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FM21 Training Planner v21

A planner tool for training in FM21 created by FMathlete. Primarily made as a way to remember which attributes and impacts are being affected by each session.

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Football Manager 2021 Tools - FM21 Training Planner v21
This training planner tool was originally created by FMathlete for FM19, updated for FM20 by Pedroig and now updated and improved for FM21 by FMathlete. Sharing it here with their kind permission.
It’s fair to say that while the changes to Training (as of FM19) were very welcome, they were also a little daunting and people struggled to work out which sessions should be scheduled for players.

Aside from the obvious impacts on their health and happiness, it was also hard to keep track of which attributes were being worked on in each session. However, it's much easier to understand that, if you distil everything down to numbers. And so that’s what this training planner is about.

The Training Planner Tool is housed in an Excel Workbook and includes a replica Schedule template, similar to what you’ll find in the game. The difference though, is that as you add the various training sessions into the planner, you’ll see a readout below it of which attributes and other impacts are being affected.


This workbook was prepared independently of SI and FM. It is entirely my own interpretation of how I understand the training modules to work and i could very well be completely wrong! I am continuing to test it's success and will make adjustments to the math as I learn more about the true impact of training sessions on player attributes. Please feel free to use the data as you see fit, and share your comments or suggestions for improvements with the community.

For details about how this tool was created and how it works, please refer to FMathlete's blog post: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail | A Planner Tool for Training

The Training Planner Spreadsheet

Using the on-screen feedback, and through a bit of tinkering with your schedule, you should be able to create a plan that meets your criteria. Whether there are specific attributes you want your team to work on, or you’re taking a more holistic view and are trying to cram as many attributes in as you can, hopefully this tool will be a help to you.

User Interface
On the front sheet is a schedule that mimics the one in the game. You simply click on a the drop down arrow and select your session from the list.

Training Schedule
Below the schedule is a table that totals up the affects on each attribute or impact for the different units. The more sessions you add to the schedule, the greater the affect. This gives you a quick visual of which attributes are being worked on most, and which ones are being neglected, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to get it just right.

Interpreting the Data

One important point to make when reading the data, is that the numbers are all interdependent, and are not showing what the actual increase of the attribute will be. I.e. where Aerial Reach has a 1.4 for Goalkeepers, this is not saying that this attribute will increase by 1.4, but rather that there is a relative affect to the value of 1.4, compared to say an affect on First Touch of only 0.4.

You can adjust the schedule to change which attributes are being worked on. For example, you might throw an Endurance session in to bump up the physical attribute training, or remove Team Bonding to reduce the affects on Teamwork and Team Cohesion.


For one thing, there will be “hidden” affects of training that aren’t explicitly called out in the session descriptions and therefore, have not been factored into the tool. An obvious example is that player fitness will increase with training and match practice. I am yet to assign a value for how much attributes like Natural Fitness or Stamina might be affected by a player simply going to training, regardless of what the session entails.

Finally, there’s also no correlation to Individual Training and how this will impact on the players development in the long run either.

Updated for FM21

The biggest change to this version is the inclusion of the Set Piece training which I omitted from the FM19 version and then never got round to adding it in. I know that Pedroig had a bash at adding the Set Pieces in for FM20 but for the sake of making all the maths consistent, I ended up starting again on that section.

Elsewhere, I’ve corrected a few errors and bugs that I found and I hope everything is now working as it should be.


FMathlete's blog // FMathlete on Twitter // Pedroig on SI forums

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Downloads: 9725 / Size: 823.0 kB / Added: 2020-11-29
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Discussion: FM21 Training Planner v21

6 comments have been posted so far.

  • Mravac Kid's avatar
    The download link is giving me "file not found"
  • cDavi's avatar

    This is great. It helped me understand the training schedule. I had previously played TOUCH and had no prior experience with the the detailed training schedule. This perfectly introduced and explained it to me.

    On the tool itself, there seems to be an issue.
    TO REPLICATE: Add quickness to every day's 1st session, and though there are only three attributes, Acceleration, Pace & Agility, those attributes will be dramatically reduced in the numerical representation compared to replacing every day's 1st session with Physical which includes the three attributes of interest among ten (10) total attributes.

    And as you say in the read me "HOW IT WORKS" last sentence, the Less attributes the More they should be affected.

    Thanks. Great work/effort
  • robbo84's avatar
    i have downloaded this previously from a different source and they both have the same issue, defensive shadow play works, Anticipation, Concentration, Decisions, Positioning & Teamwork for the defensive units but when inputed into this planner it is working "off the ball" instead of "positioning"
  • jura90's avatar
    would it be possible that someone uploads a plan for the whole thing?
    This is complicated to figure it out 100%
  • TheStockportHatter86's avatar
    Be great for someone who's deeply into training like FoxInTheBoxFM but litte bit complicated for me :)
  • Ice30's avatar
    it's too complicated for me
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