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FM21 Realistic Transfer Preferences v2

Complete real life transfer data applied to top 35 nations, and more realistic transfer preferences for all 228 nations. A database for FM 2021 by majesticeternity and Daveincid.

By on Jan 15, 2021   47166 views   6 comments
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Downloads: 8299 / Size: 109.8 kB / Added: 2021-01-15
Football Manager 2021 Data Updates - FM21 Realistic Transfer Preferences v2
The real life transfer market is extremely complex, and every nation has their own tendencies. These tendencies vary greatly.

For example, Northern Ireland may get their players mostly from within their own nation, or from Ireland, and never from South America.
Whereas Scotland may get more players from England than their own nation, and randomly in small numbers from all over the European continent.

This "transfer flow" for each nation is poorly represented in FM.

In the default database, there are 3 sections regarding transfers, yet England has nation preferences set for only 2 out of 228 nations, and the continent and region sections are completely empty.

This file changes that.

We have compiled huge amounts of research / data / charts / etc and combined our work, to create the largest and most realistic set of transfer preferences ever created for FM.


  • Increased number of transfers within the same nation, for all 228 nations
  • Reduced overall number of transfers
  • Reduced China's strength in buying too many good players
  • Removed every nation's ability to scout everywhere at any time
  • Applied data for incoming transfers and loans for past 2 decades(if possible) to top 35 nations
  • Top 35 Nations have individual transfer preferences applied for 65-70 nations
  • Top 35 Nations have individual transfer preferences applied for all 21 regions
  • Top 35 Nations have individual transfer preferences applied for all continents
  • Added age restrictions for a few nations (USA, China, Japan, Turkey, Ireland, Serbia, Switzerland)
  • Minor increase in Scotland/Ireland to encourage English transfers to those countries
  • Affiliations increased within the same nation
  • Affiliation tendencies applied to top 20 nations

Guides for a Realistic Setup

Any nations not loaded as playable are hardly used for transfers. This means your save setup could be unrealistic.

For example, you want to manage in Portugal, and load England, Spain, Italy, and France also. This means Brazil is left out, the nation that Portugal most often gets players.

So, here is a list of basic guides by nation, to help you set up a decent save.

The most important nations are listed first, then gradually less important, followed by optional ones.

England: France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal. Optional - Belgium, Norway, Greece, Ireland, Argentina, Denmark
Spain: England, Italy, Portugal, France, Argentina. Optional - Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Russia
Germany: England, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Italy. Optional - Poland, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Norway
Italy: Spain, England, France, Argentina. Optional - Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Nigeria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Senegal
France: England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Senegal, Cameroon, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland. Optional - Argentina, Netherlands, Mali, Ivory Coast, Algeria
Portugal: Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, England. Optional - Argentina, Romania, Greece, Russia, Belgium, Nigeria, Senegal
Argentina: Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Colombia. Optional - Italy, Spain, Brazil, USA, Portugal, Ecuador
Australia: England, New Zealand. Optional - Netherlands, Germany, Japan, China, Scotland, South Korea
Austria: Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Czech. Optional - Belgium, France, Norway, Greece, Turkey, Russia
Belgium: France, Netherlands, England, Italy, Portugal. Optional - Germany, Spain, Norway, Senegal, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Croatia
Brazil: Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, Spain, Italy. Optional - Uruguay, Germany, Ukraine, France, Turkey, Russia, Colombia
Chile: Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru. Optional - USA, Colombia, Brazil
China - Brazil, South Korea, Portugal, England, Australia, Serbia, Germany. Optional - Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Bulgaria
Colombia - Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay. Optional - Chile, USA, Brazil, Ecuador
Croatia - Bosnia, Italy, Slovenia, Belgium, Austria. Optional - Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Greece
Czech - Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Italy. Optional - Poland, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia
Denmark - Norway, Sweden, Germany, England, Netherlands. Optional - Belgium, France, Italy
Greece - Spain, France, Argentina, Italy, Portugal, Germany, England, Cyprus. Optional - Serbia, Poland
Hong Kong - China, Spain, South Korea. Optional - Serbia, Bosnia, Australia, Indonesia, Japan
Ireland: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland. Optional - USA
Japan: Brazil, South Korea. Optional - Germany, Portugal, Thailand, Australia, China
Malta: Cyprus, Italy, Serbia, Brazil. Optional/Recommended - Nigeria, Austria, Bosnia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia, Australia, Argentina, Montenegro.
Mexico: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil. Optional - USA, Spain, Peru, Ecuador
Netherlands: England, Belgium, Germany. Optional - France, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Japan
Northern Ireland: Ireland, England, Scotland
Norway: Denmark, England, Sweden. Optional - Iceland, Germany, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria
Poland - Germany, Slovakia, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Czech. Optional - Spain, Serbia, Netherlands
Russia - Georgia, Belarus. Optional - Portugal, Germany, Czech, France, Italy, Romania, Poland, Brazil, Belgium
Scotland - England. Optional - Netherlands, France, Lithuania, Italy
Serbia - Bosnia, Greece, Montenegro. Optional - Russia, Hungary, Portugal, North Macedonia, Romania, Spain, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Slovenia
South Africa - Ghana, Israel. Optional - Netherlands, Nigeria, Belgium, Germany
Sweden - Norway, Denmark, England, Finland, Netherlands. Optional - Iceland, Turkey, Belgium, Brazil, USA
Switzerland - Germany, France, Italy. Optional - Spain, Austria, England, Netherlands
Turkey - Germany, France, England, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy. Optional - Netherlands, Brazil, Russia
Ukraine - Belarus, Brazil, Georgia, Russia. Optional - Romania, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Belgium, Italy
Uruguay - Argentina, Mexico. Optional - Chile, Peru, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil
USA - Mexico, England, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica. Optional - Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Norway, Switzerland, France, Netherlands
Wales - England, Scotland. Optional - New Zealand


Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data.
Start a new save.
When selecting the database (before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file.

Consider Donating

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Please know that it will be very appreciated, as everyone in my family have lost their jobs since March.

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Downloads: 8299 / Size: 109.8 kB / Added: 2021-01-15
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Discussion: FM21 Realistic Transfer Preferences v2

6 comments have been posted so far.

  • baleks's avatar
    "...Ukraine - Belarus, Brazil, Georgia, Russia...."
    What? Russia from Ukrain it's may be, but not Ukraine from Russia )
  • AcidBlueEx's avatar
    m saying that i would really appreciate in the future more editor data files from majesticeternity and Daveincid
  • janrzm's avatar
    @Stam Yes thank you. For anyone wanting to use this in conjunction with Daveincids Realism Megapack, this file replaces Transfer Preferences v1.0 in that pack.
  • Stam's avatar
    @AcidBlueEx: What do you mean you want other collabs?

    @janrzm: I think Daveincid answered you on his download page.
  • AcidBlueEx's avatar
  • janrzm's avatar
    Thank you so much. A question, for clarity. Is this file included in Daveincid's Realism Megapack or does it need to be added separately? Cheers
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