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Tato23 FM23 Skin v1.0

Tato23 skin for Football Manager 2023. Optimized for Full HD screens, with instant result buttons.

By on Nov 13, 2022   419375 views   61 comments
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Downloads: 168290 / Size: 8.3 MB / Added: 2022-11-13
Football Manager 2023 Skins - Tato23 FM23 Skin v1.0

Tato23 skin for Football Manager 2023

  • Based on Tato22 skin
  • Includes instant result buttons (before match and in match)
  • All the main profile panels redesigned with an emphasis on improving usability
  • Comprehensive Home Panel
  • Touchline tablet & information popup between match highlights improved
  • Expanded the competition panel to include important tabs
  • Direct buttons "make sub" and "opp. instructions" on the match screen
Have fun! Woz.

Tato23 Skin Preview // FM23 Screenshots

Club Profile

Player Profile

Manager Home

Match Tablet

How to install the Tato Skin on FM23

Simply move the downloaded Tato23_v1.fmf file to your "skins" folder and select the skin in-game (preferences area).

Download Now
Downloads: 168290 / Size: 8.3 MB / Added: 2022-11-13
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Discussion: Tato23 FM23 Skin v1.0

61 comments have been posted so far.

  • AverageTactician's avatar
    Yes, FM24 version is coming soon (probably after the full game release). Check @wozziefm on twitter
  • sabatonsky's avatar
    any chance for FM24 version?
  • estevens's avatar
    it seems the game has updated and the skin doesnt work animore
  • estevens's avatar
    the simulate button help
  • luckyluke26's avatar
    do You know guys how can I change the main menu backgroud to custom ? and also have club player and competition background in game, because in others skin it appears but in this not
  • snaru88's avatar
    how can i edit homepage panels?
  • Poma's avatar
    Best skin for FM23 by far!!! KUTGW
  • Sigmoidal's avatar
    does anyone get this error where the fitness of the players doesnt go down mid game?
  • AidyDews7's avatar
    the best skin for me but, me personally, i think it could do with a little tweak, its mainly the top header part where a teams name is, on a lot of them they dont have the teams true colours in the background. like you can click on the likes of Arsenal and its a red background and white writing, same with the likes of Utd and Liverpool. but then with City its a navy background with white writing when it should be sky/baby blue, same with Napoli. then Wolves is a black background with white writing when it shoud be orange background with black writing, same with the likes of Hull. Fulham is the same, should be a white background with black writing but its a black background with white writing.

    They seem small, silly things but those tweaks would help improve the look of the skin and game a lot imo
  • Flam's avatar
    God if only the player photo was on the left on the profile it will be the best skin... I know difficult to content everybody :(
  • Omar_MG's avatar
    The download file is saying its corrupted ?

    whats the best app to use to unzip the files
  • danny1981's avatar
    i have downloaded this skin for both fm23 and 22 and i have the same issue and was wondering if anyone else has the same issue. when i click on a score and try yo alter the tactics view for both the home team and the away team only the home team satys as it is and the away team resets to default. has anyone else come across this and if so did they manage to find a way of it satying how you want it to. its bugging me because so many contente creators have it set to how i want it set
  • DaniDots's avatar
    Thank you very much for your work. Impressive skin, I love it. Trying to find a donation link but I can't find it.
  • AngelusRice's avatar
    Lovely skin, thanks ! I would like to see scout's country knowledge in their profile overview in the next update if you ever release it.

  • itslydiabxtch's avatar
    I've read that this doesn't elminate the "Assistant manager manages instant result matches" thing. Is that true? If it is, is there any way it could be changed?
  • habeca's avatar
  • Taktichar's avatar
    Great looking skin but it desperately needs an update.
  • JesusOnEs's avatar
    @artuts123 just click on the match time
  • MigPost's avatar
    Great skin. don't change it since i instaled it. Any chance for an update soon
  • arturs123's avatar
    Is there any chance that there will be an alternative version of the skin that has a more transparent background?
    I have a lot of graphics with backgrouds, hence my question.

    Also, any chance of a section with a photo of the city in the club information?

    And one last thing, annoys me. I often watch a match in 3d and am bothered by the panel on the right which is displayed non-stop. Is there any way of removing it yourself? I mean the one on the screenshot.
  • HERMES_10's avatar
    The signings tab is bugged for me I have some transfers on the way and they don´t appear.
    [img]C:\Users\Alonso\Pictures\Screenshots\Captura de pantalla_20230103_115341.png[/img]
  • GoJ84's avatar
    No update since 13 November?? Like many others..
    My players conditions are not updating correctly in that tablet bar in match. They only update when I go into tactics.
  • Bulhosa's avatar
    Great job, I really like it!
    Is it possible to change font and tactics panel to default? Can I make this change?
  • Jatenshii's avatar
    Great skin. Is it possible to add the player faces to the message box once a goal is scored in a match, next to the name and how many goals they have that season.
  • scafutto20's avatar
    My players conditions are not updating correctly in that tablet bar in match. They only update when I go into tactics.

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