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FM21 Data Tweaks [Final Version]

Database Tweaks for FM 2021 with a huge amount of changes to improve the gaming experience creating +1400 missing Players and Staff (and Board Members) with Face/Icon Cut-out Photos. [21.4]

By Updated on Oct 06, 2021   304328 views   466 comments
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Downloads: 59980 / Size: 80.7 MB / Added: 2020-11-23
Football Manager 2021 Data Updates - FM21 Data Tweaks [Final Version]

With the amount of work done daily on this file it was decided to split it into 2 files:
- FMScout version will be updated here monthly with previous Premium versions;
- Premium version has weekly releases with exclusive content and high-priority requests.

FMScout Version - v10.0
Premium Version - v10.0

• Premium File includes ~130.000 Changes;
• Files Size are currently around 80MB;
• Removed Injuries from Players when starting a save (optional);
• Fixed some Stadiums/Academy names, capacity;
• Tweaks to Original Database (DOB, favourite foot, height, languages etc);
• Retiring Players/Staff or moving them to Staff following real life;
• Tweaked Staff to match their preferred type of training/tactical preference;
• Updated Board / Staff Members in Ajax, Man Utd, Celtic, Barcelona, etc;
• Created a total of 1436 new Players/Staff;
• Created a total of 1174 Cut-Out Faces and Icons;

1 - Premium Files requires a donation fee (5€ for every FM 21 and FM22).
(After 1st of September all the new Premium Members will have also access to the future FM22 file)
If you donated just leave a message to confirm everything!

2 - Premium Files are shared in Private Groups/ PM on FMScout or via E-Mail in:
| |

Every Premium User has access to:
• Access to every weekly FM21 Premium File update;
(from 1st of September new Premium users have also access fo future FM22 file)
• Access to previous FM19, FM20 Data Tweak Files;
• Access to a Private Premium Group to be always on Contact;
• Requests will have high priority and will be done ASAP;

For a better experience overall you can use this file with any:
- Transfer Update File;
- Finances Mod Files;
- Real Name Fixes;
- League Update Files;

Basically all files that don't create the same Players/Staff are compatible with Data Tweaks!

Download Now
Downloads: 59980 / Size: 80.7 MB / Added: 2020-11-23
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Discussion: FM21 Data Tweaks [Final Version]

466 comments have been posted so far.

  • SirTAVARES's avatar
  • Mishkat.22's avatar
    Hi! can I use Daveincid's Realism mod with this file?
  • SirTAVARES's avatar

    this was made at the time, but its not updated since last year.
  • kallim's avatar
    Good evening. Is it possible to make a database for FM 2020 with the latest changes?
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    1 month to check all the Premium work done this year.

    We will be back for FM22.

    Feel free to join our Premium Groups.
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    FM21 Data Tweaks V10.0
    (Last version for FM21)

    You must use this file along a transfer update file (of your choice);

    • +15k Changes since last v9.2 version;
    • Updated tons of Player Details;
    (Skin Colour, Nationalities, 2nd Nationalities, etc)
    • Updated Team Transfer History for this 2021 Summer;
    (On Major EU Leagues)
    • Updated Player History with Transfer amounts;
    • Updates on Cut-Out Faces/Icons;
    • Total of 1436 Players/Staff Created;
    • Total of 1174 Cut-Out Photos Created.
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    Every time SI releases a patch that envolves new players, every ID changes.

    For FM22 everything will be done from scratch.
  •'s avatar
    about premium, new player ID number in 21 and 22 ?
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    FM21 Data Tweaks V8.9:

    • Updates on Cut-Out Faces/Icons;
    • Total of 1342 Players/Staff Created;
    • Total of 1095 Cut-Out Photos Created.
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    @hugom84 This file doesn't have transfers. Please read above.
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    sorry pal.
    FM21 file is done :)
  • perkstar's avatar
    Romeo Beckham to Fort Lauderdale?
  • hugom84's avatar
    falta o Toni Borevkovic (contratado ao Rio Ave) no Vitoria Sport Clube :)
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    FM21 Data Tweaks V8.8:

    • Fixed Player Details (Name, Height, Nationality, DOB, etc);
    (eg: Ugarte, Ivanildo Fernandes, Rúben Sobrino, etc)
    • Fixed Player Silas from Stuttgart with corrected name and age;
    • Changed Defoe to Rangers Player/Coach;
    • Retired some Players from the Database;
    • Updates on Cut-Out Faces/Icons;
    • Total of 1323 Players/Staff Created;
    • Total of 1082 Cut-Out Photos Created.
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    FM21 Data Tweaks V8.7:

    • Fixed Player Details (Name, Height, Nationality, DOB, etc);
    (eg: Hannibal, Felipe Valencia, Matei Moraru, Alpha Camara, etc)
    • Updated some Players first NT appearences;
    • Updates on Cut-Out Faces/Icons;
    • Total of 1276 Players/Staff Created;
    • Total of 1013 Cut-Out Photos Created.
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    and i replied at that time.

    Red above, Discord or Telegram is much easier to provide it. If not i'll link in pvt.
  • kamerkid's avatar
    Hey can you send me the premium file. I have sent you a message.
  • perkstar's avatar
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    FM21 Data Tweaks V8.6:

    • Fixed Player Details (Height, 2nd Nationalities, Place of Birth, etc);
    (Lucas Beerten)
    • Updated some declared Malasya Players;
    • Updates on Cut-Out Faces/Icons;
    • Total of 1258 Players/Staff Created;
    • Total of 1000 Cut-Out Photos Created.
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    there wont be any new version for fm21 probably
  • Amsterdammers's avatar
    SirTAVARES, na próxima atualização que fizeres ... vais meter o Erik Heijblok, Carlo L'Ami, Yuri Rose,Roy Wesseling, Cedric van der Gun, Sander Krabbendam e o Björn Rekelhof no Ajax ?
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    130.000 on the v10.0 premium

    you're using the v8.5 correct?
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    No idea, i have one india free agent that never appeared on my saves either :(
  • bp89's avatar

    No, thank you!

    I chose the largest possible database, but again for some reason these players didn't show up. Some remained there as seen in the picture, but some like Bubanj and Radonjic are missing.

    * Let me just add that I am focused on the Red Star players because they interest me the most. I don't know if this is the case with some other teams, someone else can confirm that.

    Also, I have one suggestion regarding help regarding this, and it concerns facepack. If you have enough time and will, I have a base of facepacks that only need a cut to be inserted into the game. They would upgrade an existing facepack, and some players who don’t have a cut would get one. They are of great quality and it is possible to work with them (of course the one who knows), so I can send them to you if you are interested

    ps: I'm just looking now, maybe this is the case because they are missing. My Facepack contains 992 cut-outs, and the database itself contains about 130,000 changes (for me it's about 100,000)?

  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    Thanks pal :)

    Well players will depend on several factors from the league you load or the amount of players. Both are in the team.

    About premium yeah, for now only PP or Skrill.
    And sure you can suggest some players missing but i don't know if i'm releasing a new version before FM22. But feel free, if i'll do a new version i'll take a look at it.

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