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Football Manager 2022 Essentials - Peter Drury Audio Match Commentary

Years and years or reworked sound files, taken from multiple sound files from multiple Sources and also real life action featuring Peter Drury. Re-written to work with FM 2022. Updated as of May 4th.

By Updated on Apr 18, 2022   72172 views   209 comments
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Downloads: 16250 / Size: 1.5 GB / Added: 2021-12-01
FM 2022 Other Files - Football Manager 2022 Essentials - Peter Drury Audio Match Commentary
This is the 3.2 updated FM 2022 Peter Drury Match commentary.
It has taken me 4 years to add, remove and record the audio for the mod.


If you like my work or have any suggestion please do get in touch. I appreciate the comments I receive and try to help in any way so this pack can be improved.

In the meantime I have been working endlessly on updating this mod spending around 5 hours a day tying to get this better and trying to make it as good as it can be but is becoming so time consuming and trying to flush out all of the bugs.

Again please do keep me updated with any issues I can fix along the road.

MacBook Update

The MacBook Version is now in testing, although this is a massively slimmed down version of the full version due to MacBook only allowing for 1200 lines of commentary where the full version allows for unlimited lines on commentary.

Installation location for Macbook

Application Support -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Football Manager 2022 -> data

Please watch the video on how to install this mod below

Special version for supporters

I have been working tirelessly to update this mod and it is now at VERSION 6.7

Please do try the Version 3.2 to get a feel of how this mod works however the 6.7 mod is far superior due to the added amount of work that has been put into it, over 300+ more sounds, removal of multiple overlaps, new crowd sounds etc.

Once a donation towards the production of this pack is received you will receive an email with the link to the newest available update of this pack.

Donate via PayPal

Current Version 6.7 updated on 07/05/2022 has been emailed out!

This mod is also save game compatible

What has been updated from 3.2 to 6.7

Removal of dead sound triggers
Additional sounds for each move activated
Removal of overlapping sounds
Additional sound triggers added
Additional sounds added
More crowd reaction sounds
Crowd chanting added


Download Now
Downloads: 16250 / Size: 1.5 GB / Added: 2021-12-01
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Discussion: Football Manager 2022 Essentials - Peter Drury Audio Match Commentary

209 comments have been posted so far.

  • NiallMitch14's avatar
    Is there a donation price for the 6.7 update? Like is it any donation or donations above a certain amount?
  • Trold360's avatar
    I highly appreciate your efforts to update to the newest version, it's great! However, I do miss the samba de janeiró playing when goals are scored :)
  • Novy39's avatar
    Hey, I just donated!
    here's the transaction ID: 21030708898029274
    - email starting with al.navarre***@gmail
  • rsndabest's avatar
    Hi guys, my resource archiver automatically crashes without even pretty much starting anyone help please much appreciated!
  • DieSpaghettis's avatar
    after reinstalling the game, he goes thanks!
  • kfnielsen's avatar
    If u want the full experience you have to make a small donation to Metz
    And I don't know if the latest MOD works on Mac.
    There's a donation button above
  • maxpower10's avatar
    Hi guys, I downloaded the 3.2 version for my Mac (download link above) It works great and adds a tonne of immersion!

    Now I want to try the full experience.

    1. What is the best version to download for Mac?
    2. Does version 6.7 work well with Mac?
    3. Where can I download the Mac version?

  • Caio Gutierri's avatar
    I tested the MacOs version, and I didn't have any problems.
    The number of audio is much lower (only 1200 compared to Windows) but the immersion is FANTASTIC.
    With me it worked normally on my Macbook, and so far I haven't encountered any problems or crashes. Thanks @MetzFm.
  • Duracell's avatar
    Having tested the new update and the new install method, I'm happy to say there's no bugs or critical errors anymore!
    AWESOME job.
    In a time where the joy for the game might have cooled down a litle, this brings so much realism and excitment to the match day! Will donate again, this time with a proper donation. I recommend this a LOT! Thank you for this @MetzFm.
  • Phildw's avatar
    An outstanding piece of work Metz. The installation process was easy to follow with your included video and worked seamlessly. The difference the mod makes to the match play is amazing and i would not play FM without it to be honest. No crashes or issues encountered either, so hopefully this installation method has fixed the bugs. Well done mate and keep up the fantastic work.
  • JCGaming1994's avatar
    This mod is fantastic it really adds some realism to the game and the new installation method is really easy and i appreciate the great work.
  • Dave66's avatar
    Hey metz. Just want to say so far so good. This mod is fantastic. Sorry I didn't post sooner but I have been busy. Keep up the great work because it makes fm so much more immersive. Thanx again.
  • DieSpaghettis's avatar
    with me still nix goes, am in the year 2027 unfortunately
  • MetzFM's avatar
    MacBook Version in Testing
  • MetzFM's avatar
    Glad to see that the new installation method has seemed to work for everyone. I can now concentrate on 1. Having a life again and 2. Tuning this up with more sounds for each piece of action plus many more ideas
  • michaelandrews's avatar
    Using the 6.7 update and it seems it is working just fine. Great work Metz, the cherry at the top of the cake would be customized chants for specific teams :)
  • pottersmad's avatar
    played half a dozen games with new update now and no crashes
    Looks like you've cracked it Metz.Well done and Thanks
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    Show a pic of your crash?
  • DieSpaghettis's avatar
    crashes another 10-15 min
  • Bob McNab's avatar
    Hi Metz,
    I've installed the latest (6.7) patch following the updated instructions and after playing 4 matches have not had any crashes.
    Cheers Mate
  • MetzFM's avatar
    When I release 6.7 in an hour, please watch the video in the above description for installation, it gives a detailed explanation of how to install this mod using the resources archiver as this may have been the cause for crashes
  • thepallidknight's avatar
    Hi metz, was curious when I would be receiving an email with the download link to the updated version (or access to other versions that are working seamlessly) transaction id: 6FX44199B5616745F
  • Phildw's avatar
    No worries Metz, your 5.3 version is working perfectly and is a brilliant mod for now until you iron out the few bugs for your new version. Keep up the fantastic work mate, your sound mods make the game so immersive and more enjoyable. Thanks.
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    No rush Metz, take your time, we appreciate your efforts
  • MetzFM's avatar
    Hi Chaps,

    Please do bare with me for the most updated version.

    As you can understand, I have limited time to work on this due to work/family and I'm working on this as much as I can to get it working for everyone.

    Thanks for your continued support

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