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Football Manager 2022 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary 3.2

There are 2 versions of this mod, 3.2 basic and 6.7 comprehensive. Reworked sound files, taken from multiple sound files from multiple sources and also real life action. Re-written to work with FM 2022.

By Updated on Apr 18, 2022   125372 views   267 comments
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Downloads: 25797 / Size: 1.5 GB / Added: 2021-12-01
FM 2022 Other Files - Football Manager 2022 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary 3.2
Football Manager 2022 Audio Sound Pack Mod 3.2 ( save game compatible )

There are 2 versions of this mod available for download.

1. 3.2 Basic Mod - limited updates and basic commentary files
(1100 sound triggers) windows only ( Download Now )

2. 6.7 Comprehensive Mod - Constant Live updates - extensive commentary files
(3400 + sound triggers) ( for Windows, Gamepass and Macbook (Purchase Based )

This mod has been an ongoing labour of love over the last 4 and a half years and have spent many hours testing, creating, changing and fixing this to make it compatible with the football manager series.

The Basic mod (download button) will add in just a basic audio match commentary files to your game and will bring an experience to your game that has never been available before. The extensive mod for supporters adds 2300 more commentary triggers and sounds.

MacBook Update

Installation location for Macbook

Application Support -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Football Manager 2022 -> data

Please watch the video on how to install this mod below

Special version for supporters

Please do try the 3.2 Basic Version to get a feel of how this mod works however the 6.7 Comprehensive Version is far superior in every way as this has had multiple updates and due to the added amount of work that has been put into it, over 2300+ more sounds, removal of multiple overlaps, new crowd sounds etc.

Once a donation towards the production of this pack is completed you will receive an instant payment conformation link to the newest available update of this pack.

Improvements from 3.2 to 6.7

Removal of dead sound triggers that don't activate any sound (300+ removed)
Multiple sounds added for each triggered movement of a player( hundreds added )
Removal of sounds that overlap and double trigger (hundreds removed)
Additional sound triggers added for new situations ( hundreds added )
Additional sounds added to existing triggers for more variation of commentary
More relevant crowd reaction sounds added to situations
Crowd chanting and singing added for better crowd atmosphere
Added stadium sounds ( announcers, substitution, added time )
VAR action
Added player movement sounds ( Ball kick, ball control, player screams etc. )
Added pitch sounds ( goal post hit, sliding tackles )
Balancing of all sounds

And Many more

This mod gives the match day a totally different feel, with a more footballing atmosphere, for once listening to football manager never sounded so good !

The versions of this mod that are available

Windows 3.2 version - (Slimline version) - Download Button
Windows 6.7 version - (Comprehensive version) - Purchase Link
MacBook 6.7 version - (Slimline version) due to Macbook restrictions - Purchase Link
Gamepass 6.7 version - (Comprehensive version) pre compiled - Purchase Link

Purchase link below for 6.7 update

Download Now
Downloads: 25797 / Size: 1.5 GB / Added: 2021-12-01
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Discussion: Football Manager 2022 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary 3.2

267 comments have been posted so far.

  • IvanM80's avatar
    This one work on FM23 ?
  • bluekot64's avatar
    brilliant game,excellent all round,well worth donating ,would recommend it 100% and big thankyou to metz for all the excellent work ,so easy to install thanks guys
  • franck69's avatar
    Tuto on video is too long and boring. Is there a text version ?
  • MetzFM's avatar
    New pack has around 4500 sound triggers, there has been loads added and loads of work done on timings of triggers
  • kfnielsen's avatar
    I use 6.7 in fm23 and hat no issue so far
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    Cheers Metz, hopefully a tweak rather than rework for you mate
  • MetzFM's avatar

  • Bob McNab's avatar
    Hi Metz, will this version work on FM23? Don't want to try it and mess my game up :)
  • AntonMosterd's avatar
    One of the best sound mods out there. download this mod because it adds more atmosphere during a match, and it definitly delivers. Highly recommend the 6.7 version. The author is also very helpfull, if you have any issues with this mod, so dont worry about contacting him.
  • Matty47's avatar
    Please tell me you’re gonna do this mod for fm23.
  • Schlitzohr's avatar
    i LOVE you, this game is so much more interesting with your commentary mod, i do like the 3.2 version, but when i did buy the 6.7 Version, it made the game kind of perfect to me.

    Gave him 15 bucks for his work, try 3.2 and u will see its worth the bucks :D

    Sorry my english iosnt best :D
  • kevd's avatar
    This mod is an absolute essential, downloaded the free version and instantly purchased the paid version.

    The work that has been put into this mod is simply superb and would 100% recommend that anyone on the fence should upgrade to the paid version.

    I couldn't go back to playing this game without this mod

  • bolleeder's avatar
    Very good! Thanks for all bro
  • MetzFM's avatar
    Stevenwfox the free version is on the download now button. Feel free to use that version. It's great.
  • stevenwfox's avatar
    You should change from purchase 6.7 instead of using the word donation which means optional.
  • ananabren's avatar
    I managed to solve it.

    For those using FM21 21.4-

    do not paste the audio folder in simatchviewer-pc

    Instead, paste the sounds folder from the audio folder into simatchviewer-pc\sounds
  • ananabren's avatar
    Hello, I have donated and using 6.7 update on FM21 21.4.0. However, the sounds are not loading. I have done the steps multiple times to no avail. Do you know what is the issue? Does it work with 21.4?
  • mitchandrews26's avatar
    This is the best mod for FM2022...I downloaded the free version and after one match I donated $10 to get the paid version it was that good!!! If your reading this and your on fence I suggest you hit download & donate to get the paid version and thank @Metz - You now have a loyal follower and you will get my hard earned money every year you keep doing this great work

    * (don't worry if your not very techy like me his instruction video is also very good and makes it simple to add to your save game)
  • Ullitabbi's avatar
    Absolutely great work, already version 3.2 was totally the madness, but the version 6.7 tops everything again!
  • Ullitabbi's avatar
    Can I donate to them via paypal and they send me the link via email since I don't have a credit card?
  • Bigkopman's avatar
    It's literally a game changer! Metz work is superb and responds as soon as he can when contacted. The 6.7 donatable version is highly recommended.
  • MetzFM's avatar
    Hi Swinerd, Link sent over to you manually.
  • swinerd's avatar
    Hi I donated and not received a email with a link is the 67' installation different then the basic one
  • carlosh's avatar
    How good would be audio comments in Spanish language....
  • jeone the frost's avatar
    Great addition to the game, can't imagine the game without this

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