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Rensie Dark FM22 Skin

The bright purple colour was replaced by the shade of blue for FM22 within most of the boxes, buttons or headlines. The main simple edits remain the same.

By Updated on Nov 18, 2021   91498 views   51 comments
Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 27470 / Size: 24.7 MB / Added: 2021-11-10
Football Manager 2022 Skins - Rensie Dark FM22 Skin
I spent a lot of time in the settings file of this custom skin but also within many panels, widgets or graphic boxes and buttons to make it in the way I like it.

The result is available to download now. Both ‘normal’ and low-resolution versions have something in common. It’s a combination of dark and blue colours. The ‘blue 700’ shade replaced most of the bright purple colour in headlines, boxes, buttons, speeches or even in the intro box at the FM start screen when you load the game.

I was always a fan of this kind of blue colour and it was an easy choice for me to combine it together for the FM22 skin. It’s probably not a coincidence that all the clubs I played with between FM17 and FM21 have blue colour as primary or secondary. It’s a little thing but check the calendar screen for example where I added the blue colour as the main colour of the calendar cell. It’s like I went back to my childhood when I finally found what I wanted to edit. The popup calendar and the background of the today box is great example.

I won’t share what everything is edited. I will be 100% clear to you - if I don’t count the main things like Player Overview or Club Overview, I don’t remember all the small tweaks and changes I made during last year. But I’m very glad I made or tweaked most of the things by myself and not only copied/paste them from different skin.

If I’m proud of something, it really is the Player Popup Profile including the player details in the upper part and the widgets selector in the bottom part where you can find the Form in the last 5, 10 or 20 matches of the specific player. Btw. these widgets are also in the normal player profile.

The FM21 skin included the selector within the player profile and I kept it for the FM22 as well because I like it and it works really well if you get used to it. There are many things and you can check the gallery or try the skin. You can always revert it back to the default or use someone else's work.

The skin is made for 1920x1080 resolution with 100%. The skin works with the Full Mode and Windowed as well. If you play in Windowed mode, the screen will be a little bit lower in height logically but I tested the skin in both Full and Windowed mode to ensure widgets and panels don’t move wrongly. The width of the skin/panels can be affected also if you are using the full sidebar or juts icons sidebar.

The original posts for both these skins can be found at including some important Q&A, both skins are also in my Steam Workshop.

No requests, please, the skin is finished, thank you.

Credits & thanks

for his Match Screens from FM21 as I edited small parts to adapt it. And his help within the SI Forum, not only for my issues.

Gaz / FMwkdsoul for his idea of the selector in the player overview screen as I saw it in screens from his skins on Twitter and decided to make it by myself before FM21.

Wozzie for the help with the player bottom bar and the “i” icon during the FM21, it’s still one of the best things of all.

bluestillidie00 as he is always able to help in the skinning hideout of the SI Forum.

FMTreq for his video about the skin.

How to install the FM22 Rensie skin

  • If you’re in the game just quit the game to eliminate crashes or issues with the game.
  • Download the skin.
  • Move the “FM22 Rensie Skin.fmf” file to your skins folder: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/skins.
  • Run Football Manager 2022, go to Preferences and select “FM22 Rensie Skin” on the Overview screen or in the Interface tab.

UPDATE 12/11/2021:

  • Fixed the sidebar while using 85% zoom option.
  • Fixed boxes background in Data Hub/Team Performance to allow sorting widgets.
  • Improved the scouting card in the Scouting Centre and Inbox

UPDATE 18/11/2021:

  • Fixed buttons in the scouting card
  • Reduced the half-time match screen to two slots instead of three
  • Added quick tactics buttons including Formation, mentality, shouts, make a substitution, team instructions and opposition instructions
  • Added player faces to the player’s bar during the match and increase the size of the bar to the full width of the screen.
  • Added the 'back' arrow back to the match team talk bottom line to be able to return from the team talk to the mid-match summary
  • Team names aligned to the centre of the match score widget(s)
  • Edited the view in the List tab in the Scouting Centre to use the full width and added columns like contract expiry or transfer status
  • and more

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 27470 / Size: 24.7 MB / Added: 2021-11-10
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About keysi

You can follow me on Twitter @FMRensie. My blog. The custom skins are here.

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Discussion: Rensie Dark FM22 Skin

51 comments have been posted so far.

  • GingaMilla's avatar
    Any way for me to change the background to a lighter grey?
  • Lowoctave's avatar
    Please add player media description next update.
  • donkey83's avatar
    How do I get the stadium picture displayed in the club info?
  • robbo_wwfc's avatar
    Since the Winter Update, on the player report screen, the squad comparison is now right at the bottom and can't be viewed (below analytical data). I've got it on 85% zoom too.

    Is this a skin issue or a game issue?
  • Sankagee's avatar
    The game crashes every time I play a match, or want to look at a match that has been played by other teams. Started since the 22.2 update.
  • Marooned's avatar
    When playing with just commentary, the bar which provide the match commentary are bugged. Tried to find a way to contact you and send a picture of it...Other then that. Great skin!
  • Arvid04's avatar
    @Rensie, there are problems which are probably caused by the FM update 22.2. For example, various information bars are not displayed correctly. Thanks.
  • Matt A's avatar
    Is there anyway to remove faces from the tactic screen?
  • brennerssf's avatar

    Can you tell me why the player profile is different in relation to the original Resien screens? I didn't really like this shirt next to the player's photo, and the name and numbering is too big.
  • ooshosboshe's avatar

    Great skin, do you reckon its possible to add the option to have attribute boxes on the player attribute panel? Normally i'd add these myself to skins i like but this downloads as a .fmf.

  • TandeP's avatar
    Really love the skin! The most responsive skin i've tested (Tried all of them).
    Would like to increase the pictures of the players on the formation screen, but i must say; Great job and thanks for making this for us <3
  • AnderBarkley's avatar

    Ignore me, I was being an idiot - the left/right foot bit is fine
  • AnderBarkley's avatar
    Hey @keysi

    Definitely the best skin I've seen for FM22 - one small things've notice, and not sure if it's just me - Currently All players are listed as left footed?
  • Lowoctave's avatar
    Great update
  • joe124's avatar
    Is it possible to change default main screen background image? Default is so ugly.
  • Gardy's avatar
    Hey @Keysi amazing job on the skin and my favourite so far. Only slight request i have is reading the attribute octagon. Is there a way this can be updated from and orange colour to a green? Many thanks
  • keysi's avatar
    good skin thx but I dont wanna bundasliga score board how can I remove it???help
    The Bundesliga scoreboards are the licensed part of the game, that's nothing to do with this skin.
  • keysi's avatar
    Yes, I noticed typo and it should be alright now.

    The media description is in the Player/Information screen, I don't need it in the player profile as I rather have Player Traits widget higher.
  • Arvid04's avatar
    Very great skin - thanks a lot.
    I noticed an error in the startup image. In the announcement for the next game, an "OPPOSTION MANAGER" is named as the manager/trainer.
    1. is the word wrong written and
    2. there must be only the word "MANAGER", because here is also named the home coach.
    Maybe this can be changed? - Thx
  • Lowoctave's avatar
    Is there a way to add player media description in the player page? Thx
  • Thankcobra's avatar
    Thanks for the previous reply, I need a clarification of this problem, I promised is the last one. Look the difference between Kulusevski and Chilwell in this case. If I click before going to the profile, kits are bugged, if I click after there's no problem. It's only my problem? I Tried to reinstall the skin and clear caches but nothing happen
  • Lowoctave's avatar
    Good skin. Only issue I have is that there is no Media Description for players in the attribute page.
  • bluemoon78's avatar
    good skin thx but I dont wanna bundasliga score board how can I remove it???help
  • heygra's avatar
    Please download the skin again, the sidebar appearance was missed in the last update but I fixed it on Sunday afternoon.
    Thank you!
  • keysi's avatar
    Best skin! How change left MENU color to dark or remove transparency? I have a background with stadiums and I cannot see buttons in left menu. Thanks!
    Please download the skin again, the sidebar appearance was missed in the last update but I fixed it on Sunday afternoon.

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