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FM21 Double Broken Tactic

Over 100+ Points in 1 season, 110+ Goals and positions. These tactics have aggression and brutal form with More and More Possession and Goals.

By Updated on Dec 05, 2020   366023 views   76 comments
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Downloads: 94260 / Size: 137.0 kB / Added: 2020-11-23
Football Manager 2021 Tactics - FM21 Double Broken Tactic

This is the some SS in the Turkish Super League:

And all the matches to all seasons:

In Match:

This tactics has been tried in more than 250+ matches and the tactics took more than 30 hours to create

To download all the tactics with .rar, the link is in the matter. But if you want to download tactics one by one (.fmf), here it is:

  1. Bjk = Aggressive [The Best One]
  2. Besiktas = Positive, more controller
  3. Besiktas D. = Defensive

  • Real broken tactics is; Bjk
  • Bjk tactics will be customizable for your squads.
  • The "Bjk" does not have individual instructions. So you can create your own player instructions.
  • Try "Besiktas Defend" against big teams and away.
  • Don't forget to remove the switch position Pi for your wingers if they can't play on the other side.
  • You must always using set pieces training. Don't forget to add 6 set pieces trainings every week if you have free rest time in the trainings!
Important: In order to use the tactics correctly, you must prepare the players for the tactic and ensure that they play in appropriate positions.

Download Now
Downloads: 94260 / Size: 137.0 kB / Added: 2020-11-23
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Discussion: FM21 Double Broken Tactic

76 comments have been posted so far.

  • thimsel's avatar
    I have tried this tactic with Swansea; and in my experience, this is the worst tactic I have ever used. Nothing I have tried stopped the team from collapsing and it is first time I have been fired.
  • Guyakashi's avatar
    Nice tactic, I really like when the tactic comes up as a whole (in a way that we have ''3'' tactics in one). Also, what do you think about using a Raumdeuter instead of one of the IW?
  • litjiver's avatar
    is there a steam workshop link
  • MJH's avatar
    Hi @ret4 ,
    After I have probably tried 10 tactics and have not achieved significant results with any of them, I am now trying your tactics.

    I'm with Sporting Clube de Portugal (my heart club), the results so far have been somewhat irregular. I asked for your help in the characteristics that you find important for 3 specific positions, which are the ones I have had the most difficulties with:

    Inverted Extreme (right and left);

    When you're losing with BJK tactics, do you change anything?

    Thank you for your help.
  • Lethe34's avatar
    sol bekin oyuncu talimatlarına daha dar alanda oyna ve daha kısa paslı oyna eklenmiş. sağ bekte bu yok. böyle kalmalı mı yoksa oyuncuya göre değiştirilmeli mi? ayrıca kanatlardan iyi şut çekebilenlere 'daha fazla şut çek' eklenmeli mi? teşekkürler @ret4
  • lecgallimore's avatar
    This tactic worked for my first season I won the league and Champions league with chelsea but in season number 2 and 3 its slowed down Im winning no trophies and having trouble scoring. Any advice?
  • lecgallimore's avatar
    This tactic worked for my first season I won the league and Champions league with chelsea but in season number 2 and 3 its slowed down Im winning no trophies and having trouble scoring. Any advice?
  • Finolive's avatar
    this may be the farthest thing from a "broken tactic" that i tried
  • Ek13's avatar
    @ret4 Dostum defensive taktiginin fotografkarinida koyarmasin bizde sebeplenelim. I pad den oynayanlar indiremiyor taktikleri.
  • ret4's avatar
    @james-corden Hi! you can download the defensive version:
    Try "Besiktas Defend" against big teams and away. :beer:
  • james-corden's avatar
    Hi there, Great tactic. Using the aggressive one already with Oxford in the Prem. Can't download the winzip so any chance you can add some photos of the defensive version above? Struggling against the big teams so will switching between the defensive tactic when away and the aggressive one at home be the right way to go about it? Or is it more dependant on playing against good or bad teams? Cheers
  • ret4's avatar
    @oTm_Reload 1-2 seasons, (sometimes little bit more)
  • oTm_Reload's avatar
    @ret4 Thanks for the response! Also, how long does it take the players to become familiar with the tactic?
  • ret4's avatar
    @Sw33z I didn't adjustable. You must arrange.
  • Sw33z's avatar
    Hello , ive been looking at freekicks & corners : why does the striker stay back ?
  • ret4's avatar
    @oTm_Reload Hi!
    1) I don't use any ins. So you cant use too if you want. (ONLY, sometimes Wb on Big matches)
    2) You should find. If you can't find, the striker you find must be tall and he have 12+
  • oTm_Reload's avatar
    Hi @ret4 I started using this tactic with Sheffield Wednesday and Im doing not bad. I was wondering two things
    1) what player instructions do you use?
    2) I dont have a "Complete Forward" striker and cant seem to find any i can sign, is this an issue?
  • ret4's avatar
    @farinhoto Hi, actually i've too much reasons more than one, but especially, Set pieces are very compatible with this tactic. I won over 400+ matches with set pieces trainings. It works for other trainings, but I especially prefer set pieces and recommend set pieces trainings. :beer:
  • farinhoto's avatar
    why so much training Set Pieces??

    Any specific reason ??

    Thanks for not ignoring.
  • ret4's avatar
    @JT81 No, you don't. Only in special matches, maybe
  • JT81's avatar
    Do i need to apply opposition instructions during matches?
  • ret4's avatar
    @yunusemre1512 You should use RPM. RPM is better. ( Kesinlikle gezginde kal. Defanstan ileriye çok daha iyi top çıkarıyor.) :beer:

    @krript I'm agree with you. (Dediğine katılıyorum, çoğu seride taktik çözülüyordu. Bu taktiği 400 maçtır çözen göremedim) :beer:
  • krript's avatar
    Ersun Yanal'ın bir zamanlar kullandığı taktiğe benzettim. Veya Rıza Çalımbay'ın geçen sezonki taktiği. Tff 2. ligde bile çöp kadroyla güzel çalışıyor. Mesela plug and play tarzı oynamak son serilerde kalkmıştı, taktiği çözüyorlardı. bu seride galiba taktik iyiyse bile çözülemiyor.
  • yunusemre1512's avatar
    @ret4 kanka bu gezgin oyun kurucuyu değiştirip ofansif oyun kurucu yapsak nasıl olur
  • ret4's avatar
    @yunusemre1512 Can you explain more specific? {Türkçe yaz amk anlamadım :D }
    @farinhoto I tried, and still working! :beer:
    PS: You can use with every training, set pieces trainings just my training method.

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