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FM23 Multi-Functional Spreadsheet Utility

A multi-function spreadsheet tool to track your players, scout better ones, keep a tight wage structure and replace your staff.

By Updated on Jun 01, 2023   28062 views   16 comments
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Football Manager 2023 Tools - FM23 Multi-Functional Spreadsheet Utility
MFSU is a simple tool that you can use to track your players, scout for players more suited to your tactics, help keep your wages under control and to track the development of your youth teams.

How to use MFSU

Importing your own team data

First, you need to export your squad data from Football Manager into a web page compatible with my spreadsheet. To do this, you will need to download and import the custom view named “Luke’s View”.

Once you have imported the view and selected it, go to your squad view, and change from the overview to “All Players” I recommend checking you have no filters applied to ensure you capture data form players injured, out on loan, etc.

You then need to click on a player to activate the screen, and press “CTRL+A” on your keyboard, to select all players. Once they are all highlighted, press “CTRL+P” to get the pop-up window below. Select web page and save to a convenient folder within the FM folder. I personally created one called “Team Reports”.

Once this is saved, navigate to the folder where you have saved it and open it using your preferred web browser. You may need to right click and choose “open with” but it should default to your browser as it’s a html file.

Press “CTRL+A” to select everything on this page, and then “CTRL+C” to copy it.

With this data copied to your clipboard, go to my spreadsheet and select the “Squad Data” tab. Click in cell A1 (It should have “Name” in it) Right click this cell and under Paste Options, choose “match destination formatting” which is the clipboard icon on its own.

Using My Squad tab

Once your data is imported, you can now start using the My Squad tab. You can either manually type the players names that you want to view, or you can copy and paste the names only from the “Squad Data” tab. Once the names are typed or copied, it will automatically pull some data and plonk it into the table for convenient reading.

For the spreadsheet to work correctly, you will need to fill in the positional role you want to play them in, in column B. This will then grab their role rating for that role and return it in column F. You can pretty much now use this how you want.

The detailed guide with screenshots on how to use it is also in the download folder.

How I use the MFSU tool

Team Status

In this column, I give each player either “1st Choice, 2nd Choice, 3rd Choice, Reserves, Out on Loan, or U18” statuses. This is useful for sorting your players, you can also then untick “Out on Loan” in the filter options for this column to temporarily remove players out on loan from your view until they return, or until you want to start squad planning.

Main Position

This is the one I use for sorting and filtering by position. As sorting A-Z by position puts your AMC before your GK, I add a number before their position in this column. Note that I use 3.5 and 5.5 as if you use 10 or 11, it will order them between 1 and 2 as it’s stored as a text value.

Role Rating

This value is populated for the player depending what role you select in Column B. The drop-down selection is a bit fiddly sometimes, but once you have initially set your squad up you can start just copy and pasting the roles from other players as that’s a bit quicker and easier. The rating is a formula of the players attributes based on the importance to that role. This number is divided by another number that makes every role come up to 120 if you have 20 in every single attribute. Since this is very unlikely, the best, realistic, players tend to end up around 90-100.

Current & Potential ★

Self-explanatory, I just put the star value of my players in here for visibility, I mostly use this to see players with high potential and development options, whether to accept rogue bids for young players, etc.

Development Tab

To start, put the youth players name you want to track in. This time the role field will automatically fill itself based on what you have selected for them in the “My Squad” tab. This also generates your “Current rating” which is obviously the current rating for them in their role. You will need to select all this column (excluding the header) and copy the data. Once copied, you must RIGHT click the cell in D2 and choose “Paste as Value”. This is important as the initial value is a formula not a number. Do the same process in January for “Year 1-Jan” and July and so on and so forth to keep track of how much your players are developing. It’s useful to see who to recall from loans.

More details can be found in the guide document included in the downloadable pack.

Consider Supporting

If you are feeling generous and like this tool so much you want to buy me a drink, you can do so here:
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Download Now
Downloads: 3795 / Size: 1.6 MB / Added: 2023-05-30
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Discussion: FM23 Multi-Functional Spreadsheet Utility

16 comments have been posted so far.

  • nollek's avatar
    oh, never mind. i'm so stupid too )
  • nollek's avatar
    how you solve it? i have same problem
  • CraftyMaple's avatar
    Never mind. Table works fine, I'm only stupid
  • CraftyMaple's avatar
    I'm having trouble getting the Excel sheet to work properly. I imported the player data and scouting data as instructed in the guide, and I repeated the steps multiple times. However, the data is not being transferred or displayed in the other sheets. All the other sheets remain empty, with no player names or any other data shown. Only the Squad Data and Scouting Data sheets have the imported information.

    Looks like really good work, so thank you anyway :)
  • jmoreira's avatar
    Can't put this working for me. Import ok, put the players on Data and can't get nothing in my squad. Write (ex: Diogo Costa), and dont get the role, only position and some stuff. But anyway, thanks for the work!
  • josade designs's avatar
    can you use it on fm 22
  • ClassicKatyy's avatar
    I'm having an issue where a lot of the roles have #Value instead of a value (Roaming Playmaker, Mezzala, Wingbacks etc) - any idea why?
  • poirotketchup's avatar
    I keep getting the error "We can't do that to a merged cell." when I try to paste into A1
  • BWArmy1903's avatar
    Where can I find Luke's view?
    Update: I am dumb. It's in the zip file. Oh my goodness....
  • lukec4's avatar
    @tcrsantos24 send me a private message with a screenshot of what options you have when you copy then right click a cell and I'll try find a workaround for you.

    @fyrefyter - this has now been fixed, if you don't want to lose your progress by downloading it again you can go to cell E2 in the development tab and change =VLOOKUP(A2,SquadData[#All],144,FALSE) to =VLOOKUP(A2,SquadData[#All],143,FALSE)

    @dAnzinho284 I'm not familiar with Google Sheets but I believe you can paste special > paste as values which does a similar thing

    @gazpotts and @dantz10 unfortunately these have to be input manually. When I first made this for personal use I tried to export it from FM but the file never includes the star rating values for some reason. I decided to keep the columns and fill them in myself. It shouldn't break anything if you want to delete those 2 columns if you don't want to fill them in.
  • gazpotts's avatar
    In the My Squad screen the current and potential stars are this correct or am i doing something wrong
  • dAnzinho284's avatar
    Can you "match destination formatting" in Google Sheets?
  • dantz10's avatar
    There are some small issues in the xlsx, you need to go into the first cell with the current ability and change the 144 to a 143, it should then work fine...
    I have some other issues with ability stars etc. not showing but I haven't looked into it yet
  • Andhika Binar's avatar
    When i type name in My Squad sheet column current, Potential, injuries, big games, and consistency not appear.
    Edit: Sorry my bad, it turned out to be manual input.
  • FyreFyter's avatar
    when i paste my youngsters into the development tab, i dont get a current ability, it only displays the players' role under current ability and when i try copy into the start ability cell using paste as value it doesn't work and just copies the role
  • tcrsantos24's avatar
    Hey, I can't' copy and paste my team into the excel file because the option "Paste Special" doens't apear on Microsoft 365... What can I do to get over this?
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