please fix it! I'm very amateur to tinkering in editor! :D

  • Benry2000's avatar
    This is great
  • rbirdy17's avatar
    The 5th tier Israel leagues, wont let you register players.Saying" Ineligible to register players on month-to-month contracts" . All those clubs are Amateur clubs, so that needs fixing thanks. I assume it is also an issue for 4th tier clubs aswell.
  • Troyon's avatar
    The Cameroon file is not correct. MTN Elite One should have 21 teams, not 20 (Tonnerre is missing and Yafoot should be instead of Yaoundé II). MTN Elite Two should have 18 teams, not 13. If you read the official rules, 7 teams should be relegated from Elite One. The league should have a limit of 5 foreign players. CEMAC countries (Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon) should not be considered as foreign.
  • RoyceJan's avatar
    great job.
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