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Tato22 FM22 Skin v. 2.2

Tato22 skin for Football Manager 2022. Optimized for Full HD screens, with instant result buttons. "This skin is, without doubt, a standout - a terrific touchline tablet screen in-match and a lot of information on the screens" (FrazT, SI Forums 04/12/21)

By Updated on Dec 10, 2021   32835 views   29 comments
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Downloads: 10493 / Size: 7.7 MB / Added: 2021-12-05
Football Manager 2022 Skins - Tato22 FM22 Skin v. 2.2

Tato22 skin for Football Manager 2022

  • Based on Tad Twenty and Tato21 skins
  • Includes instant result buttons (before match and in match)
  • All the main profile panels redesigned with an emphasis on improving usability
  • Comprehensive Home Panel
  • Touchline tablet & information popup between match highlights improved
  • Expanded the competition panel to include important tabs
  • Direct buttons "make sub" and "opp. instructions" on the match screen
Have fun! Woz.

Tato22 Skin Preview // FM22 Screenshots

How to install the Tato Skin on FM22

Simply move the downloaded Tato22_v22.fmf file to your "skins" folder and select the skin in-game (preferences area).

Download Now
Downloads: 10493 / Size: 7.7 MB / Added: 2021-12-05
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Discussion: Tato22 FM22 Skin v. 2.2

29 comments have been posted so far.

  • FMed's avatar
    @Juegodeposicion I had the same issue but I tweaked something. if you're using windows go this directory "C:\Users\what ever you named your PC\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\Preferences\version 2" scrlll down untill you see file name "ui_zoom_level" open it with notepad and change the value to something like 0.750000 and save the notepad file. hope this helps.
  • qnkkk's avatar
    Hi @wozzie! Great job, excellent skin! The best i have ever use.

    I found one thing that needs improvement.

    Like on this screen, when I hand over all the scouting responsibilities to the staff, the information presented is slightly flattened during the scouting meeting, so I need to scroll the attributes. Can this window be stretched :)?

    However, when I do it myself and in the notifications regarding the end of observation, everything looks correct.

    Absolutely TOP skin!
  • luki_9449's avatar
    Exceptional skin! Have you ever consider adding small nations flag next to the players at the tactics screen? That would be the cherry on the top IMO :D
  • Korbn's avatar
    Maybe the best skin I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot.
    Absolutely love it, great job mate.
  • archerkinghusan48's avatar
    @wozzie... great skin but, when looking at attributes through the button next to player names, when the colour of clubs are white , the height is invisible. same with free agents.
  • Brynsta94's avatar
    @wozzie, any idea on how to get it to fit my screen properly, bit new to changing skins, sorry if its a simple and easy
  • AmazinJ11's avatar
    @Wozzie, thank you for this excellent skin, its defiently one of my favs. would it be possible to add the competions tab on the nations profile page next to the major clubs, major transfer, top players tabs and on the stadium info add Owned by and surface
  • Korbn's avatar
    Just a wonderful skin, I recommend everyone to at least try it once. The level of detail and easy access to stats is great. Beautiful layout.
  • Juegodeposicion's avatar
    This skin is so good! Unfortunately, I have lower-res screen (1366x768). Could you make low-res ver of it?
    If not, could you please tell me how to make the attribute (on the picture) not on the scroll mode?

  • pandacc20's avatar
    Photo of DF11 players is not displayed well. It appears cut off. see the picture:
  • DarthSonic's avatar
    After new update 22.2 I can not see jersey in match panel in the players bar.
  • dhaísa's avatar
    The most complete FM21 skin makes a comeback! Let's see what it brings to the table.
  • john66stavroulis's avatar
    Is there any way I can remove the bars from the attributes tab ? I am currently playing on 95 % zoom but when I change the resolution to 85 % the letters are just too small and my eyes hurt.
  • moschonitro's avatar
    does anyone else haw the same problem like me?
    On my players profile screen there isn't any league stats shown, only the friendly stats.
    If I check on another teams player, I can normally see their league stats.[img][/img]
  • Cascz's avatar
    Wow! This skin is TOP
    @woozie , is it possible to edit the match report screen to include also the kits together with club logo & name when displaying the final result? Thanks!
  • DarthSonic's avatar
    I like this skin very much. Is there a possibility to change transparency to be able to use custom backgrounds? In some screens I can see custom backgrounds shine through very slightly, so I hope that this is possible somehow.
  • KYIdols's avatar
    Oh God, Tato is Back! My Favourite in FM21 by far! Can't wait to get this loaded up and back into my Save.
  • wozzie's avatar
    The side icons doesn't show up when 85% Zoom out (on laptop).
    Thanks for raising this issue. It only applies to sidebar icons without text, (and interestingly the developers have not fixed this issue for those playing national team or unemployed). Already corrected & will be in the next update.
  • FMed's avatar
    The side icons doesn't show up when 85% Zoom out (on laptop). Pls fix this. Thanks for the lovely skin.
  • wozzie's avatar
    On the player screen, when you press scout player on the right hand side, it doesn`t work.
    That's right, thanks. I'll fix that at some point. Fortunately, there are other "scout player" buttons on the player profile screen.
    in game editor doesnt work
    It does. Haven't encountered such a problem before. Pic
  • MICASYT's avatar
    in game editor doesnt work
  • DemonSoul's avatar
    having the same problem as john , scout player doenst work
  • Hubby's avatar
    Przekozak skin brachu
  • john66stavroulis's avatar
    Excellent skin. I found a small bug. On the player screen, when you press scout player on the right hand side ( ), it doesn`t work. Anyway though, it is a lovely skin. Thank you for it.
  • handyfernandy's avatar
    tks for bring back my fav skin in Fm21

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