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FM21 Smarter AI Managers & Staff - Difficulty Increase

Increased AI Staff and Manager attributes, better squad building, player management, rotation, etc. A database for FM 2021 that comes with 2 options.

By on Jan 16, 2021   27593 views   5 comments
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Downloads: 5004 / Size: 4.4 MB / Added: 2021-01-16
Football Manager 2021 Data Updates - FM21 Smarter AI Managers & Staff - Difficulty Increase

Ability Hierarchy Increase

  • All staff / managers changed still have a hierarchy or ability ranges. Not everyone has 200 CA/PA. Top managers will still be top managers.
  • Average managers will still be worse than top managers.
  • For example, a manager with original 150 PA, may now have 160-170 PA.
  • Attributes increased: CA, PA, Tactical Knowledge, Hardness of Training, Judging PA, Judging PP, Man Management, Motivating, ALL Coaching(except GK), Working with Youngsters

Good / Average managers are not terrible anymore

  • Limits were set to ensure that good / average managers do not have terrible stats. But they still can have ranges, and individual attributes, and characteristics.
  • Limits set as Determination not <10, Discipline not <10, Versatility not <12, Will use Subs not <14, Uses youth in low priority cups not <12 for higher leagues and not MORE than 5 for lower league.
  • Will make early tactical changes not <12, Will fit players into preferred tactic not <11, Physio is set to 1 (for non-physios).
  • Squad Rotation not <12, Motivation not <8, Determination not <7, Level of Discipline not <7, Tactical Knowledge not <7.
  • Judging Player & Team Data are set to 1 (to prevent allocation of Current Ability on unused attributes, for non-analyst staff).
  • Goalkeeping coaching set to 1 for NON-GK coaches & Physio is set to 1 for non-physios.

More Formation Variety

Increased variation in formations for <180PA managers, to remove the dependency on using primarily 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, and 4-1-4-1.
This will mean that you will have to watch, adjust, and analyse your matches, as you face different formations and setups.

Other changes

  • Added missing ethnicity, hair, skin info for 160 CA+ managers
  • Added preference to be Assistant Manager to 10 For 80-120 CA managers with 14+ tactical knowledge
  • Added preference to be HOYD to 10 For 80-120 CA managers with 15+ working with youngsters
  • Reduced ambition slightly (relative to CA/PA), this will help with better managers getting jobs instead of going without for many months / years


Option 1: ALL Types of Staff + Managers
Smarter AI - ALL Staff + Managers
This is the same as the big red 'download 'now' button at the top of this page.

Changing ALL types of staff means that any staff you can hire will be better overall. You can use that to make easier for yourself, or sign only poor staff(leaving the best for the AI clubs) and make things harder. Whatever you like. Using the Legendary Managers file is also a good way to increase difficulty of managers you come up against.

Option 2: Managers Only
Smarter AI - ONLY Managers

NOTE: You can use only ONE at a time


Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data.
Start a new save.
When selecting the database (before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file.

Consider Donating

If you like this creation, and wish to support the hours of work, you can donate below:
Donate via PayPal
Please know that it will be very appreciated, as everyone in my family have lost their jobs since March.

Feedback and Testing

With a "new" match engine for FM21, this file may need some tweaks. With so many people saying it's too easy, and managers not attacking, and other issues, I welcome feedback on what needs changed.

Do I need to incrementally buff manager's attacking attribute? Does the AI have poor rotation/subs, and ALL managers need to have maxed Sub use and rotation? Things like that.

Download Now
Downloads: 5004 / Size: 4.4 MB / Added: 2021-01-16
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Discussion: FM21 Smarter AI Managers & Staff - Difficulty Increase

5 comments have been posted so far.

  • Seminar's avatar
    @munse-yes. just save it again via fm22 editor.
  • munse's avatar
    can i use for fm22?
  • DaveCillo's avatar
    Still too easy :( please make it harder
  • GfxJG's avatar
    @chigo: I've used it since it was in testing, I don't actively feel a difference, not gonna lie, but it certainly doesn't break the game either, so I use it just for the hell of it :-)
  • chigo's avatar
    has anyone tried this yet?
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