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Rensie Low Res FM22 Skin

The adjusted and resized version of the 'normal' custom skin was created for the 1366x768 resolution with a 100% zoom option.

By Updated on Nov 18, 2021   33151 views   12 comments
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Downloads: 6971 / Size: 26.0 MB / Added: 2021-11-10
Football Manager 2022 Skins - Rensie Low Res FM22 Skin
Both ‘normal’ and low-resolution versions have something in common. It’s a combination of dark and blue colours. The blue ‘700’ shade replaced most of the bright purple colour in headlines, boxes, buttons, speeches or even in the intro box at the FM start screen when you load the game.

I was always a fan of this kind of blue colour and it was an easy choice for me to combine it together for the FM22 skin. It’s probably not a coincidence that all the clubs I played with between FM17 and FM21 have blue colour as primary or secondary.

The main point of the low-resolution skin is that I took my favourite parts of the normal FM22 skin version and I optimised most of them to a smaller size. Panels and widgets were resized and adapted. I kept, for example, the player personal details in the upper part of the player overview to keep the nation/club logos bigger than normal.

I write about the widgets’ selector within the player popup profile in the post about the ‘normal’ skin. It’s not possible to include it in the low-resolution skin because of the, yes, the resolution. But the details in the upper part are the same.

I am also happy I was able to adapt the club overview screen to the low resolution by resizing the widgets so it looks very similar. Same as a player comparison for example and more. There are many things and you can check the gallery or try the skin. You can always revert it back to the default or use someone else's work.

The original posts for both these skins can be found at including some important Q&A, both skins are also in my Steam Workshop.

The skin is created for the 1366×768 resolution and 100% zoom option.

No requests, please, the skin is finished, thank you.

Credits & thanks

for his Match Screens from FM21 as I edited small parts to adapt it. And his help within the SI Forum, not only for my issues.

Gaz / FMwkdsoul for his idea of the selector in the player overview screen as I saw it in screens from his skins on Twitter and decided to make it by myself before FM21.

Wozzie for the help with the player bottom bar and the “i” icon during the FM21, it’s still one of the best things of all.

bluestillidie00 as he is always able to help in the skinning hideout of the SI Forum.

FMTreq for his video about the skin.

How to install:

  • If you’re in the game just quit the game to eliminate crashes or issues with the game.
  • Download the skin.
  • Move the “FM22 Rensie Low Res.fmf” file to your skins folder: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/skins.
  • Run Football Manager 2022, go to Preferences and select “FM22 Rensie Low Res” on the Overview screen or in the Interface tab.

UPDATE 12/11/2021:

  • Fixed the sidebar while using 85% zoom option.
  • Fixed boxes background in Data Hub/Team Performance to allow sorting widgets.
  • Improved the scouting card in the Scouting Centre and Inbox

UPDATE 18/11/2021:

  • Fixed buttons in the scouting card
  • Reduced the half-time match screen to two slots instead of three
  • Added quick tactics buttons including Formation, mentality, shouts, make a substitution, team instructions and opposition instructions
  • Added player faces to the player’s bar during the match and increase the size of the bar to the full width of the screen.
  • Added the 'back' arrow back to the match team talk bottom line to be able to return from the team talk to the mid-match summary
  • Team names aligned to the centre of the match score widget(s)
  • Edited the view in the List tab in the Scouting Centre to use the full width and added columns like contract expiry or transfer status
  • and more

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 6971 / Size: 26.0 MB / Added: 2021-11-10
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Discussion: Rensie Low Res FM22 Skin

12 comments have been posted so far.

  • Sazzy's avatar
    This overlay stays on the whole match, help please.
  • Duke of Chaos's avatar
    Great skin! But my game overview screen during matches shows even during highlights. I’ve tried reinstalling the skin several times but it still remains the same. What can I do about it?
  • RNeves1511's avatar
    Great skin! But how can I change the color of the side bar and the top bar to the color of the club?
  • FMed's avatar
    @keysi Cheers :)
  • keysi's avatar
    It was updated today. Thank you.
  • FMed's avatar
    Other skins I used had the same issues but the developers of the skin fixed it, hope you fix it m8. Even the beta had the same issue but SI fixed it for the final release. I assume you made the skin on beta version?
  • keysi's avatar
    Side icons not showing when on 80% zoom out. Pls fix
    That's a bug of the game itself, it won't work even with the default skin. Just check the thread on the SI Forum about the known issues.
  • FMed's avatar
    Side icons not showing when on 80% zoom out. Pls fix
  • fai_524's avatar
    agree with make please green circle in tactic panel
  • EwertonHS's avatar
    Thanks, finally a skin for low res :)
  • RoMbA's avatar
    @Arsen_Wrestling_93, "No requests, please, the skin is finished, thank you."

    @keysi, finally :P thanks
  • Arsen_Wrestling_93's avatar
    make please green circle in tactic panel
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