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All Nations Youth Ratings in FM22

Youth ratings are now dynamic in Football Manager 2022. This is the complete list of the starting youth ratings of all nations in-game.

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Club Insights - All Nations Youth Ratings in FM22

Dynamic youth ratings is a new feature in Football Manager 2022. A rather important one as well. This is the full list of of all nations and their starting youth ratings.

What is the concept of dynamic youth rating?

Basically this number used to be static, so even if you played as Wales for example, won the World Cup with them, got Swansea winning multiple Champions leagues or even a welsh team doing that, the number wouldn't change, so there would always be a less chance of superstar regens coming out of Wales than say Brazil.

Now, in FM22, this number can change, still trying to figure out exactly what but I assume winning international tournaments and clubs from that country will do well, and that can increase this rating meaning you have a higher chance of better regens coming through.

Do you have to manage a national team as well?

I'm not sure to be honest, we don't know what is more important, domestic sides success and league reputation, or international success. It's going to take a bit of testing to figure out, but I assume you can just manage a club save and if you get them in the top 5 leagues I'd assume the youth rating would increase.

Nation Rating Flag
Brazil 163 Brazil
France 155 France
Germany 155 Germany
Spain 145 Spain
Italy 144 Italy
Argentina 140 Argentina
England 135 England
Portugal 134 Portugal
Holland 132 Holland
Egypt 125 Egypt
Turkey 124 Turkey
Nigeria 120 Nigeria
Mexico 120 Mexico
Belgium 120 Belgium
Russia 118 Russia
Colombia 117 Colombia
Japan 112 Japan
Iran 110 Iran
Ukraine 110 Ukraine
South Korea 110 South Korea
United States 110 United States
Qatar 105 Qatar
Saudi Arabia 105 Saudi Arabia
Ivory Coast 105 Ivory Coast
Iraq 103 Iraq
Algeria 102 Algeria
Democratic Republic of Congo 101 Democratic Republic of Congo
Serbia 100 Serbia
Cameroon 100 Cameroon
Ghana 99 Ghana
Croatia 98 Croatia
United Arab Emirates 97 United Arab Emirates
Peru 97 Peru
South Africa 95 South Africa
Greece 94 Greece
Czech Republic 94 Czech Republic
Ecuador 94 Ecuador
Poland 94 Poland
Chile 93 Chile
Romania 91 Romania
Denmark 91 Denmark
Jordan 90 Jordan
Australia 90 Australia
Paraguay 90 Paraguay
Switzerland 90 Switzerland
Uruguay 90 Uruguay
New Zealand 88 New Zealand
Sweden 88 Sweden
India 86 India
Thailand 86 Thailand
Lebanon 85 Lebanon
Syria 85 Syria
Morocco 85 Morocco
North Korea 84 North Korea
Israel 84 Israel
Scotland 83 Scotland
Republic of Ireland 83 Ireland
Bahrain 82 Bahrain
Norway 82 Norway
Tunisia 82 Tunisia
Tanzania 80 Tanzania
Senegal 80 Senegal
Northern Ireland 79 Northern Ireland
Slovakia 79 Slovakia
Austria 79 Austria
Slovenia 78 Slovenia
Bosnia and Herzegovina 78 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kuwait 75 Kuwait
Angola 75 Angola
Finland 75 Finland
Sudan 74 Sudan
Cyprus 74 Cyprus
Mali 73 Mali
Bulgaria 72 Bulgaria
North Macedonia 71 North Macedonia
Venezuela 71 Venezuela
Wales 71 Wales
Vietnam 70 Vietnam
Oman 70 Oman
Burkina Faso 70 Burkina Faso
Honduras 68 Honduras
Hungary 68 Hungary
Iceland 67 Iceland
Costa Rica 66 Costa Rica
Georgia 65 Georgia
Albania 65 Albania
Mozambique 64 Mozambique
Togo 64 Togo
Guinea 64 Guinea
Latvia 63 Latvia
Belarus 62 Belarus
Estonia 62 Estonia
Zambia 61 Zambia
Kosovo 60 Kosovo
China 60 China
Montenegro 60 Montenegro
Haiti 59 Haiti
Uganda 59 Uganda
Jamaica 59 Jamaica
Lithuania 59 Lithuania
Bolivia 59 Bolivia
Guatemala 58 Guatemala
Trinidad and Tobago 57 Trinidad and Tobago
Indonesia 56 Indonesia
Yemen 55 Yemen
Kenya 55 Kenya
El Salvador 55 El Salvador
Benin 55 Benin
Uzbekistan 55 Uzbekistan
Canada 54 Canada
Ethiopia 51 Ethiopia
Palestine 51 Palestine
Cuba 51 Cuba
Malawi 51 Malawi
Maldives 50 Maldives
Myanmar 50 Myanmar
Congo 50 Congo
The Gambia 49 The Gambia
Gabon 49 Gabon
Panama 49 Panama
Guadeloupe 48 Guadeloupe
Hong Kong 47 Hong Kong
Suriname 47 Suriname
Kazakhstan 47 Kazakhstan
Matinique 46 Matinique
Libya 46 Libya
Cape Verde 46 Cape Verde
Moldova 46 Moldova
Zimbabwe 44 Zimbabwe
Azerbaijan 43 Azerbaijan
Liechtenstein 42 Liechtenstein
Rwanda 42 Rwanda
Botswana 42 Botswana
Faroe Islands 42 Faroe Islands
Malta 42 Malta
Armenia 41 Armenia
Solomon Islands 40 Solomon Islands
French Guiana 40 French Guiana
Burundi 40 Burundi
Tahiti 39 Tahiti
Namibia 39 Namibia
Pakistan 37 Pakistan
Tajikistan 37 Tajikistan
Guyana 37 Guyana
Fiji 36 Fiji
Bangladesh 36 Bangladesh
Andorra 36 Andorra
Turkmenistan 36 Turkmenistan
Dominican Republic 35 Dominican Republic
Gibraltar 35 Gibraltar
Singapore 35 Singapore
Curacao 35 Curacao
Malaysia 35 Malaysia
Luxembourg 35 Luxembourg
Papua New Guinea 34 Papua New Guinea
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 34 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
New Caledonia 34 New Caledonia
Barbados 34 Barbados
Vanuatu 33 Vanuatu
Liberia 32 Liberia
Niger 31 Niger
Puerto Rico 30 Puerto Rico
Antigua and Barbuda 30 Antigua and Barbuda
Philippines 30 Philippines
Sierra Leone 29 Sierra Leone
San Marino 29 San Marino
Saint Lucia 28 Saint Lucia
Madagascar 28 Madagascar
Bermuda 28 Bermuda
Saint Kitts and Nevis 28 Saint Kitts and Nevis
Equatorial Guinea 28 Equatorial Guinea
Grenada 26 Grenada
Chad 26 Chad
Lesotho 25 Lesotho
Mauritania 25 Mauritania
Seychelles 21 Seychelles
Mauritius 21 Mauritius
Saint Barthelemy 20 Saint Barthelemy
Aruba 20 Aruba
Afghanistan 19 Afghanistan
Guinea-Bissau 18 Guinea-Bissau
Nicaragua 18 Nicaragua
Central African Republic 17 Central African Republic
Kyrgyzstan 17 Kyrgyzstan
Sri Lanka 16 Sri Lanka
Cayman Islands 16 Cayman Islands
Mongolia 15 Mongolia
Dominica 15 Dominica
Bonaire 15 Bonaire
Belize 15 Belize
Swaziland 14 Swaziland
Samoa 14 Samoa
Tawain (Chinese Taipei) 14 Tawain (Chinese Taipei)
Nepal 13 Nepal
The Bahamas 11 The Bahamas
Sint Maarten 10 Sint Maarten
Saint Martin 10 Saint Martin
British Virgin Islands 10 British Virgin Islands
Turks and Caicos Islands 9 Turks and Caicos Islands
Somalia 9 Somalia
Montserrat 8 Montserrat
Tonga 8 Tonga
Cook Islands 8 Cook Islands
Anguilla 8 Anguilla
US Virgin Islands 8 US Virgin Islands
Eritrea 8 Eritrea
Cambodia 8 Cambodia
Laos 7 Laos
Reunion 7 Reunion
Djibouti 7 Djibouti
South Sudan 7 South Sudan
Comoros 7 Comoros
Sao Tome and Principe 7 Sao Tome and Principe
Mayotte 7 Mayotte
Zanzibar 7 Zanzibar
Brunei Darussalam 6 Brunei Darussalam
Guam 6 Guam
American Samoa 5 American Samoa
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 5 Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Macua 5 Macao
East Timor 5 East Timor
Tuvalu 5 Tuvalu
Bhutan 4 Bhutan
Wallis and Futuna Islands 3 Wallis and Futuna Islands
Kiribati 1 Kiribati
Northern Mariana Islands 1 Northern Mariana Islands
Crimea 0  
Micronesia 0 Micronesia

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Discussion: All Nations Youth Ratings in FM22

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    UPDATE: I missed Malawi on the first go! They should have a youth rating of 51!
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